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The King of Schnorrers

by Israel Zangwill

Widely regarded as one of the author's most enduring works, this witty and wise literary gem pokes fun at the prejudices dividing London's Jewish community in the late 18th century.

Arab Society in the Time of The Thousand and One Nights

by Edward William Lane

Intriguing account of Islamic society as it existed during the Middle Ages describes the importance of religion, literature, festivals, education, slavery, role of women in society, and rituals observed for...

General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century

by P.-J. Proudhon

Influential 1851 work, the basis for later radical and anarchist theory, posits an ideal society in which frontiers are abolished, national states eliminated, and authority decentralized among communes or locality...

The Psychology of Revolution

by Gustave Le Bon & Bernard Miall

The author examines the psychology of revolutions in general, both religious and political, with a particular emphasis on the personalities and events of the French Revolution.

How to Build Egyptian Boat Models: Patterns and Instructions for Three Royal Vessels

by Jack Sintich

A unique model-building experience, this beginner-level guide details everything needed to create brilliant reproductions of the royal sailing boats of Khufu (ruled ca. 2551–2528 B.C.), Queen Hatshepsut (ruled...

Instructions for His Generals

by Frederick the Great & Thomas R. Phillips

King of Prussia from 1740 to 1786, Frederick's brilliant theories on strategy are all explained in this vital text, in which he discusses such timeless considerations as leadership and the element of surprise....

Guns of the Old West: An Illustrated Guide

by Charles Edward Chapel

Dramatic story of shoulder arms, hand guns, and other weapons also describes the men who used them. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of the Kentucky and Sharps rifle, Colt revolver, and much more. 499...

Tales of the Samurai

by James S. de Benneville

A young lord undertakes the restoration of his family's fortunes and honor in this gripping retelling of a 15th-century Japanese epic. Gripping and evocative, this excellent translation recounts rebellions,...

The Evolution of War: A Study of Its Role in Early Societies

by Maurice R. Davie

Highly informative and exhaustive study presents an exceptional collection of cases examining such topics as warfare as the business of one sex, religion as a cause of war, and war for the sake of glory.

Terrorism: From Robespierre to the Weather Underground

by Albert Parry

From the genesis of the Great Terror to Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, to the Symbionese Liberation Army, this carefully researched study remains an unsurpassed work on a timely topic. 30 black-and-white illustrations....

Wigwam Evenings: 27 Sioux Folk Tales

by Charles A Eastman & Elaine Goodale Eastman

Chosen by a renowned folklorist who was raised among the Sioux, these 27 entertaining and instructive tales include creation myths, animal fables, and other adventures that will charm young readers.

Favorite Irish Crochet Designs

by Rita Weiss

Step-by-step instructions and 40 illustrations for making 20 beautiful projects: tablecloths, bedspreads, lingerie, pillows, clothing. Delicate patterns include Cinderella, Dublin Beauty, more.

The American Sword 1775-1945

by Harold L. Peterson

Enhanced with more than 400 illustrations, this invaluable reference classifies and describes all major types of American swords for nearly two centuries. Also included is a directory of sword makers, the evolution...


by James Joyce

A fine and accessible introduction to the work of one of the 20th century's most influential writers, this collection features 15 tales, including a masterpiece of the short-story genre, "The Dead."

Egyptian Ideas of the Afterlife

by E. A. Wallis Budge

Noted Egyptologist offers concise, learned exposition of central Egyptian concept of immortality. Belief in Osiris, god of resurrection, other "gods" of Egyptians, judgment of the dead, more. 8 illustrations....

Argentine Indian Art

by Alejandro Eduardo Fiadone

284 rare designs include animal and totemic designs, geometric and rectilinear figures, abstracts, grids, and many other distinctive styles. Carefully adapted, authentic motifs; perfect for textile and print...

The Medieval Village

by G. G. Coulton

Exceptionally well-documented vivid study of serfdom, manorial customs, abbeys, village discipline, peasant revolts, justice, religious education, tithing, much more. Illustrated. "...a remarkable book..."—...

Painters of the Ashcan School: The Immortal Eight

by Bennard B. Perlman

Lively, scholarly, beautifully illustrated study of the 8 artists who brought a compelling new realism to American painting, 1870 to 1913. Henri, Glackens, Sloan, Luks, 4 more. 142 black-and-white illustrations....

Life of Black Hawk

by Black Hawk

Autobiography of early 19th century leader of the Sauk and Fox Indians. Describes tribal customs, traditions, Indian wars, more.

The Story of Frankenstein

by Mary Shelley

The horror classic about a gifted inventor whose experiment with creating new life goes horribly wrong. Abridged for young readers. 22 illustrations by Thea Kliros.