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A Time to Die: The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy

by Robert Moore

Ona quiet Saturday morning in August 2000, two explosions--one so massive it was detected by seismologists around the world--shot through the shallow Arctic waters of the Barents Sea. Russia’s prized submarine,...

The Devil's Sandbox: With the 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry at War in Iraq

by John Bruning

Citizen soldiers have played a unique role in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - and their extended deployment and role in the wars battles have changed the towns, cities, and states they hail from as well....

13 Cent Killers: The 5th Marine Snipers in Vietnam

by John Culbertson

“It’s not easy to stay alive with a $1,000 bounty on your head.”

In 1967, a bullet cost thirteen cents, and no one gave Uncle Sam a bigger bang for his buck than the 5th Marine Regiment Sniper Platoon....

You Can Get Arrested for That: 2 Guys, 25 Dumb Laws, 1 Absurd American Crime Spree

by Rich Smith

Two Englishmen on a crime spree break American laws!

Stupid, unreasonable, and long-forgotten laws—but laws just the same.

In 1787 the wise framers of the U.S. Constitution laid out the laws of the land. Since...

Best Castles: The Essential Guide for Visiting and Enjoying

by Various

This is the ultimate book for days out with the family, visiting Britain and Ireland's greatest architectural and historical treasures. Many of the castles featured offer a wealth of things to see and do, from...

Ruffian: Burning From the Start

by Jane Schwartz

"A colorful story...Ruffian was nothing if not a heartbreaker. Her story, dramatically recounted by Jane Scwartz, epitomizes both the adrenaline-pumping glory and gut-wrenching ruthlessness inherent in the sport...

Lost Battalions: Going for Broke in the Vosges, Autumn 1944

by Franz Steidl

The story of two World War II battalions--one German, one American--each cut off behind enemy lines in the same forest at the same time, and the heroic efforts to save them.

Kentucky Folktales: Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies

by Mary Hamilton

The storytelling tradition has long been an important piece of Kentucky history and culture. Folktales, legends, tall tales, and ghost stories hold a special place in the imaginations of inventive storytellers...

1812: War and the Passions of Patriotism

by Nicole Eustace

In this cultural history of the War of 1812, Nicole Eustace examines the way this expensive, unproductive war won popular support through appeal to the emotions. 1812 looks at the major dramatic events of the...

A Path for Chinese Civil Society: A Case Study on Industrial Associations in Wenzhou, China

by Jianxing Yu, Jun Zhou & Hua Jiang

Through close investigation into the industrial, organizational, and social governance of industrial associations in Wenzhou and in-depth analysis of their challenges and developments within the institutional...

Blues City: A Walk in Oakland

by Ishmael Reed

Oakland is a blues city, brawling and husky . . .

Often overshadowed by San Francisco, its twinkling sister city across the Bay, Oakland is itself an American wonder. The city is surrounded by and filled with...

The Boys from Dolores: Fidel Castro's Classmates from Revolution to Exile

by Patrick Symmes

From the author of Chasing Che, here is the remarkable tale of a group of boys at the heart of Cuba's political and social history. Chosen in the 1940s from among the most affluent and ambitious families in...

Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for America's Independence

by Carol Berkin

The American Revolution was a home-front war that brought scarcity, bloodshed, and danger into the life of every American. In this groundbreaking history, Carol Berkin shows us how women played a vital role...

The House Of Medici

by Christopher Hibbert

It was a dynasty with more wealth, passion, and power than the houses of Windsor, Kennedy, and Rockefeller combined. It shaped all of Europe and controlled politics, scientists, artists, and even popes, for...

Becoming Zimbabwe. A History from the Pre-colonial Period to 2008: A History from the Pre-colonial Period to 2008

by Brian Raftopoulos & Alois Mlambo

Becoming Zimbabwe is the first comprehensive history of Zimbabwe, spanning the years from 850 to 2008. In 1997, the then Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Morgan Tsvangirai, expressed...

Polk: The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America

by Walter R. Borneman

In Polk, Walter R. Borneman gives us the first complete and authoritative biography of a president often overshadowed in image but seldom outdone in accomplishment. James K. Polk occupied the White House for...

The Pentagon: A History

by Steve Vogel

The creation of the Pentagon in seventeen whirlwind months during World War II is one of the great construction feats in American history, involving a tremendous mobilization of manpower, resources, and minds....

New Routes for Diaspora Studies

by Sukanya Banerjee, Aims McGuinness & Steven C. McKay

Study of diasporas provides a useful frame for reimagining locations, movements, identities, and social formations. This volume explores diaspora as historical experience and as a category of analysis. Using...

Emma Lazarus

by Esther Schor

Part of the Jewish Encounter series

Emma Lazarus’s most famous poem gave a voice to the Statue of Liberty, but her remarkable life has remained a mystery until now. She was a woman so far ahead of her time...

A Zionist among Palestinians

by Hillel Bardin, Edward (Edy) Kaufman & Mubarak Awad

A Zionist among Palestinians offers the perspective of an ordinary Israeli citizen who became concerned about the Israeli military's treatment of Palestinians and was moved to work for peace. Hillel Bardin,...