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Regency House Styles

by Trevor Yorke

Architectural historian Trevor Yorke, using his own drawings and full colour photographs, describes the features and fittings that have made houses of the Regency period so distinctive.

Entangling Alliances with None: American Foreign Policy in the Age of Jefferson

by Lawrence S. Kaplan

Written over a thirty-year period, the essays included in this volume develop one central theme: the completion of American isolationism in the formative years of the nation. Isolationism, in Kaplan's view,...

Beyond the Call of Duty: Army Flight Nursing in World War II

by Judith Barger

At the height of World War II, five hundred Army flight nurses served with the Army Air Forces as members of thirty-one medical air evacuation squadrons located throughout the world on both the European and...

A Fighter from Way Back: The Mexican War Diary of Lt. Daniel Harvey Hill, 4th Artillery, U.S.A.

by Nathaniel Hughes Jr. & Timothy D. Johnson

Born in July 1821, Daniel Harvey Hill grew up in "genteel poverty" on a large plantation in York District, South Carolina. He entered West Point and graduated in the middle of the renowned Class of 1842. Following...

Hudson's Heritage: A Chronicle of the Founding and the Flowering of the Village of Hudson, Ohio

by Grace Izant

Grace Goulder Izant spent the last six decades of her long and productive life in Hudson, Ohio, and this, her final book, was the one that lay closest to her heart. Bringing to it her knowledge as a historian...

Cleveland, a Metropolitan Reader

by W. Keating, Norman Krumholz & David Perry

After enjoying exceptional growth at the turn of the last century, Cleveland's fortunes, like that of many metropolitan centers, have sharply declined. How much of this change is due to characteristics of growth...

Company a Corps of Engineers, U.S.A., 1846-1848, in the Mexican War

by Leonne Hudson

The U.S. Company of Sappers, Miners, and Pontooniers quickly became one of the army's elite unites. Gustavus Woodson Smith, the unit commander and author of the text, describes the training and discipline of...

The Whip and the Rod - An Account of Corporal Punishment Among All Nations and for All Purposes

by R. Yelyr

The whip and the stick has been used for much of human history, this fascinating history reveals why corporal punishment seems to be such a common thing among all cultures through much of recorded history.

Stories from Greek Mythology

by James Wood

A collection of the finest stories from Greek mythology, including Orpheus and Eurydice, cupid and the graces, the Argonauts, and many more. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the...

The Pre-Mohammedan Coinage of Northwestern India

by R B Whitehead

A fascinating collection of some of the ancient coins from the sub-continent. A perfect guide for anybody with a keen interest in ancient trade routes.

British Fishing-Boats and Coastal Craft

by E. W. White

A historical account of fishing boats and coastal craft of the British Isles. Includes descriptive historical survey of the types of vessels found in all areas of the UK. Contents include: The East Coast of...

Court Beauties Of Old Whitehall

by W.R. H. Trowbridge

Trowbridge's object of this book has not been to paint finished portraits of beautiful women, but rather to popularise characters who helped to colour one of the most memorable periods of our history. From this...

At Whatever Cost - The Story of the Dieppe Raid

by R.W. Thompson

The Dieppe Raid is perhaps the best known and the least known about of all the important actions of the Second World War. The complete facts were never made known to the public, and the scrappy bits and pieces...

Ancient Libraries

by James Westfall Thompson

James Westfall Thompson was an American historian specializing in the history of medieval and early modern Europe, particularly of the Holy Roman Empire and France. Thompson's work on ancient libraries gives...

The Athanasian Creed, Extracted From The Apocalypse Or Book Of Revelations Explained

by Emanuel Swedenborg

The Athanasian Creed is a Christian statement of belief focused on the Trinitarian doctrine and Christology. It is the first creed in which the equality of the three persons of the Trinity is explicitly stated....

The Ebb-Tide - A Trio And Quartette

by Robert Louis Stevenson

This early works is a fascinating novel of the period and still an interesting read today. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900's and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly...

Letters from Samoa 1891-1895

by MI Stevenson

This is the second, and last, instalment of JL Mrs, Stevensons Letters, written during her journeys to Samoa and her life there in the household of her son, up to her return home after his death. To Stevenson...

Mediavel Feudalism

by Carl Stephenson

Feudalism was a set of legal and military customs in mediaeval Europe that structured society in a way that the poorest worked the land and had to pay the rich for the right to do so.

Little Foxes, Or, The Insignificant Little Habits Which Mar Domestic Happiness

by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811 - 1896) was an American abolitionist and author. She was influential both for her writings and her public stands on social issues of the day. From inside: "A little reflection will...

The Thugs or Phansigars of India - Comprising a History of the Rise and Progress of That Extraordinary Fraternity of Assassins, and a Description of t

by William Henry Sleemann

This is a great book about the Centeral Indian Cult of Thuggery in the 18th and 19th Century. The volume is composed of an Introduction, comprising notices of the system of the Thugs, and of operations pursued...