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Tales from the Web 3

by Mortice

Mortice loves certain things, from zentai suits and all things Spandex through to chastity and bondage, he writes stories drawing on personal experiences that take the reader closer to their fantasies. Tales...

Bound for Torment Vol 1

by Tyjord

Tyjord is an American author of extreme BDSM stories, and has been posting on-line since 2001. Specializing in the F/m dynamic, his work features highly detailed descriptions of predicament bondage scenarios....

Sealed, Constrained, Recycled

by James W

James W is a lifelong rubberist and is happily married to his Mistress who oversees all of his fetish activities. He is pierced and collared. All of his writings are very much based on his own rubberist experiences...

Gimmy Dicks Platinum Erotica Series: Volume 1

by Gimmy Dicks

Hot Erotica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 Free story included. Get 3 stories for the price of 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. 3 Is Not A Crowd: A couple decides to have some dirty outdoor sex in their...

A Night As a Dirty Love Slave

by Clara Cummings

Overview A young woman invited to visit the home of a friend finds herself drawn into a world of tease and torture when she discovers the bondage room of her friend's father. Excerpt: "No," said Hattie quickly,...

Domestic Violence Handbook for Abused Women

by John Hildreth Atkins

Are you tired of being afraid? Are you , or is someone you know, involved with a women beater? Have you ever wondered why you, or a person you know, male or female, always seem to pick the wrong people to be...

What Is Love? - And How to Find It!

by The Abbotts

WHAT IS LOVE? And How to Find It! Have you ever wondered just what love is and why humanity has been given this great blessing and at sometimes, curse? The Abbotts, counsellors and paranormal experts will help...

Spiritual Solutions

by Elin Säfström

Emma Bentley is a professional medium, and she's the real deal: a kid-you-not, bona fide psychic. Not being up front about her abilities in the past has lost her the love of her life but now - and perhaps because...


by Allyson Emshaw

Megan feels a twisted sense of love for one of her professors and encounters a moral dilemma because he's already married. Instead of confronting him or moving on with her life, she comes up with an elaborate...

Keep Your Man Coming Back

by In My Footsteps Joycelyn Sabal

This book gives you insight on what it takes to keep a man. It has examples of many different relationships that people go through on a daily basis or in their lifetime.

Overcoming Sexual Problems

by Vicki Ford

Experienced sex therapist Vicki Ford provides a guide to understanding sexual problems including impotence and loss of sexual desire, premature ejaculation and lack of orgasm. The links between mind and body...

The 100 Foot Erotic Bombshell

by Candy Kross

James' family was very wealthy and the money to support his experiments financed the lab and all his expenses. He had been dreaming of building this lab for years. He wanted to create the perfect woman, but...

Hope at the End of the Tunnel

by Kara Dealle

Infidelity in a marriage leaves a trail of destruction. It shatters the fundamentals of a marriage. You find yourself is shock, dealing with a great loss. You end up surveying the damage: a loss of trust, the...

Meeting MS Chen - She Seemed Innocuous... She Was Anything But!

by Mike Watson

Male slavery in the world's fastest growing economy is the subject of Mike Watson's latest tale of interracial femdom. It turns out that in China, it's not only Westerners who are regarded as "Foreign" and looked...

Wish Fulfilment

by Miss Irene Clearmont

Cliches are only cliches because they contain universal truths. So when Miss Irene Clearmont's latest tale, "Wish Fulfillment", poses the warning: "Be careful what you wish for", you can be sure the results...

Owned by Madam AA Ling

by Mike Watson

Mike Watson brings you another tale of exotic femdom, involving a Miami-based IT professional who swallows his pride during the recession and takes work teaching English in China. But it will be something far...

The Vampire's Women

by Virinia Downham

The Vampire's Women is a secret file belonging to a vampire who will not say his name. You will see 101 pictures, some of his many wives. You will also see the private notes that the Vampire has made about his...

The Vampire's Women Book Two

by Virinia Downham

The Vampire's Women Book 2 is a secret file belonging to a vampire who will not say his name. We learn a bit more about the Vampire but not his name. You will see 51 new pictures of some of his many wives. You...

Journals of Real Female Domination: Volume 1

by Mistress Scarlet

This is volume 1 of my journals which describe my life as a dominant female. I live with my husband, bitch-boy. Bitch-boy is a subjugated, trapped slave and source of amusement. He does all the chores and housework,...

42 Chambers: The First 3 Chambers

by Socraties Ray

42 Chambers is a story about 2 lovers who decide to test their limits. They turn love making into a game that takes wit, creativity, and a certain disregard for indecent exposure laws. The only question that...