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"Prisoners "

by Olya Trefilova

This story on the true story of one prisoner of cruelty and violence Russian prison !!!

European Refugees: Answers (Annotated)

by Edvard Skurko

Migration crisis in Europe - one of the main themes in 2015. Many EU countries do not withstand the influx of refugees from Syria and Africa, and take urgent action: introducing quotas for immigrants tighten...

Modern Korea and Its Others: Perceptions of the Neighbouring Countries and Korean Modernity

by Vladimir Tikhonov

The period spanning the 1880s to 1945 was a crucially important formative time for Korea, during which understandings of modernity were largely shaped by the images of Korea's neighbours to the east, west and...

Russian Foreign Policy under Dmitry Medvedev, 2008-2012

by Valerie Pacer

Although the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev is often seen as a continuation of Vladimir Putin's presidency, with the same policies applied in the same way, this book disagrees, arguing that Medvedev's foreign...

The Oral History Reader

by Robert Perks & Alistair Thomson

The Oral History Reader, now in its third edition, is a comprehensive, international anthology combining major, 'classic' articles with cutting-edge pieces on the theory, method and use of oral history. Twenty-seven...

When Lions Roar: The Churchills and the Kennedys

by Thomas Maier

The first comprehensive history of the deeply entwined personal and public lives of the Churchills and the Kennedys and what their “special relationship” meant for Great Britain and the United States



The Huns

by Hyun Jin Kim

This volume is a concise introduction to the history and culture of the Huns. This ancient people had a famous reputation in Eurasian Late Antiquity. However, their history has often been evaluated as a footnote...

Eastern Rome and the Rise of Islam: History and Prophecy

by Olof Heilo

The emergence of Islam in the seventh century AD still polarises scholars who seek to separate religious truth from the historical reality with which it is associated. However, history and prophecy are not solely...

From the Mountains to the Sea - A History of Los Angeles

by John Steven McGroarty

What the author of this book has to tell is the true story of a great City that was founded "by order of the King," in the old days when the Western World was new. It is the story of a City that, for a century...

A History of California and an Extended History of Los Angeles

by James Miller Guinn

Few states of the United States have a more varied, a more interesting or a more instructive history than California, and few have done so little to preserve their history. In narrating the story of California,...

Soldiers' Stories

by David Stutzman

These are stories by Soldiers, Sailors, Marines,Air-force and Coast Guard with some foreign stories. We tell these stories to ease painful memories and to try to explain their experiences to friends and family....

Kelvedon Hatch, 1840 - 1920: A Guided Tour

by Phil George

Go on a guided tour of Kelvedon Hatch, Essex, during the 19th and early 20th centuries. With the help of photographs, newspapers, parish records and census returns, the story of each house is revealed, as are...

The Battle of Jutland

by Jon Sutherland & Diane Canwell

The Battle of Jutland was the greatest naval engagement of the First World War, if not any war. Admiral Scheer had adopted a policy of launching attacks against the British coast. What he did not know was that...

Lawrence Co, AR

by Turner Publishing

A history of the community and people of Lawrence County, Arkansas.

Gamewardens of Vietnam - 2nd Ed

by Turner Publishing

Personal stories and biographies of Game Wardens in Vietnam.

One Nation Divided by Slavery: Remembering the American Revolution While Marchingtoward the Civil War

by Michael Conlin

In the two decades before the Civil War, free Americans engaged in "history wars" every bit as ferocious as those waged today over the proposed National History Standards or the commemoration at the Smithsonian...

Air Forces Escape and Evasion Society

by Turner Publishing

A gripping history of the brave men and women who aided downed Americans to safety. A valued source of information on the European underground resistance groups of WWII. Rare photographs, maps, and war documents...

Second Marine Division, 1940-1999

by Art Sharp

Since 1941, the 2nd Marine Division has written a record of unparalleled success through their courage, spirit, dedication and above all, their sacrifice. Volume II continues the history of the 2nd Marine Division,...

Airmen Behind the Medals

by Graham Pitchfork

Of the many human characteristics, few evoke greater admiration and respect than gallantry in the service of one's country. Here, Graham Pitchfork describes the outstanding bravery of twenty-one air men who...

Gloucestershire Hero: Brigadier Patsy Pagan's Great War Experiences

by Peter Rostron

Small in physical stature Colonel, later Brigadier, Patsy Pagan was seen as a giant by the men of the Gloucestershire Regiment, whom he commanded for over three gruelling years of The Great War. He and his Battalion...