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The Making of the Aborigines

by Bain Attwood

In this startling and original study, Bain Attwood reveals how relationships between indigenous Australians and European colonisers determined the hearts and minds of the indigenous peoples, making them anew...

Pastiche: Reflections on Nineteenth-Century Australia

by Penny Russell & Richard White

A well-organised collection of the best recent writing on nineteenth century Australian history.

Island Nation: A History of Australians and the Sea

by Frank Broeze

An alternative history of Australia written in a lively and accessible style and exploring the crucial role of the sea in shaping our national identity.

Fiji: A Short History

by Deryck Scarr

Some fifteen hundred years before the birth of Christ, voyaging people first reached the group of islands in the Pacific we now know as Fiji. Today, an independent state for thirteen years after nearly a century...

In Our Time: Socialism and the Rise of Labor, 1885 -1905

by Verity Burgmann

In Our Time examines Australian loyalties to socialist agitators at the end of the nineteenth century and challenges the accepted versions of the social and political ferment which gave rise to the labour movement...

Constructing Capitalism: An Economic History of Eastern Australia, 1788-1901

by Andrew Wells

Constructing Capitalism describes Australia's transformation from an immense and isolated gaol in 1788 to a liberal capitalist economy by the time of Federation.

Believing in Australia: A Cultural History of Religions

by Hilary M. Carey

A history of religious practice in Australia from Aboriginal religions to New Age cults.

Midnight at the Pera Palace: The Birth of Modern Istanbul

by Charles King

“Intrigue, violence, sex, and espionage, all set against the slow dimming of Ottoman magnificence. I loved this book.”—Simon Winchester At midnight, December 31, 1925, citizens of the newly proclaimed...

Governing Savages

by Andrew Markus

Governing Savages explores the value system that provided the justification for the treatment of Aborigines during the early decades of the twentieth century, and reveals how policies of brutality and calculated...

On the Potomac River

by Douglas E. Campbell & Thomas B. Sherman

The Potomac River meanders in its 383-mile journey past natural settings of the forests, rocks and falls (Great Falls, Little Falls, Three Sisters Rocks, Mather Gorge), the convergence of other rivers into the...

My Family History: Book Two

by Denise Pinch

She would like to meet George Clooney and go to Egypt with an Egyptian someday. Written down in the morning while the imagery and emotions are still fresh, Denise bravely shares her personal and most intimate...

The Honor Roll

by Bill McNease

This book is a compilation of information about the 73 lives lost during the Vietnam War while acting as a flight crewmember on the Grumman OV-1 Mohawk.

Lost Memories

by Rebecca Sørensen

I am not a professional writer and I wrote this to the best of my ability with the information I have discovered. It took thousands of people to make just one you. Some travelled from distant lands, stayed in...

The Secret History of the Mongol Queens: How the Daughters of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire

by Jack Weatherford

The Mongol queens of the thirteenth century ruled the largest empire the world has ever known. Yet sometime near the end of the century, censors cut a section from The Secret History of the Mongols, leaving...

Of Great Character

by Joseph A. Byrne

Of Great Character is a social thriller. It demonstrates the principle that true greatness is often found in ordinary circumstances. The book uses the often thrilling events of the pea harvest to illustrate...

Religion and Revolution in Mexico's North: Even Unto Death . . . Tengamos Fe

by Philip R. Stover

Religion and revolution reverberated through northern Mexico like the thunder and lightning of its wild and fierce storms. Religion and Revolution in Mexico?s North reveals the motivation behind the madness...

Daniel - Hostage in Babylon

by Ken Down

The young Jewish boy gazed about him in wonderment - the terrifying images, the barely comprehensible language, the bustle of the huge city, all left him feeling alone and afraid. Desperately he longed for the...

5 Steps to a 5 AP Us History 2015

by Daniel Murphy

This easy-to-follow study guide includes a complete course review, full-length practice tests, and access to an AP Planner app!

5 Steps to a 5: AP U.S. History features an effective, 5-step plan to guide your...

The First Eagles: The American Pilots Who Flew with the British, Became Aces, and Won World War I

by Gavin Mortimer

An incredible history of the American WWI pilots who refused to be grounded. There was a time when the United States didn't believe in aerial warfare. Wars, after all, were for men-not flying machines. When...

Crossed Currents: Navy Women in a Century of Change

by Jean Ebbert

This new, revised edition of the path-breaking first history of the female members of the U.S. Navy has been updated to include the recent integration of Navy women into the crews of combaant shops and tactical...