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Mass Media and Modern Warfare: Reporting on the Russian War on Terrorism

by Greg Simons

Greg Simons tackles the complicated yet essential role of mass media in society. Taking the Global War on Terror as a prime example, the author adopts a multidisciplinary approach to analyze the various facets...

The Ashgate Research Companion to US Foreign Policy

by Robert J. Pauly Jr.

This comprehensive volume is designed as a research guide that will both inform readers on the basics of US foreign policy from historical and political science perspectives and provide a look ahead at the means...

Public Opinion and the Making of Foreign Policy in the 'New Europe': A Comparative Study of Poland and Ukraine

by Nathaniel Copsey

By drawing a new boundary between the EU and its eastern neighbours, the European Union has since 1989 created a frontier that has been popularly described in the frontier states as the new 'Berlin Wall'. This...

Blair's Successful War: British Military Intervention in Sierra Leone

by Andrew M. Dorman

Andrew Dorman introduces Sierra Leone as Blair's second great military adventure after Kosovo and the first he undertook on his own. The book links Blair's move toward humanitarianism with the rise of cosmopolitan...

Maritime Security in the South China Sea: Regional Implications and International Cooperation

by Shicun Wu & Keyuan Zou

This book focuses on contemporary maritime security in the South China Sea as well as its connected sea area, the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. It examines security issues concerning the safety of navigation,...

Is This a Private Fight or Can Anybody Join?: The Spread of Interstate War

by Zachary C. Shirkey

Incorporating a combination of case studies and statistical analysis to illustrate the research, this volume examines why some countries join interstate wars well after the war has begun. The book focuses on...

Killer Robots: Legality and Ethicality of Autonomous Weapons

by Armin Krishnan

Military robots, and potentially autonomous robotic systems, could soon be introduced to the battlefield, meaning that humans may one day be largely excluded from both the battlefield and the decision cycle...

France and the New Imperialism: Security Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Bruno Charbonneau

The role of French security policy and cooperation in Africa has long been recognized as a critically important factor in African politics and international relations. This book investigates whether French involvement...

Managing Defense Transformation: Agency, Culture and Service Change

by Adam N. Stulberg & Michael D. Salomone

This book explicates the conditions under which military organizations have both succeeded and failed at institutionalizing new ideas and forms of warfare. Through comparative analysis of some classic cases,...

Europeanization of British Defence Policy

by Robert Dover

With particular reference to the development and negotiation of the European Security and Defence Policy, arms trade policy and the decision to go to war in Iraq in 2003, this book provides a strong contemporaneous...

Mapping Central Asia: Indian Perceptions and Strategies

by Marlène Laruelle & Sébastien Peyrouse

With renewed American involvement in Afghanistan, Pakistan's growing fragility, and China's rise in power in the post-Soviet space, Central Asia-South Asia relations have become central to understanding the...

The Great Power (mis)Management: The Russian-Georgian War and its Implications for Global Political Order

by Alexander Astrov

Drawing on the empirical case of the Russian-Georgian war of 2008, this book explores the theoretical underpinnings of the idea of 'great power management' first articulated within the English School of International...

The Rise of the Networking Region: The Challenges of Regional Collaboration in a Globalized World

by Harald Baldersheim & Are Vegard Haug

Covering the four Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden plus the Faroe Islands, this volume charts the changes in networking activities and related development initiatives that have taken...

Ethics and the Use of Force: Just War in Historical Perspective

by James Turner Johnson

This book explores how and why just war tradition coalesced and how it has developed. By highlighting the just war tradition in historical perspective, this valuable study looks at contemporary implications...

Shaping the Post-Soviet Space?: EU Policies and Approaches to Region-Building

by Laure Delcour

Drawing on a wealth of sources and extensive fieldwork conducted in the Commonwealth of Independent States and interested in exposing why the EU has not pursued a strategy of 'region-building' in the post-Soviet...

New Wars and New Soldiers: Military Ethics in the Contemporary World

by Paolo Tripodi & Jessica Wolfendale

New military technologies, the rise of private military companies, and the increasing involvement of the military in counterterrorism and humanitarian operations all pose challenges to traditional ideas about...

The Roots of Political Instability in Nigeria: Political Evolution and Development in the Niger Basin

by E.C. Ejiogu

At a time when the question of state building in Africa is still unresolved, this book makes a timely and valuable contribution to the literature on transition processes in African politics. It is particularly...

The Politics of Sub-National Authoritarianism in Russia

by Vladimir Gel'man & Cameron Ross

International experts on Russian regional politics, including top scholars from Britain, Canada, Russia and the USA, provide critical evaluations of the multiple deficiencies to be found in Russia's sub-national...

The Influence of the European Union on Turkish Foreign Policy

by Özlem Terzi

Rich in case studies and interviews with actors involved in policy making in Brussels, Ankara and Istanbul, this book questions the influence of the European Union on the making of Turkish foreign policy since...

The Politics of Means and Ends: Policy Instruments in the European Union

by Holger Bähr

A systematic comparison of the techniques used to implement policy goals in European environmental policy and European social policy. Holger Bähr argues that decisions made by political institutions and the...