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Deep in the Heart of San Antonio: Land and Life in South Texas

by Char Miller

Char Miller's essays cover a wide range of South Texas topics, from natural and environmental history to urban development to San Antonio's future. Miller uses simple subjects—the First Friday Art Walks in...

Texas Ranger Tales: Stories That Need Telling

by Mike Cox

They were men who could not be stampeded, said the late Colonel Homer Garrison Jr. of the men who wore the badge of the Texas Rangers. Colonist Stephen F. Austin, during the earliest days of Anglo settlement...

Nine Months to Gettysburg: Stannard's Vermonters and the Repulse of Pickett's Charge

by Howard Coffin

The story of the brave Vermont brigade that helped win the Civil War.On the Fourth of July, 1863, reporting on the aftermath of the Civil War's most crucial battle, the New York Times wrote: "A Vermont brigade...

Soldier of the American Revolution: A Visual Reference

by Denis Hambucken & Bill Payson

The life of the average soldier at the onset of the American Revolution in words and photographs.In 1775, at the beginning of the American War of Independence, the men who stood up to the British Regulars were...

Confederate Soldier of the American Civil War: A Visual Reference

by Denis Hambucken & Chris Benedetto

This book provides a glimpse at the lives, weapons, and equipment of these soldiers through a collection of artifacts and exacting reproductions.As 1862 dawned, the Civil War, the conflict that had started the...

Union Soldier of the American Civil War

by Denis Hambucken

This book provides a glimpse at the lives, weapons, and equipment of these soldiers through a collection of artifacts and exacting reproductions.As 1862 dawned, the Civil War, the conflict that had started the...

Civil War Road Trip, Volume II: A Guide to Virginia & Maryland, 1863-1865 (Vol. 2)

by Michael Weeks

In this second volume of Michael Weeks' thoroughly researched guide to the battlefields of the Civil War, you will find complete tours of every major military campaign in the region from 1863 to 1865.In this...

King Philip's War: The History and Legacy of America's Forgotten Conflict

by Eric B. Schultz & Michael J. Tougias

King Philip's War--one of America's first and costliest wars--began in 1675 as an Indian raid on several farms in Plymouth Colony, but quickly escalated into a full-scale war engulfing all of southern New England.At...

Tokyo Rose / An American Patriot: A Dual Biography

by Frederick P. Close

Tokyo Rose / An American Patriot explores the parallel lives of World War II legend Tokyo Rose and a Japanese American woman named Iva Toguri. Trapped in Tokyo during the war and forced to broadcast on Japanese...

Historical Dictionary of Tajikistan

by Kamoludin Abdullaev & Shahram Akbarzaheh

The second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Tajikistan chronicles this country through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and over 600 cross-referenced dictionary entries on important...

Communism in Hollywood: The Moral Paradoxes of Testimony, Silence, and Betrayal

by Alan Casty

Communism in Hollywood details the full scope of the Hollywood Blacklist and its aftermath. Using data now available, Casty places the Blacklist in the context of the Hollywood Party's relationship to the Communist...

Historical Dictionary of Medieval India

by Iqtidar Alam Khan

For the purpose of the Historical Dictionary of Medieval India, the period from 1000 A.D. to 1526 A.D. will be considered India's medieval times. The turbulent history of this period is told through the book's...

The Legacy of Walter Rodney in Guyana and the Caribbean

by Arnold Gibbons

Rodney claimed developing countries were heirs to uneven development and ethnic disequilibrium and was disturbed by the inability of intellectuals to share a common cause with the masses. He sought to lift the...

Presidents and their Justices

by Douglas Clouatre

This book offers an innovative look at the relationship between a president and the Supreme Court justices they appoint. Based on a 2005 survey of historians, lawyers, and political scientists, the book delves...

Unlocked Memories: Young Russians under German Rule

by Alexey Vinogradov & Albert Pleysier

Unlocked Memories is a collection of memories that were shared by Russians who witnessed the German invasion of the Leningrad region in 1941. All were young during World War Two and each lived under German rule...

Commercial Providence: The Secret Destiny of the American Empire

by Patrick Mendis

Author Patrick Mendis explores unseen forces that have guided America to global dominance. He details how the creation of Madison's 'Universal Empire' through Hamilton's 'Federalism' realizes Jefferson's 'Empire...

Herbert Hoover and World Peace

by Lee Nash

This book summarizes Hoover's career-long efforts to preserve peace in the world and to help America avoid unnecessary wars. These essays illustrate the varied ways in which Hoover expressed and implemented...

American Paradise: Hidden Ironies, Contradictions, Illusions, and Delusions, Paradoxes, Dilemmas, and Absurdities in American Life

by Jon Huer

The way we live, work, and die-alone and with other Americans-have so many hidden layers that we might as well say that there are two Americas: one we think we know and the other virtually unknown to us. Huer...

The German Colonial Experience: Select Documents on German Rule in Africa, China, and the Pacific 1884-1914

by Arthur J. Knoll & Hermann J. Hiery

This book provides readers with an understanding of how the Germans gained, explored, pacified, ruled, and exploited their colonies prior to their loss in World War I, by intensely scrutinizing colonial documents....

Surrogate Terrorists: Iran's Formula for Success

by Stephen Kramer

This book explores some of the analytic methodology used to understand terrorism, insurgency, asymmetric warfare, and state practice of denial and deception. It closes with examples of state-sponsored surrogate...