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New Heavens

by Boris Senior

The origins of Israeli air power

Before Amelia

by Eileen F Lebow

Before Amelia is the remarkable story of the worldÆs women pioneer aviators who braved the skies during the early days of flight. While most books have only examined the women aviators of a single country,...

Envoy to the Terror

by Melanie Randolph Miller

An American Founding Father's important contributions to the French Revolution

A Soldier to the Last

by Edward G. Longacre

One of only two Confederate generals who are buried in Arlington National Cemetery

Wade Hampton

by Walter Brian Cisco

Winner of the 2006 Douglas Southall Freeman History Award

Fruits of Victory

by Elaine F. Weiss

The women who kept the farms going while the soldiers were Over There


by Robert J. Schneller

Analyzes the qualities of military leadership and personality that made Cushing successful


by Robert B. Bruce

Analyzes the military career of one of the greatest, yet controversial, French military commanders of the twentieth century

Taught to Kill

by John B. Babcock

A less nostalgic look at "the greatest generation"

Fragments of Grace

by Pamela Constable

A journalist's deeply personal exploration of a world the West has only begun to understand

Philip II of Macedonia: Greater Than Alexander

by Richard A. Gabriel

The military genius of Philip II of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great


by C.E. Wood

An informative slog through the stuff of history

The Last Crusade

by Michael A Palmer

The West's political struggle to reform Islam

Winning the Un-War

by Charles Pea

A practical, focused approach

The One that Got Away

by Chris Ryan

A story of extraordinary courage under fire, of narrow escapes, of a battle against the most adverse physical conditions, and, above all, of one man's courageous refusal to lie down and die

God's Samurai

by Katherine V. Dillon & Donald M. Goldstein

The unusual story of Mitsuo Fuchida, the career aviator who led the attack on Pearl Harbor and participated in most of the fiercest battles of the Pacific war


by Charles A. Stevenson

The men who struggle with Washington's most demanding post

The Star Wars Enigma

by Nigel Hey

Space-age weapons systems and the end of the Cold War

The Pearl Harbor Myth

by George Victor

Based partly on newly released naval intelligence documents


by Michael Epkenhans

He dared to challenge British naval supremacy