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The Politics of Songs in Eighteenth-Century Britain, 1723-1795

by Kate Horgan

Horgan analyses the importance of songs in British eighteenth-century culture with specific reference to their political meaning. Using an interdisciplinary methodology, combining the perspectives of literary...

Your Country Needs You

by Martin Middlebrook

Taking the politics of Field Marshal Lord Kitchener's appointment as War Minister as his starting point, the author describes in his lively and authoritative style the dramatic events and dynamic personalities...

With Alex at War

by Rupert Clarke

As a young Irish Guards Officer in 1940, Sir Rupert Clarke became ADC to Alexander, already a distinguished officer thanks to his intelligence and courage.Alex had been the last senior officer to leave the Dunkirk...

On the Trail of the Poets of the Great War: Wilfred Owen

by Philip Guest

This is a guide to the battlefields that inspired the young and sensitive poet, whose poems are probably the twentieth century's best-known literary expressions of experience of war. Detailed maps, military...

Wellington's Scapegoat

by Archie Hunter

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan was the key figure in an extraordinary, controversial and ultimately tragic episode during the Peninsula War. He was the commanding officer held responsible for the dramatic...

Waterloo 1815: Quatre Bras

by Peter Hofschröer

The Battles of Quatre Bras and Ligny are often overshadowed by the Battle of Waterloo that took place two days later. Yet the events of 16 June 1815 were crucial, as Napoleon missed his chance of achieving a...

Walcheren: Operation Infatuate

by Andrew Rawson

Describes the fierce campaign, codenamed INFATUATE, mounted in November 1944 to clear the way through to the port of Antwerp. The book describes the extraordinary courage of the Germans who fought to the bitter...

Twenty Days in the Reich: Three Downed RAF Aircrew on the Run in Germany 1945

by Flying Officer Squire 'Tim' Scott

On 15 March 1945 three crew members of a Bomber Command Lancaster baled from their crippled aircraft over the eastern Rhur. The author of this book was the navigator and one of those men. All three found themselves...

Tug of War: The Battle for Italy 1943-1945

by Shelfold Bidwell & Dominick Graham

When the Allies invaded mainland Italy in 1943 they intended only a clearing-up operation to knock Italy out of the war, but Hitler ordered the German armies to defend every foot of the country. The 'Tug of...

The Waterloo Armies: Men, Organization and Tactics

by Philip Haythornthwaite

Waterloo is one of the most famous battles in history and it has given rise to a vast and varied literature. The strategy and tactics of the battle and the entire Waterloo campaign have been analysed at length....

The Secret Capture: U-110 and the Enigma Story

by Stephen Roskill

For fifteen years after the end of the war all official Admiralty records showed the German submarine U 110 as sunk on 9 May 1941 by the surface escorts of convoy OB.318. As this book was the first to reveal,...

The Secret Battle: A tragedy of the First World War

by .A.P Herbet

In The Secret Battle A. P. Herbert tells the story of an idealistic, young officer called Harry Penrose. First in Gallipoli, then in the trenches of France, he is tested and brought to breaking point as he battles...

The Fighting Commodores: Convoy Commanders in the Second World War

by Alan Burn

As Britain came terrifyingly close to running out of supplies during the Second World War, a group of retired senior naval officers returned to the sea in the role of convoy commanders, and thereby turned the...

The Fateful Battle Line

by Michael Glover

The diaries of front-line soldiers of the Great War are relatively commonplace; contemporary drawings and paintings, other than those by the official war artists, are less so. What is extraordinary, even unique,...

At the Eleventh Hour

by Hugh Cecil

Following on from the highly acclaimed Facing Armageddon and Passchendaele in Perspective, At the Eleventh Hour recognises that a world was ending in November 1918, and by international collaboration on the...

The Edge of the Sword

by General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley

In April 1951, at the height of the Korean War, Chinese troops advanced south of the 38th parallel towards a strategic crossing-point of the Imjin River on the invasion route to the South Korean capital of Seoul....

The Distant Drum

by F.E. Noakes

"We waited in silence, each man occupied with his own secret thoughts and no doubt wrestling with his own secret fears. I think that half-hour was probably the worst I have ever spent. Slowly and inexorably...

The Black Ship

by Dudley Pope

Dudley Pope meticulously researches the story of the bloodiest mutiny in the history of the Royal Navy - the butchering of the officers aboard His Majesty's Frigate HERMIONE 32 guns, in the West Indies in 1797....

Strike From the Sea

by Iain Ballantyne

The Arabian Gulf has been at the centre of the world stage and a major 'flash point' for over 40 years. Expert naval historian Iain Ballantyne examines the role of the US and Royal Naval forces in this troubled...

Stafford at War 1939-1945

by Nick Thomas

Stafford at War is a vivid many-sided portrait of a county town during one of the extraordinary periods in English history. In his wide-ranging narrative Nick Thomas looks at the impact of the Second World War...