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Pity for the Guy: A Biography of Guy Fawkes

by John Paul Davis

The first fully-rounded portrait of the man behind the Gunpowder Plot For hundreds of years Guy Fawkes has been portrayed as perhaps too extreme a figure—a rabid, bloodthirsty Catholic who not only tried to...

As If God Existed: Religion and Liberty in the History of Italy

by Maurizio Viroli

Religion and liberty are often thought to be mutual enemies: if religion has a natural ally, it is authoritarianism--not republicanism or democracy. But in this book, Maurizio Viroli, a leading historian of...

Ash: A Novel

by Holly Thompson

A moving literary debut . . . A young American woman in Japan finds healing and forgiveness.

Stonehenge Complete

by Neil L Thomas

Synopsis: STONEHENGE COMPLETE tells of the celebrated ancient monument in southern England seen by a million visitors a year. They come to wonder why Britain's prehistoric people built the massive stone circle...

Stonehenge Complete

by Neil L Thomas

Synopsis: STONEHENGE COMPLETE tells of the celebrated ancient monument in southern England seen by a million visitors a year. They come to wonder why Britain's prehistoric people built the massive stone circle...

Racial Propositions: Ballot Initiatives and the Making of Postwar California

by Daniel Martinez HoSang

This book looks beyond the headlines to uncover the controversial history of California's ballot measures over the past fifty years. As the rest of the U.S. watched, California voters banned public services...

And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails

by Wayne Curtis

One spirit, Ten cocktails, and Four Centuries of American History

And a Bottle of Rum tells the raucously entertaining story of America as seen through the bottom of a drinking glass. With a chapter for each...

Saboteurs: The Nazi Raid on America

by Michael Dobbs

In 1942, Hitler's Nazi regime trained eight operatives for a mission to infiltrate America and do devastating damage to its infrastructure. It was a plot that proved historically remarkable for two reasons:...

The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror

by Bernard Lewis

In his first book since What Went Wrong? Bernard Lewis examines the historical roots of the resentments that dominate the Islamic world today and that are increasingly being expressed in acts of terrorism. He...

Insurgent Barricade

by Mark Traugott

"To the barricades!" The cry conjures images of angry citizens, turmoil in the streets, and skirmishes fought behind hastily improvised cover. This definitive history of the barricade charts the origins, development,...

Captives: Britain, Empire, and the World, 1600-1850

by Linda Colley

In this path-breaking book Linda Colley reappraises the rise of the biggest empire in global history. Excavating the lives of some of the multitudes of Britons held captive in the lands their own rulers sought...

A Sense of Duty: My Father, My American Journey

by Quang Pham

A memoir by a former Vietnamese refugee who became a U.S. Marine, Quang Pham’s A Sense of Duty is an affecting story of fate, hope, and the aftermath of the most divisive war the United States has ever fought....

The Bottom of the Harbor

by Joseph Mitchell

On the centennial of Joseph Mitchell's birth, here is a new edition of the classic collection containing his most celebrated pieces about New York City. Fifty years after its original publication, The Bottom...

Mediterraneans: North Africa and Europe in an Age of Migration, c. 1800-1900

by Julia A. Clancy-Smith

Today labor migrants mostly move south to north across the Mediterranean. Yet in the nineteenth century thousands of Europeans and others moved south to North Africa, Egypt, and the Levant. This study of a dynamic...

Law in America: A Short History

by Lawrence M. Friedman

Law in America is a little gem. It is a peerless introduction to our legal history—concise, clear, tellingly told, and beautifully written. The greatest living historian of American law has done it again.”...

How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe's Poorest Nation Created Our World and Ever ything in It

by Arthur Herman

Who formed the first modern nation?

Who created the first literate society?

Who invented our modern ideas of democracy and free market capitalism?

The Scots.

Mention of Scotland and the Scots usually conjures up...

American Massacre: The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows, September 1857

by Sally Denton

In September 1857, a wagon train passing through Utah laden with gold was attacked. Approximately 140 people were slaughtered; only 17 children under the age of eight were spared. This incident in an open field...

That Sweet Enemy: Britain and France: The History of a Love-Hate Relationship

by Robert Tombs & Isabelle Tombs

That Sweet Enemy brings both British wit (Robert Tombs is a British historian) and French panache (Isabelle Tombs is a French historian) to bear on three centuries of the history of Britain and France. From...

The Plutonium Files: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War

by Eileen Welsome

When the vast wartime factories of the Manhattan Project began producing plutonium in quantities never before seen on earth, scientists working on the  top-secret bomb-building program grew apprehensive. Fearful...

A Venetian Affair: A True Tale of Forbidden Love in the 18th Century

by Andrea Di Robilant

In the waning days of Venice’s glory in the mid-1700s, Andrea Memmo was scion to one the city’s oldest patrician families. At the age of twenty-four he fell passionately in love with sixteen-year-old Giustiniana...