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The Imaginary Voyage

by Shimon Peres

The Imaginary Voyage brings together Shimon Peres, Israel's Nobel Prize-winning statesman, and Theodor Herzl, the visionary founder of Zionism. Despite the decades that separate them, they are united with astounding...

History of William the Conqueror

by Jacob Abbott

Jacob Abbott was one of the most prolific American writers of history in the nineteenth century, writing many biographies on the world’s most influential leaders in a clear and exciting style. This comprehensive...

The Captain from Connecticut: The Life and Naval Times of Isaac Hull

by Linda M. Maloney

The Captain from Connecticut is the definitive biography of the man who became a national hero as the commander of the USS Constitution in her dramatic victory over HMS Guerriere in the War of 1812. While Isaac...

Carrier Battles: Command Decision in Harm's Way

by Douglas V. Smith

A longtime professor at the Naval War College who once directed strategic and long-range planning for the Navy and Marine Corps in Europe considers the transformation of the U.S. Navy from a defensive-minded...

Hitler's Gift: The True Story of the Scientists Expelled by the Nazi Regime

by Jean Medawar & David Pyke

Between 1901 and 1932, Germany won a third of all the Nobel prizes for science. With Hitler's rise to power and the introduction of racial laws, starting with the exclusion of all Jews from state institutions,...

Kremlin Wives: The Secret Lives of the Women Behind the Kremlin Walls--From Lenin to Gorbachev

by Larissa Vasilieva

The hidden files of more than fifty women, the wives, mistresses, accomplices, or victims of the men in charge of the Soviet Empire, have been compiled after seventy years of secrecy in this dramatic portrayal...

Bolivar: The Liberator of Latin America

by Robert Harvey

Simon Bolivar freed no fewer than what were to become six countries—a vast domain some 800,000 square miles in extent—from Spanish colonial rule in savage wars against the then-mightiest military machine...

France and the Nazi Threat: The Collapse of French Diplomacy 1932-1939

by Jean-Baptiste Duroselle

This book completes the picture for our understanding of how Nazi Germany was able to triumph in 1940.

Baldwin of the Times: Hanson W. Baldwin, a Military Journalist's Life, 1903-1991

by Robert Davies

Hanson W. Baldwin was America's best-known military writer and analyst in the 20th Century covering conflicts from World War II to the Vietnam War. He was the military editor of the New York Times for forty...

Cambodia: Report from a Stricken Land

by Henry Kamm

Based on his observations over three decades, Henry Kamm, Pulitzer Prize-winning NEW YORK TIMES Southeast Asia correspondent, unravels the complexities of Cambodia. Kamm's invaluable document--a factual and...

The American Invasion of Canada: The War of 1812's First Year

by Pierre Berton

How could a nation of eight million fail to subdue a struggling British colony of 300,000? In this remarkable account of the war’s first year, Pierre Burton transforms history into an engrossing narrative...

Sunburst: The Rise of Japanese Naval Air Power, 1909-1941

by Mark Peattie

This acclaimed sequel to the Peattie/Evans prizewinning work, Kaigun, illuminates the rise of Japanese naval aviation from its genesis in 1909 to its thunderbolt capability on the eve of the Pacific war. In...

Far China Station: The U.S. Navy in Asian Waters, 1800-1898

by Robert Erwin Johnson

This was the first study to put 19th century American naval and diplomatic affairs in the Far East into clear perspective. Johnson examines the origins of the East India Squadron, defines its import role in...

Tennessee Patriot: The Naval Career of Vice Admiral William P. Lawrence, U.S. Navy

by William P. Lawrence & Rosario Rausa

Bill Lawrence served his country for thirty-seven years in a remarkable naval career filled with triumphs and adversities. A naval aviator and test pilot who commanded a fighter squadron in the Vietnam War,...

The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History of the Legendary Fighting Force

by Douglas Porch

The French Foreign Legion is a complete, captivating study of the famed fighting force, from its inception in 1831 to modern times. Historian Douglas Porch chronicles the Legion’s involvement in Spain, Mexico,...

The Hinge Factor: How Chance and Stupidity Have Changed History

by Erik Durschmied

From the wooden horse at Troy to a harrowing photograph snapped in Vietnam, from Robert E. Lee’s lost battle plans to the evacuation of Dunkirk, world history has been shaped as much by chance and error as...

The Dragon's War: Allied Operations and the Fate of China, 1937-1947

by Maochun Yu

Making full use of significant new sources in Chinese-language materials, U.S. Naval Academy professor Maochun Yu provides Western readers with the first detailed account of military and intelligence operations...

Fault Lines: A Memoir (2nd Edition)

by Meena Alexander & Ngugi wa Thiong'o

This Indian American writer builds upon her acclaimed memoir, named a PW Best Book for 1993.

Sacred Ties: From West Point Brothers to Battlefield Rivals: A True Story of the Civil War

by Tom Carhart

The gripping story of six West Point graduates who fought each other in the Civil War.

With Civil War clouds darkening the horizon, they were strangers from different states thrown together as West Point cadets:...

Bound for Africa: Cold War Fight Along the Zambezi

by Jr., Douglas H. Hubbard

This is the story of the author's introduction to Africa at a time when much of the continent was in the grips of Cold War skirmishes between the free world and the communist forces of China and the Soviet Union....