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Letters of a Woman Homesteader

by Elinore Pruitt Stewart & N. C. Wyeth

This towering classic of American frontier life paints a candid portrait of a young widow's work, travels, neighbors, and harsh existence on a Wyoming ranch in the early 1900s. 6 original illustrations by N.C....

Harriet Tubman: The Moses of Her People

by Sarah Bradford

Inspiring story of bravery and self-sacrifice recalls the courageous life of one of the most well-known "conductors" on the Underground Railroad. Recalls the former slave's grim childhood, Union Army efforts,...

Recollections and Letters of Robert E. Lee

by Robert Edward Lee

This remarkable portrait of the idol of the Confederacy features personal reminiscences by his son as well as the general's letters to his family from the Mexican-American and Civil Wars.

Big Book of Indian Beadwork Designs

by Kay Doherty Bennett

Easy-to-follow color-coded charts and simple instructions for creating unusual Native American designs depicting buffalo, kachinas, eagles, feathers, and more. For use in appliqué work, embroidery, stained...

True Tales of the South at War: How Soldiers Fought and Families Lived, 1861-1865

by Clarence Poe

Treasury of reminiscences includes battlefield correspondence, diary entries, journals kept on the homefront, stories told to children and grandchildren, more. Intimate, compelling record.

The Book of the Crossbow: With an Additional Section on Catapults and Other Siege Engines

by Ralph Payne-Gallwey

Fascinating study traces history and use of crossbow as military and sporting weapon, from Middle Ages to modern times. Also covers related weapons: balistas, catapults, Turkish bows, more. Over 240 illustrations....

The Little Red Schoolhouse

by Eric Sloane

Harkening back to a time when the three Rs stood for reading, 'riting, and religion, Sloane's sketchbook explores the history of early American schools. Includes marvelous illustrations of one-room New England...

Yucatan Before and After the Conquest

by Diego de Landa

Describes geography and natural history of the peninsula, gives brief history of Mayan life, discusses Spanish conquest, and provides a long summary of Maya civilization. 4 maps, and over 120 illustrations.

Early American Herb Recipes

by Alice Cooke Brown

Charming text gives more than 500 authentic recipes for medicinal, culinary, cosmetic, and other purposes — everything from cancer and palsy treatments to gravies, sauces, and pies. 113 black-and-white illustrations....

An Abraham Lincoln Tribute: Featuring Woodcuts by Charles Turzak

by Charles Turzak & Bob Blaisdell

This handsome hardcover volume features 36 striking woodcut images of scenes from Lincoln's life by a noted artist of the 1930s. An appendix includes some of the president's speeches, letters, and quotations....

Indian Boyhood

by Charles A. Eastman

Chronicles first 15 years in life of a native Santee Sioux Indian in mid-19th century: childhood memories, training in the hunt, woodlore, religious practices, medicine men, more. 13 illustrations.

Schools and Masters of Fencing: From the Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century

by Egerton Castle

The definitive work on fencing history and the art swordsmanship traces the sport from its rough beginnings to its latter-day refinement, focusing primarily on the 16th-century development of the rapier and...

The Tools that Built America

by Alex W. Bealer

Fascinating story of early American woodworking enthusiastically describes and clearly illustrates a wide array of axes, saws, planes, hammers, and other implements used by frontiersmen. Over 200 drawings and...

Old Washington, D.C. in Early Photographs, 1846-1932

by Robert Reed

224 rare photos: Lincoln's inauguration, Ford's Theater in 1865, Frederick Douglass, Women's Suffrage Parade, Georgetown in 1893, more. Stunning views by Brady, Bishop, Peale, others. Pre-Civil War to modern...

The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom: A Comprehensive History

by Wilbur H. Siebert

Interviews and excerpts from diaries, letters, biographies, memoirs, speeches, and other firsthand accounts shed much light on the origins of a system that provided aid to fugitive slaves. 46 black-and-white...

Twenty Years at Hull-House: With Autobiographical Notes

by Jane Addams & Norah Hamilton

A refuge for Chicago's poor, Hull-House provided an unprecedented variety of social services. Its founder's inspiring autobiography chronicles the institution's early years and discusses its guiding philosophy...

The Soul of the Indian

by Charles Alexander (Ohiyesa) Eastman

The author discusses forms of ceremonial and symbolic worship, the unwritten scriptures, and the spirit world, emphasizing the universal quality and personal appeal of Native American religion.

Civil War Hospital Sketches

by Louisa May Alcott

Written by the author of Little Women during the winter of 1862-63, these memoirs reveal the realities of battlefield medicine as well as the tentative first steps of women in military service.

The Pirates of the New England Coast 1630-1730

by George Francis Dow & John Henry Edmonds

Meticulously researched study recounts lurid exploits, punishments of William Kidd, Charles Harris, Thomas Tew, John Phillips, other marauders. Enhanced with almost 50 contemporary engravings and rare maps....

Homeland: An Extraordinary Story of Hope and Survival

by George Obama & Damien Lewis

Homeland is the remarkable memoir of George Obama, President Obama’s Kenyan half brother, who found the inspiration to strive for his goal—to better the lives of his own people—in his elder brother’s...