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The Clothing Trade in Provincial England, 1800-1850

by Alison Toplis

This detailed study is the first exploration of rural consumption of clothing in early nineteenth-century Britain. Drawing on evidence from a range of sources including newspapers, trade directories, court records,...

Stays and Body Image in London: The Staymaking Trade, 1680-1810

by Lynn Sorge-English

This book fills a significant gap in the literature on eighteenth-century social and cultural history. Starting with their production and trade, Sorge-English looks at the intricacies of the staymaker's craft,...

Global Trade and Commercial Networks: Eighteenth-Century Diamond Merchants

by Tijl Vanneste

At the heart of this study on cross-cultural trade lies a concrete case-study of a network of diamond merchants operating in the early eighteenth century. All the traders examined in this study are outsiders:...

Royal Patronage, Power and Aesthetics in Princely India

by Angma Dey Jhala

Investigating the aesthetics of the zenana - the female quarters of the Indic home or palace - this study discusses the history of architecture, fashion, jewellery and cuisine in princely Indian states during...

The Decline of Jute: Managing Industrial Change

by Jim Tomlinson, Carlo Morelli & Valerie Wright

By looking at the decline of the jute industry, this study assesses the successes and failures of Britain's managed economy. It also addresses broader arguments about the political economy of twentieth-century...

The Life of Madame Necker: Sin, Redemption and the Parisian Salon

by Sonja Boon

Madame Necker occupies a unique position in French social and cultural history. This study breaks new ground by examining the profoundly corporeal nature of Madame Necker's life - her debilitating, decades-long...

Ebenezer Hazard, Jeremy Belknap and the American Revolution

by Russell M Lawson

Ebenezer Hazard - a classicist and natural scientist - became postmaster general in 1782. A prolific letter-writer, his favourite correspondent was Jeremy Belknap, a clergyman and historian. Their letters to...

The Spirit of the Union: Popular Politics in Scotland

by Gordon Pentland

Pentland's study has 3 aims: to place the uprising in a wider context by exploring the modes of extra-parliamentary politics between 1815 and1820 as well as the situation outside Scotland; (ii) to provide the...

The Development of the Art Market in England: Money as Muse, 1730-1900

by Thomas M Bayer & John R Page

This book gives a comprehensive account of the history and underlying economics of the modern art market in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain.

A Political Biography of William King

by Christopher Fauske

William King (1650-1729) was perhaps the dominant Irish intellect of the period from 1688 until his death in 1729. An Anglican (Church of Ireland) by conversion, King was a strident critic of John Toland and...

Old Age and Disease in Early Modern Medicine

by Daniel Schaefer

This book takes a thematic look at the historical roots of the debate surrounding old age and disease.

London Clerical Workers, 1880-1914: Development of the Labour Market

by Michael Heller

This study is based on a wide range of business sources as well as newspapers, journals, novels and oral history, allowing Heller to put forward a new interpretation of working conditions for London clerks,...

William Godwin and the Theatre

by David O'Shaughnessy

William Godwin is one of the most important figures of the Romantic period. He wrote four plays at the end of the 18th/beginning of the 19th centuries. This book has two main objectives: to provide the first...

The World of Carolus Clusius: Natural History in the Making, 1550-1610

by Florike Egmond

Egmond's study investigates horticultural techniques, fashions in the collection of rare plants, botanical experimentation and methods of scientific evaluation, as well as tracking the exchange of knowledge....

The Language of Whiggism: Liberty and Patriotism, 1802-1830

by Kathryn Chittick

The premise of Chittick's study is that the national discourse found in British periodical literature of 1802-30 is crucial to an understanding of the literary language of the era.

English Catholics and the Education of the Poor, 1847-1902

by Eric G Tenbus

Filling an important gap in the historiography of Victorian Britain, this book examines the English Catholic Church's efforts during the second half of the nineteenth century to provide elementary education...

The Sublime Invention: Ballooning in Europe, 1783-1820

by Michael R Lynn

Ballooning, like the Enlightenment, was a Europe-wide movement and a massive cultural phenomenon. Lynn argues that in order to understand the importance of science during the age of the Enlightenment and Atlantic...

Australian Between Empires: The Life of Percy Spender

by David Lowe

Part biography, part transnational history, this study details the life and career of Percy Spender, one of Australia's most prominent twentieth-century political figures.

Montesquieu and England: Enlightened Exchanges, 1689-1755

by Ursula Haskins Gonthier

Gonthier sets Montesquieu's work in the context of early eighteenth-century Anglo-French relations, taking a comparative approach to show how Montesquieu's engagement with English thought and writing persisted...

A Political Biography of Alexander Pope

by Pat Rogers

This is the first study to assess the entire career of Alexander Pope (1688-1744) in relation to the political issues of his time.