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Blowtorch: Robert Komer, Vietnam, and American Cold War Strategy

by Frank Jones

History has not been kind to Robert Komer, a casualty of bad historical analysis and inaccurate information. A Cold War national security policy and strategy adviser to three presidents, Komer was one of the...

Scotland: Mapping the Nation

by Chris Fleet, Margaret Wilkes & Charles W.J. Withers

Whilst documents and other written material are obvious resources that help shape our view of the past, maps too can say much about a nation's history. This is the first book to take maps seriously as a form...

Historical Dictionary of Morocco

by Thomas K. Park & Aomar Boum

This book provides a comprehensive introduction, which focuses on Morocco's history, provides a helpful synopsis of the kingdom, and is supplemented with a useful chronology of major events. Hundreds of cross-referenced...

Historical Dictionary of the Netherlands

by Joop W. Koopmans & Arend H., Jr. Huussen

The Netherlands, frequently but erroneously called Holland, is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. In the past few decades, it has been undergoing many transformations made possible by...

Historical Dictionary of Modern China (1800-1949)

by James Z. Gao

The Historical Dictionary of Modern China (1800-1949) offers a concise but comprehensive examination of political, military, economic, social, and cultural development of modern China. Instead of focusing merely...

Historical Dictionary of the Gilded Age

by T. Adams Upchurch

The Historical Dictionary of the Gilded Age relates the history of the major events, issues, people, and themes of the American "Gilded Age" (1869-1899). The Gilded Age was a time of nationalism, unprecedented...

Best Little Stories from World War II: More than 100 true stories

by C. Brian Kelly

BEHIND THE GREAT POWERS , global military conflict, and infamous battles are more than 100 incredible stories that bring to life the Second World War.

The Dream Team of 1947

by Arno P. Niemand

Every once in a while something happens in the world of sports that reminds us all why we care about such things. This book is the remarkable, untold story of the greatest team you've never heard of, the wrestling...

Inka Human Sacrifice and Mountain Worship: Strategies for Empire Unification

by Thomas Besom

In this study, Besom explores the ritual practices of human sacrifice and the worship of mountains, attested in both archaeological investigations and ethnohistorical sources, as tools in the establishment and...

Treasures of the Great Silk Road

by Edgar Knobloch

Turkestan - the great landmass of Central Asia and Western China - is an intriguing meeting point of civilizations. Four major invasions - Greek, Arab, Mongol and Russian - together with Persian, Turkic and...

London's Lost Power Stations and Gasworks

by Ben Pedroche

Many of London's original power stations have either been demolished, converted for other use, or stand derelict awaiting re-development. But in their prime, these mighty 'cathedrals of power' played a vital...

The Reign of Arthur: From History to Legend

by Christopher Gidlow

Did King Arthur really exist? The Reign of Arthur takes a fresh look at the early sources describing Arthur's career and compares them to the reality of Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries. It presents,...

Engineering the Pyramids

by Dick Parry

Using archaeological records and the basic principles of engineering, Dick Parry provides an account of the design history of the pyramids, the techniques and organisation needed and insights into why the pyramids...

Abberline: The Man Who Hunted Jack the Ripper

by Peter Thurgood

The name Frederick George Abberline has become synonymous with that of Jack the Ripper, and he has been protrayed as everything from an alcoholic, a drug addict a womaniser and a bully. In reality Abberline...

The Little Book of Cornwall

by John Van der Kiste

A compendium of fascinating information about Cornwall past and present, this book contains a plethora of entertaining facts about the county's famous and occasionally infamous men and women, its towns and countryside,...

Surrey Folk Tales

by Janet Dowling

These lively and entertaining folk tales from one of Britain's most ancient counties are vividly retold by local storyteller Janet Dowling. Their origins lost in the oral tradition, these thirty stories from...

The First Household Cavalry Regiment, 1943-44: In the Shadow of Monte Amaro

by Garry O'Connor

In the Shadow of Monte Amaro provides a new focus on the famous First Household Cavalry Regiment, the way its mettle was tested to the maximum in action in the mountains of Italy. It reveals and explores this...

Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy, from 1453 to the Present

by Brendan Simms

If there is a fundamental truth of geopolitics, it is this: whoever controls the core of Europe can control the entire continent, and whoever controls all of Europe can dominate the world. Over the past five...

Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century

by Christian Caryl

Few moments in history have seen as many seismic transformations as 1979. That single year marked the emergence of revolutionary Islam as a political force on the world stage, the beginning of market revolutions...

Serving Victoria

by Kate Hubbard

During her sixty-three-year reign, Queen Victoria gathered around herself a household dedicated to her service. For some, royal employment was the defining experience of their lives; for others it came as an...