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Virginia at War, 1862

by William C. Davis & James I. , Jr. Robertson

A History Book Club SelectionA Military History Book Club Selection Virginia emerged from the year 1861 in much the same state of uncertainty and confusion as the rest of the Confederacy. While the North was...

Restoring Shakertown: The Struggle to Save the Historic Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

by Thomas Parrish

Founded in 1806, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, was a thriving community for much of the nineteenth century. Eventually, a steadily shrinking membership saw the gradual decline of this remarkable...

Killing the Indian Maiden: Images of Native American Women in Film

by M. Elise Marubbio

Killing the Indian Maiden examines the fascinating and often disturbing portrayal of Native American women in film. M. Elise Marubbio examines the sacrificial role in which a young Native woman allies herself...

Entangled by White Supremacy: Reform in World War I-Era South Carolina

by Janet G. Hudson

In Entangled by White Supremacy: Reform in World War I-era South Carolina, Janet G. Hudson analyzes World War I-era South Carolina, a state whose white minority maintained political power by rigidly enforcing...

Style and Status: Selling Beauty to African American Women, 1920-1975

by Susannah Walker

In Style and Status, Susannah Walker examines twentieth-century commercial beauty culture in terms of race and gender. She demonstrates that while black women's beauty culture often mirrored that of white women...

Liquor in the Land of the Lost Cause: Southern White Evangelicals and the Prohibition Movement

by Joe L. Coker

The temperance movement first appeared in America in the 1820s as an outgrowth of the same evangelical fervor that fostered a wide range of reform campaigns and benevolence societies. Like many of these movements,...

Politics and Religion in the White South

by Glenn Feldman

Politics and Religion in the White South examines the powerful ways in which religious considerations have shaped American political discourse. Since the inception of the Republic, politics have remained a subject...

Southern Farmers and Their Stories: Memory and Meaning in Oral History

by Melissa Walker

Examining oral history narratives of more than five hundred farmers from all the southern states, Melissa Walker explores how farmers recall their agrarian past and the lessons that they draw from that past....

Benjamin Franklin's Humor

by Paul M. Zall

Humor is sometimes a serious business, especially the humor of Benjamin Franklin, a master at revealing the human condition through comedy. For the country's bicentennial, Reader's Digest named Franklin "Man...

Through Mobility We Conquer: The Mechanization of U.S. Cavalry

by George F. Hofmann

The U.S. Cavalry, which began in the nineteenth century as little more than a mounted reconnaissance and harrying force, underwent intense growing pains with the rapid technological developments of the twentieth...

Southern Political Party Activists: Patterns of Conflict and Change, 1991-2001

by John A. Clark & Charles L. Prysby

" The South continues to be the most distinctive region in American politics. Over the last half century, Democratic dominance in the South has given way to the emergence of a truly competitive two-party system...

The Pursuit of Truth: A Historian's Memoir

by William H. McNeill

William H. McNeill's seminal book The Rise of the West: A History of the Human Community (1963) received the National Book Award in 1964 and was named one of the 100 best nonfiction books of the twentieth century...

Urban Guerrilla Warfare

by Anthony James Joes

Guerrilla insurgencies continue to rage across the globe, fueled by ethnic and religious conflict and the easy availability of weapons. Reflecting the massive global movement of population from the countryside...

Virginia at War, 1861

by William C. Davis & James I. , Jr. Robertson

More Civil War battles were fought on Virginian soil than on that of any other Confederate state. No state suffered more from invasion and occupation than the Old Dominion, and none witnessed as much of the...

The 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam: Unparalleled and Unequaled

by Ira A. Hunt

Of all the military assignments in Vietnam, perhaps none was more challenging than the defense of the Mekong River Delta region. Operating deep within the Viet Cong--controlled Delta, the 9th Infantry Division...

Tax and Spend: The Welfare State, Tax Politics, and the Limits of American Liberalism

by Molly Michelmore

Analyzing economic policy from the New Deal through the Reagan Revolution, Tax and Spend takes a new look at the so-called tax-and-spend liberals of the past. This important study examines why many Americans...

California Crucible: The Forging of Modern American Liberalism

by Jonathan Bell

Historian Jonathan Bell chronicles the dramatic story of postwar liberalism in California—moving from early grassroots organizing and the election of Pat Brown as governor in 1958 to the civil rights campaigns...

A King Travels: Festive Traditions in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain

by Teofilo F. Ruiz

A King Travels examines the scripting and performance of festivals in Spain between 1327 and 1620, offering an unprecedented look at the different types of festivals that were held in Iberia during this crucial...

Foreign Relations: American Immigration in Global Perspective

by Donna R. Gabaccia

Histories investigating U.S. immigration have often portrayed America as a domestic melting pot, merging together those who arrive on its shores. Yet this is not a truly accurate depiction of the nation’s...

A History of the World Since 9/11: Disaster, Deception, and Destruction in the War on Terror

by Dominic Streatfeild

So far, the war on terror has lasted ten years. It has cost the world three trillion dollars and nearly a million lives. We have not won it. We are not winning it. We won't.