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Girls in Khaki: A History of the Ats in the Second World War

by Barbara Green

The Auxiliary Territorial Service was formed in 1938 as Britain faced the threat of war. This is the story of those remarkable women. They took over many roles, releasing Servicemen for front-line duties. ATS...

Eyes Only: The Top Secret

by Andrew Rawson

Between December 1943 and November 1945, General George C Marshall, Chief of Staff, United States Army, and General Dwight D Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Forces, were two of the most important...

Shackleton's Dream: Fuchs, Hillary and the Crossing of Antarctica

by Stephen Haddelsey

In 1914 Sir Ernest Shackleton embarked on what he called 'The last great polar journey' - the crossing of Antarctica. His expedition ended in disaster, with the Endurance crushed and the frozen corpses of three...

We Were Berliners: From Weimar to the Wall

by Helmut Jacobitz

Helmut and Charlotte Jacobitz were born in Berlin during the mid-1920s. They experienced depression and inflation, and witnessed violence as fascists and communists vied for control of Germany. When the Nazis...

Sporting Ancestors: Tracing Your Family's Athletic Past

by Keith Gregson

From Victorian diarists listing boat-and horse-race results to war diarists mentioning organised games of football, cricket and tennis to the discovery of watch chains with Edwardian cricket medals attached,...

Battle Story: Tobruk 1941

by Pier Paolo Paolo Battistelli

The siege of Tobruk lasted 240 days during which the 'gallant garrison' of Allied soldiers, primarily the Australian 9th Division, held out against constant attacks from Rommel's Afrika Korps. The battle became...

Hitler's Jihadis: Muslim Volunteers of the Waffen-SS

by Jonathan Trigg

As the West finds itself embroiled in conflict with radical Islam at home and abroad it is fascinating to hear the echoes of militant Islam from the Second World War, and the Nazis' attempt to preach 'Jihad'...

John Wilkinson: King of the Ironmasters

by Frank Dawson & David Lake

From a farming background in Cumbria, John Wilkinson's remarkable abilities and ambitions ensured his rise to pre-eminence among the gifted pioneers of the industrial revolution. His colleagues and friends were...

Survivor of the Long March: Five Years as a POW 1940-1945

by Charles Waite & Dee La La Vardera

Nothing prepares a man for war and Private Charles Waite, of the Queen's Royal Regiment, was ill-prepared when his convoy took a wrong turning near Abbeville and met 400 German soldiers and half a dozen tanks....

Captain Scott's Invaluable Assistant: Edgar Evans

by Isobel E E Williams

Edgar Evans was described by Robert Falcon Scott as 'a giant worker…an invaluable assistant'. Having joined the Royal Navy as a boy sailor at the age of 15, he rose rapidly to the rank of chief petty officer,...

Why Was the Partridge in the Pear Tree?: The History of Christmas Carols

by Mark Lawson-Jones

Why was the partridge in the pear tree? Who was Good King Wenceslas? And what are the pagan origins behind 'The Holly and the Ivy'? Discover the hidden stories behind our best-lived Christmas carols, from their...

A Bucket of Sunshine: Life on a Cold War Canberra Squadron

by Mike Brooke

A Bucket of Sunshine - a term used for the use of a nuclear bomb - is a firsthand insight into life in the mid-1960s on a RAF Canberra nuclear-armed squadron in West Germany on the frontline in the Cold War....

We Will Not Go to War: Conscientious Objection During the World Wars

by Felicity Goodall

During the First and Second World Wars thousands of men and women followed the promptings of their conscience and refused the call to arms. Reviled, starved and beaten, theirs was a battle of conscience. They...

Sex in Elizabethan England

by Alan Haynes

Approached through the literature and literary personalities of the period, this fascinating study examines sexual behaviour in the Elizabethan age. Although there is much we will never know, poets and playwrights...

Prisons and Prisoners in Victorian Britain

by Neil Storey

Prisons and Prisoners in Victorian Britain' provides an illustrated insight into the Victorian prison system and the experiences of those within it - on both sides of the bars. Featuring stories of crime and...

Concorde Conspiracy: The Battle for American Skies

by Graham M M Simons

Concorde Conspiracy', the story of Concorde and the American Supersonic Transport (SST) project, is one of spies, lies, arrogance, dirty tricks and presidential hatred. It is one of deceit, treachery, mistrust...

The Mons Myth: A Reassessment of the Battle

by Terence Zuber

Conventional histories of the Battles of Mons and Le Cateau describe how, although the British were massively outnumbered, precise and rapid rifle fire mowed down rows of German troops: the staggering casualties...

London's Disasters: From Boudicca to the Banking Crisis

by John Withington

From AD 61, when Queen Boudicca - outraged at her treatment at the hands of the Romans - marched on the city and burned it to the ground, London has been hit by wave upon wave of destruction. This fascinating...

London Under Attack: From Caesar to Hitler

by Michael Foley

London has been under attack for literally centuries. Michael Foley's book records the dramatic military history of the capital from Roman times until the Second World War and beyond. Throughout its early history...

Killing Time: Archaeology and the First World War

by Nicholas J J Saunders

The passage of time has all but extinguished any living memory of the Great War of 1914-1918 but the experiences of those who fought in the trenches of the Somme and Flanders have since become epic history and...