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The Germans in the Making of America

by Frederick Franklin Schrader

How many of these same descendants know that to this people belong, by ancestry more or less remote, some of the first scientific men of America, such as the Mühlenbergs, Melsheimer, the "father of American...

German Colonization Past and Future - The Truth about the German Colonies

by Dr. Heinrich Schnee

Dr. Heinrich Schnee was born in 1871 at Neuhaldensleben, near Magdeburg, and after passing through the Nordhausen Gymnasium studied at the universities of Heidelberg, Kiel, and Berlin, as well as the Oriental...

Distributive Justice

by John A. Ryan

Monsignor John Augustine Ryan was a leading moral theologian, priest, professor, author, and social justice advocate. Ryan lived during a decisive moment in the development of Catholic social teaching within...

Biarritz and Basque Countries

by Henry Russell

This book was originally published in 1873. It provides accounts of long walks through the wild and romantic Pyrenean regions of the Basque Country, written as a guide for the tourist that may wish to visit...

Leading Ladies

by Kay Bailey Hutchison

United States senator Kay Bailey Hutchison examines the lives of sixty-three pioneers in military service, journalism, public health, social reform, science, and politics—all American women.

Following in the...

Anskar - The Apostle of the North, 801-865 - Translated from the Vita Anskarii by Bishop Rimbert, His Fellow Missionary and Successor

by Charles H. Robinson

This series is designed to include the lives of the best known pioneer missionaries to whose labours the conversion of Europe to the Christian faith was due. Anskar was a good man in the best and truest of the...

Cape Horn

by Felix Riesenberg

Felix Riesenberg history of sea travel around Cape Horn. Begining with Magellan's magnificent discovery of the strait through to the Pacific at the tip of South America. It is difficult for us to comprehend...

Dress Rehearsal - The Story of Dieppe

by Quentin Reynolds

Quentin Reynolds gets himself attached to the Dieppe raid (August 19, 1942) and tells us the story. The events of the book span only a few days, but Reynolds takes us on diversions ranging from a long excerpt...

MR Punch's Prehistoric Peeps

by E. T. Reed

A book of comic cartoons showing a series of modern sports and affairs shown in pre-historic context. Peeps such as 'No Bath Time To-Day' showing scenes of cavemen watching sea-monsters splash about and 'A Cricket...

Green Laurels - The Lives and Achievements of the Great Naturalists

by Donald Culross Peattie

Originally published in the early 1900s. The illustrated contents include: Schoolmen and Herbalists - The Wonderful World of the Microscope - Science at Court: Buffon and Reaumur - Linnaeus and His Life Work...

The Battle of Lake Erie

by Charles Oscar Paullin

The Battle of Lake Erie' by Charles Oscar Paullin contains A Collecion of Documents, chiefly by Commodore Perry including the Court-martial of Commander Barclay & the Court of Enquiry on Captain Elliott. This...

The United States Soldiers' Home - A History of Its First Hundred Years

by Paul R. Goode

Colonel Paul R. Goode's history of The United States Soldiers' Home. Shortly after the Mexican War, General Winfield Scott and several other senior Army officers suggested the establishment of a "Military Asylum"...

Nudism in Modern Life

by Maurice Parmelee

Nudism in Modern Life written by Dr. Maurice Parmelee, Professor of sociology, City College of New York who was the honorary President of the American Gymnosophical Association. The reader accompanies Dr. Parmelee...

Portrait of Calvin

by T. H. L. Parker

A concise biography of John Calvin, perfect for students of theology wishing to better understand this complex character.

Indian Nationalism - Its Origin, History, and Ideals

by K. M. Panikkar

Sardar Kavalam Madhava Panikkar (or K. M. Panikkar) was an Indian scholar, journalist, historian, administrator and diplomat. He was born to Puthillathu Parameswaran Namboodiri and Chalayil Kunjikutti Kunjamma...

Ireland Under the Normans 1169-1216 - Vol. I

by Goddard Henry Orpen

The Norman invasion is often thought of as a wholly English affair but in reality the Norman's took control of large portions of Wales and Ireland. Here is a fascinating and in-depth history of a little told...

The Locomotives of Sir Nigel Gresley

by O. S. Nock

A book perfect for train enthusiasts, Gresley is one of Britain's greatest steam locomotive engineers of all time and here are some of the masterpieces he designed and built.

Beverley Nichols' Cat Book

by Beverley Nichols

A funny and heartwarming collection of cat portraits. A perfect gift for any cat fancier.

Verdict on India

by Beverley Nichols

A fascinating window onto the British mind-set concerning India during the early and mid-20th century.

An Account of the Castle and Town of Ruthin

by Richard Newcome

This little book provides a historical account of the castle and the town of Ruthin. Ruthin castle was founded in the year of 1281, by Edward I. King of England, the year before his final success in the conquest...