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The Age of Total War, 1860-1945

by Jeremy Black

What is total war? Definitions abound, but one thing is certain—the concept of total war has come to be seen as a defining concept of the modern age. In The Age of Total War, celebrated historian Jeremy Black...

Shifu, Soul of Chinese Anarchism

by Edward S. Krebs

The most comprehensive study of Shifu available, this valuable work explores the life and political milieu of a central figure in Republican China. Krebs provides an intellectual biography of this committed...

Last Trains: Dr Beeching and the death of rural England

by Charles Loft

During the course of the 1950s England lost confidence in its rulers and convinced itself it must modernise. The bankrupt, steam-powered railway, run by a Colonel Blimp, symbolised everything that was wrong...

Little Cyclone: The Girl who Started the Comet Line

by Airey Neave

Andrée de Jongh was a young artist in Brussels when German troops marched into Belgium in May 1941. Her father dubbed her the ‘Little Cyclone’, because she was so determined to make things happen. Inspired...

Giants: The Dwarfs of Auschwitz

by Eilat Negev & Yehuda Koren

During the 1930s and 40s the Lilliput Troupe, a beloved and successful family of singers and actors, dazzled with their vaudeville programme and unique performances. The only all-dwarf show of the time, their...

All Valiant Dust: An Irishman Abroad

by Peter Ross

For many of its participants, the Second World War was the most intense period of their lives - with horizons widened by grief, strangeness and excitement. Peter Ross, graduated from Trinity College, Dublin,...

Ireland's Other History

by Hector McDonnell

From the uncertain first dawn of human presence on the island, to the defeat of the old Gaelic order at Kinsale in 1602, Hector McDonnell chronicles the lost origins of Ireland’s ‘otherness’. This scholarly...

Escape from the Anthill

by Hubert Butler

Opening Hubert Butler's book of essays is like discovering gold. He has all the essayists's gifts: a clear, strong prose, a fascination with everyday affairs and their significance sub specie aeternitatis, a...

Return to Killybegs

by Sorj Chalandon

Tyrone Meehan, damned as an informer, ekes out his days in Donegal, awaiting his killers. ‘Now that everything is out in the open, they will all speak in my place – the ira, the British, my family, my close...

Three Hundred Years of Irish Periodicals

by Barbara Hayley & Enda McKay

An invaluable collection of Irish Periodicals edited by Barbara Hayley and Enda McKay

The Hidden Ireland: Reassessment of a Concept

by Louis Cullen & Peter Ross

Daniel Corkery's The Hidden Ireland: A Study of Gaelic Munster in the Eighteenth Century, has had sustained appeal since its publication in 1925. There Corkery used literary evidence to sustain a picture of...

Wolfe Tone: and the Common Name of Irishman

by Hubert Butler

An important study of the dynamics behind Tone's ideal, which disentangles the roots of racialism and nationalism in Ireland, and questions the causes of division between North and South. Butler contends - with...

The Great Famine: Studies in Irish History 1845-52

by R. Dudley Edwards & T. Dudley Williams

With this landmark contribution, the history of the Irish Famine is taken out of the hands of 'the political commentator, the ballad singer, and the unknown maker of folk-tales' and placed on a scholarly footing....

Errislannan: Scenes from a Painter's Life

by Alannah Heather

Errislannan, or Flannan's peninsula, juts out into the North Atlantic on Europe's western extremity south of Clifden, Connemara, Co. Galway. The home of Alannah Heather, it gave shape to her life, and to this...

Forgotten Stones: Ancient Church Sites of the Burren and Environs

by Averil Swinfen

This guide to the 'forgotten stones' of early ecclesiastical sites and buildings is a lovingly detailed record of 82 churches secreted in the hundred-odd square miles of the Burren, a primeval limestones region...

Practice These Principles And What Is The Oxford Group

by Anonymous

Those interested in A.A. history will find this two-book volume to be a must-have edition. Practice These Principles is an edited version of the original work, What is the Oxford Group? (full text reprinted)...

We Recovered Too: The Family Groups' Beginnings in the Pioneers' Own Words

by Michael Fitzpatrick

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Al-Anon, Hazelden proudly presents this engaging multimedia retrospective of the Fellowship that has brought the miracle of recovery to countless family members and loved...

Harry Tiebout: The Collected Writings

by Anonymous

One of the first psychiatrists to describe alcoholism as a disease rather than a moral failing or criminal activity, Harry M. Tiebout was also one of the first to wholeheartedly endorse Alcoholics Anonymous...

Flying from the Black Hole: The B-52 Navigator-Bombardiers of Vietnam

by Robert O. Harder

Air Force navigators and bombardiers have long labored under the shadow of pilots--their contributions undervalued, misunderstood, or simply unknown to the general public. This was especially the case with the...

Battleship Bismarck: A Survivor's Story

by Burkard Baron Von Mullenheim-Rechberg

Originally published to much acclaim in 1980, this is the story of the legendary German battleship that sunk the pride of the Royal Navy, HMS Hood, on May 24, 1941, and three days later was hunted down and sunk...