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Portrait of Calvin

by T. H. L. Parker

A concise biography of John Calvin, perfect for students of theology wishing to better understand this complex character.

Indian Nationalism - Its Origin, History, and Ideals

by K. M. Panikkar

Sardar Kavalam Madhava Panikkar (or K. M. Panikkar) was an Indian scholar, journalist, historian, administrator and diplomat. He was born to Puthillathu Parameswaran Namboodiri and Chalayil Kunjikutti Kunjamma...

Ireland Under the Normans 1169-1216 - Vol. I

by Goddard Henry Orpen

The Norman invasion is often thought of as a wholly English affair but in reality the Norman's took control of large portions of Wales and Ireland. Here is a fascinating and in-depth history of a little told...

The Locomotives of Sir Nigel Gresley

by O. S. Nock

A book perfect for train enthusiasts, Gresley is one of Britain's greatest steam locomotive engineers of all time and here are some of the masterpieces he designed and built.

Beverley Nichols' Cat Book

by Beverley Nichols

A funny and heartwarming collection of cat portraits. A perfect gift for any cat fancier.

Verdict on India

by Beverley Nichols

A fascinating window onto the British mind-set concerning India during the early and mid-20th century.

An Account of the Castle and Town of Ruthin

by Richard Newcome

This little book provides a historical account of the castle and the town of Ruthin. Ruthin castle was founded in the year of 1281, by Edward I. King of England, the year before his final success in the conquest...

Air Navigation Made Easy

by James Naidich

The purpose of this book is simply to teach you how to fly from Here to There. It will teach you the four principle types of navigation which include celestial navigation, radio navigation, dead reckoning, piloting....

The Phenomena of Astral Projection

by Sylvan Muldoon

Astral projection is an interesting subject with some people convinced of its validity. With this historic guide to the topic, you can read how it was viewed at the turn of the 20th century during the peak of...

The Story of Poland

by W. R. Morfill

The plan of the work is to give a readable history of the country by bringing into prominence the more stirring episodes and salient characteristics, and putting in the background the details which must prove...

Lectures of Lola Montez (Countess of Landsfeld): Including Her Autobiography

by Lola Montez

Lectures Of Lola Montez (Countess Of Landsfeld) : Including Her Autobiography. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive....

The Law of Allotments and Allotment Gardens (England and Wales)

by E. Lawrence Mitchell

A handy guide for any allotment owner on the laws, rules and regulations that govern all allotments.

The Fundamental Operations in Bead Arithmetic - How to Use the Chinese Abacus

by Kwa Tak Ming

The Chinese counting system has undergone a western surge in popularity recently because of its ability to calculate large sums very quickly mentally.

Barnard Beginnings

by Annie Nathan Meyer

Annie Nathan Meyer was an American author, antisuffragist, and a founder of Barnard College. She was born in New York City, the daughter of Robert and Annie Florance Nathan, members of the Sephardic community,...

When Kansas Was Young

by T. A. McNeal

This early works on 'When Kansas was Young' is an absorbing collection of stories. FOREWORD: The Stories contained in this book have been written at odd times and published in the 'Daily Capital' of Topeka,...

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels - The Communist Manifesto

by David McLellan

One of the most famous books ever written, The Communist Manifesto can claim to have changed the 20th century like no other book. A fascinating read for any fans of political history.

Korea's Fight for Freedom

by A. Fred

Korea's Fight for Freedom Originally published in 1920, this is an exhaustive examnation of Korea's struggle for freedom from oppressive Japanese rule. 'In this book I describe the struggle of an ancient people...

The English Carriage

by Hugh McCausland

Mr Hugh McCausland is an authority on the history and turn-out of English Carriages and Coaches. He has also driven many, if not all, of the coaches that have appeared on English roads. It had been said that...

Relaxation Studies in the Muscular Discriminations Required for Touch, Agility and Expression in Pianoforte Playing

by Tobias Matthay

A guide for the accomplished pianist or piano tutor. Full of techniques designed by Tobias Matthay to transform your impressive technique into a truly great concert sound.


by Bernard S. Mason

You can spin the rope almost any place and any time, and the only equipment needed is your ropes. And you do not need others to help you-it is a one-man sport. You can even practice in the drawing room of your...