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The Nature of Future Conflict

by Richard Connaughton

Whilst the collapse of the Soviet Union and, with it, the associated Warsaw Pact, has greatly reduced the threat of a major conflict with Europe, the story of the involvement of the United Nations in so-called...

Napoleon's Army

by H. C. B. Rogers

Many books have been written about Napoleon and his campaigns, but very little about the soldiers of his armies and of the organization and conditions under which they lived and served. In this classic study,...

Life at Full Throttle

by Sir John Treacher

By any standards, Admiral Sir John Treacher is an exceptional man who has had the fullest of lives. Old enough to have served and be sunk in the War, he went to be a naval aviator flying in the Korean War. His...

Legions of Death: The Nazi Enslavement of Europe

by Rupert Butler

The author reveals, in chilling detail, the plans for the wholesale killings and subjection of Eastern Europe, including the 'Final Solution' of the gas chambers. He also reveals Hitler's ruthless programme...

Wellington the Beau: The Life and Loves of the Duke of Wellington

by Patrick Dalaforce

The military achievements of Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, have been well documented and deservedly so. Inevitably his fame and success made him attractive, nay irresistible, to the opposite...

Walking the Salient

by Paul Reed

Following on from Walking on the Somme, Reed has produced this remarkable voyage around the Ypres Salient, which saw some of the most memorable campaigns of WW1. Illustrated throughout, this book gives an insight...

The Frigates: An Account of the Lighter Warships of the Napoleonic Wars

by James Henderson III

A naval history of the ships and personalities of the Nelson period. The sources used include accounts of the Napoleonic Wars, ships' logs, Admiralty documents, private and official reports, letters and contemporary...

Signals From the Falklands

by John Winton

As John Winton, the best and most authoritative writer on currant naval matters, says in the foreword to this book 'The Navy has never been well known for its flair for publicity....Again and again during the...

Royal Scots In The Gulf

by Laurie Milner

Laurie Milner reveals the remarkable single-mindedness and courage of the soldiers of Britain's present-day Army in the face of a numerically superior, well-equipped and well dug-in enemy, whose level of resistance...

Reflected Glory

by Carney Lake

Carney Lake served for six years in a Royal Marines Commando Unit and in this book tells his story - the names of those men involved have been changed to protect their identities, but the events happened as...


by Philip Warner

Nearly ninety years ago, on 31st July 1917, the small Belgian village of Passchendaele became the focus for one of the most gruelling, bloody and bizarre battles of World War 1. By 6th November, when Passchendaele...

My Longest Night: A Twelve-Year-Old French Girl's Memories of D-Day

by Genevieve Duboscq

This is the 1st UK edition, hardback, published in 1984 by Leo Cooper, with dustjacket, ISBN 0436138107, 222 pages. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Note - the book was published with the wrong ISBN on the bibliographic...


by Graham Maddocks

Montauban was the southernmost of the Somme villages attacked by the British Army on 1 July, 1916, and it was where there was the greatest success. This new book in the series takes the reader over ground where...

Malta Convoys 1940-42: The Struggle at Sea

by David A. Thomas

In Malta Convoys David Thomas, the distinguished naval historian, gives a fascinating account of the vital battles fought by sea and air to ensure that essential supplies got through. He vividly describes the...

Light Dragoons: The Making of a Regiment

by Allan Mallinson

Although only formed in December 1992, The Light Dragoons look back to a history that began in the days of the first Jacobite rebellion. In 1922 a reduction in the Army's strength saw the amalgamation of four...

The Warlords

by Michael Carver

In THE WAR LORDS, Field Marshal Lord Carver has assembled an engrossing series of short, detailed biographies of forty-three of the dominant military commanders of the twentieth century century, American, British,...

Prisoners Of Hope

by Michael Calvert

Of the many thousands of books that have been written about the Second World War, Prisoners of Hope is one of the very few acknowledged masterpieces. A devoted disciple of Wingate, of Chindit fame, Calvert accompanied...

You'll Die in Singapore'

by Charles McCormack

Weakened by hunger, thirst and ill-treatment, author Charles McCormac, then a World War Two prisoner-of-war in Japanese-occupied Singapore, knew that if he did not escape he would die. With sixteen others he...

The Battlefields of England

by A.H Burne

England's battlefields bear witness to dramatic turning-points in the country's history. At Hastings, Bosworth Field, Flodden and Naseby, the battles fought were to have an enormous effect on English life. This...

Sieges of the Middle Ages

by Philip Warner

In the Middle Ages the castle was an important military and administrative centre, essentially utilitarian in its design and in the purposes it served. Because it played so central a role in medieval history,...