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Enduring the Freedom

by Sean M. Maloney

Presents a personal, inside look at Operation Enduring Freedom and the International Security Force in Afghanistan.

Congress at War

by Charles A. Stevenson

A comprehensive and concise overview of Congress's wartime legislation

JFK Assassination Logic

by John McAdams

Untangling the logic behind the JFK conspiracy claims

High-Value Target: Countering al Qaeda in Yemen

by (Ret.) Edmund J. Hull

A diplomat reflects on confronting the terrorist threat in Yemen

Simple Gestures: A Cultural Journey into the Middle East

by Andrea B. Rugh

Overturns common misperceptions about the lives of Middle Easterners

Wildcats Over Casablanca

by M. T. Wordell & Peter B. Mersky

When friends become enemies

The MacArthur Highway and Other Relics of American Empire in the Philippines

by Joseph P. McCallus

Reveals the legacy of a towering American presence in Filipino life

A War It Was Always Going to Lose: Why Japan Attacked America in 1941

by Jeffrey Record

Makes sense of Japan's seemingly incomprehensible decision to go to war against the United States

Cynicism and the Evolution of the American Dream

by Wilber W. Caldwell

Putting a recognizable face on contemporary American cynicism

Bunker Hill To Bastogne

by Briton C Busch

Traces the birth and evolution of America's elite military fighting units and general public's changing perception of them

Chasing Ghosts

by , Jr. John J. Tierney

Important military lessons for fighting today's insurgency in Iraq

Post-Cold War Defense Reform

by Istvan Gyarmati & Theodor Winkler

Presents case studies of defense reform initiatives in more than twenty countries

Friends in Peace and War

by Douglas C Kroll

The Union finds a friend in the tsarist fleet

Hitler's Bandit Hunters

by Philip W. Blood

The Nazi campaign against European resistance fighters

Doctor to the Resistance

by Hal Vaughan

Dr. Jack Jackson was the Paris physician of Hemingway and Fitzgerald


by Ted Shackley & Richard A. Finney

The long-awaited memoirs of a legendary figure in the history of American intelligence

World Turned Upside Down: U.S. Naval Intelligence and the Early Cold War Struggle for Germany

by Marvin B. Durning

Naval intelligence paves the way for Germany's transformation from enemy to ally

New Heavens

by Boris Senior

The origins of Israeli air power

Before Amelia

by Eileen F Lebow

Before Amelia is the remarkable story of the worldÆs women pioneer aviators who braved the skies during the early days of flight. While most books have only examined the women aviators of a single country,...

Envoy to the Terror

by Melanie Randolph Miller

An American Founding Father's important contributions to the French Revolution