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On the Road to Freedom: A Guided Tour of the Civil Rights Trail

by Charles E Cobb Jr.

This in-depth look at the civil rights movement goes to the places where pioneers of the movement marched, sat-in at lunch counters, gathered in churches; where they spoke, taught, and organized; where they...

Phase Line Green: The Battle for Hue, 1968

by Nicholas Warr

The bloody monthlong battle for the Citadel in Hue pitted U.S. Marines against an entrenched North Vietnamese Army force. By official accounts it was a tactical and moral victory for the Marines and the United...

Marriage and Divorce in the Jewish State: Israel's Civil War

by Susan M. Weiss & Netty C. Gross-Horowitz

A comprehensive look at how rabbinical courts control Israeli marriage and divorce

Israel: A History

by Anita Shapira

A history of Israel in the context of the modern Jewish experience and the history of the Middle East

Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings

by Thomas Durant Visser

A generously illustrated handbook for identifying and understanding structures that symbolize the region’s unique cultural and historical landscape

This Time We Win: Revisiting the TET Offensive

by James S Robbins

Most of what Americans have heard about the Tet Offensive is wrong. The brief battles in early 1968 during the Vietnam conflict marked the dividing line between gradual progress toward possible victory and slow...

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Edited and Abridged)

by Edward Gibbon & Hans-Friedrich Mueller

Edited, abridged, and with a critical Foreword by Hans-Friedrich Mueller

Introduction by Daniel J. Boorstin

Illustrations by Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Edward Gibbon’s masterpiece, which narrates the history...

Defend the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5

by Christopher Andrew

For over 100 years, the agents of MI5 have defended Britain against enemy subversion. Their work has remained shrouded in secrecy—until now. This first-ever authorized account reveals the British Security...

In Our Hearts We Were Giants: The Remarkable Story of the Lilliput Troupe--A Dwarf Family's Survival of the Holocaust

by Yehuda Koren & Eilat Negev

In this remarkable, never-before-told account of the Ovitz family, seven of whose ten members were dwarves, readers bear witness to the terrible irony of the Ovitz’s fate: being burdened with dwarfism helped...

The Last Valley: Dien Bien Phu and the French Defeat in Vietnam

by Martin Windrow

The highly acclaimed book about the battle that doomed the French Empire and led America into Vietnam, The Last Valley is "a brilliant work of military history" -Boston Globe

White Devil: A True Story of War, Savagery, and Vengeance in Colonial America

by Stephen Brumwell

The true story behind the famous novel The Last of the Mohicans

Losing Iraq: Inside the Postwar Reconstruction Fiasco

by David L. Phillips

A stunning and revealing look at our recent past--with a candid take on how we can prevent this sort of tragedy from happening again.

Yank: Memoir of a World War II Soldier (1941-1945) - From the Desert War of North Africa to the Allied Inv

by Ted Ellsworth

Ted Ellsworth was a young Dartmouth grad in 1941. In the years before the U.S. joined the Second World War effort, American men who wished to fight against Hitler were granted permission from President Roosevelt...

The Rise Of Napoleon Bonaparte

by Robert Asprey

Robert Asprey charts Napoleon's thrilling, reckless rise to power in this fast-paced first volume of the definitive biography of the fascinating, enigmatic, and still mysterious tragic conqueror.

Glastonbury, the Templars and the Sovran Cloth: A New Perspective on the Grail Legends

by Juliet Faith

This exciting book sheds new light on the Grail stories and the arrival of Christianity to Somerset. It illustrates important links between Glastonbury and the Celtic settlement of Old Lammana in Cornwall; and...

World War II Trucks and Tanks

by John Norris

Many thousands of different types of vehicles were used by the armies during the Second World War for various roles, including the fighting vehicles such as armoured cars and tanks. Today these are very popular...

The Stoke City Miscellany

by David Clayton

Did you know? Former City stalwart Denis Smith had the misfortune of having five broken legs, four broken noses, a cracked ankle, broken collar bone, chipped spine, most of his fingers and toes broken as well...

The Bristol City Miscellany

by David Clayton

Did you know? The club's official anthem is 'One For The Bristol City' by The Wurzels. Why the club lost out on so much attendance revenue at their first ground? The club's mascot, Scrumpy the Robin, owes much...

The Birmingham City Miscellany

by Tony Matthews

The Birmingham City Miscellany - a book on the Blues like no other, packed with facts, stats, trivia, stories and legend. Delve deep to find out all about the events and people who have shaped the club into...

The Devil Comes to Dartmoor: The Haunting True Story of Mary Howard, Devon's 'Demon Bride'

by Laura Quigley & Caroline Goodfellow

Many will have heard of the ghostly white lady haunting Tavistock - the notorious Mary Howard, accused of murdering her four husbands. A few may know the true story of her lover, George Cutteford, the puritan...