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How to Make Love Six Nights A Week

by Graham Masterton

“She’s always too tired”

“He’s only interested in his career”

“She never tries to seduce me”

The truth is, in thousands of marriages and sexual relationships both partners feel they’re not getting sex...

More Ways to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed

by Graham Masterton

For those who were inspired by (or who simply enjoyed) How to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed, Graham Masterton has another book for you, just as full of scandalous and sexy tips for spicing up your relationship...

How to Drive Your Man Even Wilder in Bed

by Graham Masterton

From a world-class sex expert comes another indispensable guide to the secrets of intimacy every woman should know. Graham Masterton uses his own extensive knowledge, backed up by the candid stories of women...

Wild Sex for New Lovers

by Graham Masterton

Every new relationship begins with learning period, during which you and your partner figure out what you enjoy and how to make sex the best possible experience for you both. With Wild Sex for New Lovers, Graham...

How to be the Perfect Lover

by Graham Masterton

Isn’t it about time to flex your sexual muscles and wake up to your erotic potential? With the help of Graham Masterton’s handbook you can explore your weak spots, brush up on your skills, and regain your...

Up All Night

by Graham Masterton

Are you ready to do it again? Here are the latest, steamiest secrets, the most titillating techniques, and the best exercises in ecstasy for increasing your appetite between the sheets and becoming a master...

Erotic Short Stories

by Cindy McIntyre

Adults Only 18+ This is Cindy's first attempt at writing a full book of short erotic stories. It contains 2 short stories and 2 novellas. Each one quite different from the others.


by Sir Thomas

American twins rescued from certain death by time-travelling moon-dwellers from the far future, recruiting raw muscle power, who appreciate the female form used ingeniously in pony role. Every variation imaginable...

The Feminisation of Mickey

by Emma LaVerne

Mick Fincher has a surprise coming. He's to be sissified, primped and preened and hypnotised into becoming a beautiful, obedient she-male slave. His wife and stunning Dominatrix Bernadette decide enough is enough...

The User's Guide to the Rabbit

by Marcelle Perks

The "User's Guide to the Rabbit" is the first DIY guide of its kind on the sex toy that's taking the world by storm. The "User's Guide to the Rabbit" is the definitive guide to getting the most out of your favourite...

Orgasm in 5 Minutes: 1001 Roads to Happiness

by Tina Robbins

What exactly does the feminine orgasm consist of? Can all women have them? What techniques and postures are the most appropriate to attain one? Are all women multiorgasmic?

Although the female orgasm still provokes...


by Carrillo-Galley Ayn

When Ayn Carrillo-Gailey confronted her boyfriend about his porn habit, he pronounced her "pornophobic." Determined to prove she wasn't phobic, simply more enlightened, Ayn set out to learn all she could about...

Sex Tips and Tales from Women Who Dare: Exploring the Exotic Erotic

by Jo-Ann Baker

The 30 "female sexual revolutionaries" who contributed to this collection come from a wide variety of backgrounds, locales, and professions. Doctors, journalists, entrepreneurs, prostitutes, and porn stars offer...

Sensual Sex: Awakening Your Senses and Deepening the Passion in Your Relationship

by Beverly Engel

"Sensual Sex" is based on the idea that by becoming more attuned to our five senses we can develop an increasingly erotic relationship with our body and our partner's body. Sex therapist Beverly Engel takes...

Horny Girls

by Teresa Joseph

Fantasies of adult girls doing age-play, breast obsessional and very horny adult girl-on-girl tales of jolly sex-play, with the several completely unrelated and very un-parent-like Daddies, Mummies and teachers...

Appointment with Pain

by Anne Green

Punishment day in the disciplinary life of an school in colonial Africa; when the boys and girl boarders, local lads & lasses & their mothers, and even the staff are properly dealt with in traditional & severe...

The Pain and the Passion

by Mark Pickering

A young girl is forced in to a life of sexual servitude, trained in sexual acts to please others whenever called upon she learns to please and enjoy her new life and reap the rewards it gives back. A journey...

Single and Happy - Living Alone Isn't Being Alone, Finding Happiness from Within

by M Osterhoudt

Why do we think we cannot be happy if we are alone? Has society painted a false picture of what happiness is? There is a freedom and a strength that comes from within when you lean only on you. You can do things...

I Thought Love Was Suppose to Be Happy - How to Survive a Breakup

by M Osterhoudt

This ebook is a book of encouragement, hope and healing in the midst of a dream that is shattered and a relationship lost. Sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction to lift our spirits and...

The Little Things - Special Things You Do for That Someone Special

by M Osterhoudt

"The Little Things" are in essence "The Big Things"...Keep your relationship strong by showing your love in the simplist of ways. Don't let life's worries take priority of the things most precious in life. Use...