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Fortress Israel

by Patrick Tyler

"Once in the military system, Israelis never fully exit," writes the prizewinning journalist Patrick Tyler in the prologue to Fortress Israel. "They carry the military identity for life, not just through service...

Savage Anxieties

by Robert A. Williams, Jr.

From one of the world's leading experts on Native American law and indigenous peoples' human rights comes an original and striking intellectual history of the tribe and Western civilization that sheds new light...

The Elizabethans

by A. N. Wilson

A time of exceptional creativity, wealth creation, and political expansion, the Elizabethan age was also more remarkable than any other for the Technicolor personalities of its leading participants. Apart from...

Forgotten Islands of Indonesia: The Art & Culture of the Southeast Moluccas

by Nico DeJonge & Joss van Dijk

This beautiful book contains fascinating text and over 170 unique photographs of one of the most interesting but least well known cultures in the Indonesian Archipelago.The traditional art of Maluku Tenggara,...

To Make Men Free

by Newt Gingrich, William R. Forstchen & Albert S. Hanser

With To Make Men Free (originally published as The Battle of the Crater), New York Times bestselling authors Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen take readers to the center of a nearly forgotten Civil War...

The Longest Fight

by William Gildea

Many people came to Goldfield, Nevada, America's last gold-rush town, to seek their fortune. However, on a searing summer day in September 1906, they came not to strike it rich but to watch what would become...

The Potato

by Larry Zuckerman

The Potato tells the story of how a humble vegetable, once regarded as trash food, had as revolutionary an impact on Western history as the railroad or the automobile. Using Ireland, England, France, and the...

The Graves Are Walking

by John Kelly

A magisterial account of one of the worst disasters to strike humankind--the Great Irish Potato Famine--conveyed as lyrical narrative history from the acclaimed author of The Great Mortality

Deeply researched,...

The Age Of Terror: America And The World After September 11

by Strobe Talbott & Nayan Chanda

An agenda-setting team of experts looks at how terrorism can be understood, contained, and ultimately defeated

And The World Closed Its Doors: The Story Of One Family Abandoned To The Holocaust

by David Clay Large

More clearly than many other books, Large's account depicts the tragic abandonment of the Jews by Western Nations.- Booklist

Running Alone: Presidential Leadership from JFK to Bush II

by James MacGregor Burns

A Pulitzer Prize-winning historian accounts for the growing isolation of America's presidents--from JFK to George W. Bush--and proposes solutions to reconnect them with the citizens they serve

Yemen Chronicle

by Steven C. Caton

A report like no other from the heart of the Arab Middle East

In 1979, Steven C. Caton went to a remote area of Yemen to do fieldwork on the famous oral poetry of its tribes. The recent hostage crisis in Iran...

The Salem Witch Trials Reader

by Frances Hill

For those fascinated by the Salem witch trials, this is compelling reading and the sourcebook.

State of the Union: A Century of American Labor

by Nelson Lichtenstein

In a fresh and timely reinterpretation, Nelson Lichtenstein examines how trade unionism has waxed and waned in the nation's political and moral imagination, among both devoted partisans and intransigent foes....

The Wizards Of Langley: Inside The Cia's Directorate Of Science And Technology

by Jeffrey T Richelson

A uniquely detailed and engrossing look at the individuals, scientific innovation, and bureaucratic warfare behind the scenes at the CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology

Lost Over Laos: A True Story Of Tragedy, Mystery, And Friendship

by Richard Pyle & Horst Faas

"Deeply moving...an excellent short history of an important part of the Vietnam War...a fascinating insider's look at the rugged life of civilian photographers during wartime."-Publishers Weekly

Boots on the Ground: Stories of American Soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan

by Clint Willis

The recent wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan have generated gripping coverage from some of our most accomplished writers and correspondents, and Boots on the Ground collects the best new writing about our troops...

The Last Time Around Cape Horn: The Historic 1949 Voyage of the Windjammer Pamir

by William F. Stark & Peter Stark

A memorable tale of adventure on the turbulent seas of the Great Southern and Atlantic oceans—on one of the most historic voyages of our time—finds its way into paperback. This is William F. Stark’s engrossing...

Cataclysm: The First World War as Political Tragedy

by David Stevenson

"David Stevenson’s widely acclaimed history of World War I changes forever our understanding of that pivotal conflict. Countering the commonplace assumption that politicians lost control of events, and"

Innocents Lost: When Child Soldiers Go To War

by Jimmie Briggs

For readers of Philip Gourevitch, David Rieff, and Samantha Power, a sober, vitally important book on the global tragedy of child soldiers