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1,001 Best Places to Have Sex in America: A When, Where, and How Guide

by Jennifer Hunt & Dan Baritchi

Some people just stick to the bedroom--and the bed, for that matter--when it comes to having sex. But where's the fun in that?

Dan and Jennifer, resident sexcapaders of the very popular

Wild, Wicked & Wanton

by Christie Craig & Faye Hughes

Are your days of being wild, wicked, and wanton long gone? Have you ever really lived--and loved--that way, anyway? Or does your inner romantic only come alive when you're flipping through the pages of your...

Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality

Fit for Love: Hip and Core Exercises for Strength and Flexibility, Intimate Massages to Prepare Your Lover for Pleasure, and Over 20 Positions for Pas

by BillySunday Mars

How to get your body ready for passion . . . and get your partner in the mood

Books about sex and orgasms date back to the Kama Sutra. But there's more to great sex than simply "getting in position." Fit for...

6 Pack of Erotic Short Stories By Jane Morgan - Volume 2 (General Urotica)

by Jane Morgan

This is a six pack collection of Erotic Short Stories Volume 2 by Jane Morgan. This collection of erotica includes, Rehab Sexual Terror, Dripping with Embarrassment, Blond Passion, Pool Sex, Soaked on Stage...

Soaked On Stage (Couple Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

In this erotic short story a female erotic dancer returns home from work and writes about the night in her diary. She explains how she works special the crowd and gives them and a special guest a little something...

Rehab Sexual Terror (Bondage Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

Jenny wakes up strapped to a hard table completely naked. She has no idea where she is or what she has done. She figures she is in rehab for the drugs she liked to do, but she had never had to lie naked on a...

A Rainy Day Surprise (Couple Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

While trying to work, Tim was rained out and decided to go home for the rest of the day. When he pulled into the driveway, his wife of five years was standing in the doorway. Tim wondered why, but went to the...

6 Pack of Erotic Short Stories By Jane Morgan - Volume 1 (General Urotica)

by Jane Morgan

This is a 6 pack collection of erotic short stories Volume 1 by Jane Morgan. This collection of erotica includes, Her Scar InThe Moonlight, Hot Sex At The Mall, Sanctuary, Passionate Encounter, Fantasy and House...

Hot Sex At the Mall (Couple Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

William hates his job; he works around the clock and even has to be there on the weekends. He is thinking about quitting his job as the manager of a mall when a sexy rendezvous in one of the fitting rooms takes...

Her Scar In the Moonlight (Couple Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

The Vietnam War rages on and two very different people find themselves in Saigon. Nhu is a Vietnamese woman who is a spy for the American government. Ben is a soldier who has been stationed in Saigon. One day...

Fantasy (Couple Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

Sunny and Lee are at the lowest point of their marriage. They know things aren't going to last much longer so they decide that on their separate business trips they are going to do more than fantasize. At the...

Dripping With Embarrassment  (Couple Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

Dripping with Embarrassment is an erotic short story of a young female office clerk who hates her boss seemingly, until he makes a statement that gets her mind to wandering. At the same time, the statement excites...

House Sitting Ecstasy (Bondage Erotica)

by Jane Morgan

Brad and Molly think they are going to have a good time house sitting for their friends, but they find out just how much fun they are going to have when they discover bondage paraphernalia in their friend's...

6 Pack of Erotic Short Stories - Volume 1 (General Erotica)

by Ashley James

This is a six pack collection of Erotic Short Stories Volume 1 by Ashley James. This collection of erotica includes, Free to Love, Sensual Friends, The Forbidden Incident, A Three Way with Rope, Sands of Lust...

Pearls and Passion (Couple Erotica)

by Ashley James

Garrett and Shanna always tried to do something a little special on their anniversary each year, but this time they each had a very unique surprise for the other. When Garrett presented Shanna with a long strand...

Island of Love (Couple Erotica)

by Ashley James

Beth and Ben wake up after their marriage the day before and enjoyed the day together as a newly wedded couple. They paddle out to an island near their hotel in the tropics and make love on the secluded beach....

My Best Friends Boyfriend (Couple Erotica)

by Ashley James

In this erotic short story Sharon's boyfriend dumps her for another girl and stands her up for a party with all of their friends. She attends, but when a fight broke out, she left walking home alone so that...

4 Pack of Erotic Short Stories Parts 1-4

by Ashley James

"My Sex Education" is written in 4 parts. Each part takes the reader into a different segment of Victoria's sex education one exciting, pulsating experiment at a time. I hope you have been stimulated by the...

Rolling In the Dough (Couple Erotica)

by Ashley James

In this erotic short story Damian takes a job at the club Cheetah in Atlanta where he meets several dancers, especially a unique dancer named Starla who quickly gains his affection. An admirer buys Starla a...