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The Sky's The Limit: People v. Newton, The REAL Trial of the 20th Century?

by Lise Pearlman

A survey of 20th century trials to see which one was the "Trial of the Century."

Fireball: Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3

by Robert Matzen

This fresh look at Hollywood's "Queen of Screwball," Carole Lombard, presents a first-ever examination of the events that led to the shocking flight mishap that took her life on the side of a Nevada mountain...

Encircling the Union Army: Jeb Stuart's Controversial Ride Around McClellan During the Peninsula Campaign, June 1862

by Edwin C. Bearrs

Jeb Stuart's bold and unauthorized ride around the enemy in June 1862 is still studied and celebrated as one of history's most daring intelligence raids. By late May 1862, Gen. George B. McClellan had moved...

The Campaign For Atlanta & Sherman's March to the Sea, Volume 1

by Theodore P. Savas & David A. Woodbury

The first of two volumes. The Atlanta Campaign (May - September 1864) consisted of wide-ranging maneuvers and a series of battles North Georgia during the Civil War with the intent to capture the important city...

The Peninsula Campaign of 1862: From Yorktown to the Seven Days, Volume One

by William J. Miller

The first of three volumes. The Civil War's Peninsula Campaign (March through July 1862) was the first large-scale Union operation in Virginia to capture the Confederate capital at Richmond. The operation was...

The Peninsula Campaign of 1862: From Yorktown to the Seven Days, Volume 2

by William J. Miller

The second of three volumes. The Civil War's Peninsula Campaign (March through July 1862) was the first large-scale Union operation in Virginia to capture the Confederate capital at Richmond. The operation was...

Imboden's Brigade in the Gettysburg Campaign

by Steve French

John Daniel Imboden carved out one of the most unique and fascinating careers of the Civil War. In 1859, the lawyer and politician was commissioned a captain in the Staunton (Va.) Artillery. When war broke out...

Silent Hunters: German U-boat Commanders of World War II

by Theodore P. Savas

When World War II erupted across Europe in 1939, Germany knew it could not hope to compete with the Royal Navy in a head-to-head naval war. Left with no viable alternatives, the U-Bootwaffe wagered everything...

Old Landmarks and Historic Personages of Boston

by Samuel Adams Drake

"Your Old Landmarks of Boston is a perfect storehouse of Information," Henry W. Longfellow told Samuel Adams Drake almost a century ago. That being true a hundred years ago, the praise is even more relevant...

An Inoffensive Rearmament: The Making of the Postwar Japanese Army

by Frank Kowalski & Robert D. Eldridge

Colonel Frank Kowalski served as the Chief of Staff of the American military advisory group that helped establish the National Police Reserve, the predecessor to the Japan Self-Defense Forces, and provided daily...

Looking Forward: A Dream of the United States of the Americas in 1999

by Arthur Bird

“The author respectfully submits it as his firm and immovable conviction, that the United States of America, in the years to come, will govern the entire Western Hemisphere.”

These words, written by Arthur...

The Land of the Five Flavors: A Cultural History of Chinese Cuisine

by Thomas O. Höllmann & Karen Margolis

World-renowned sinologist Thomas O. Höllmann tracks the growth of Chinese food culture from the earliest burial rituals to today’s Western fast food restaurants, detailing the cuisine’s geographical variations...

Myths and Legends of Our Own Land

by Charles M. Skinner

"Myths And Legends Of Our Own Land" by Charles M Skinner is a compliation of myths, legends, and tales from US history.

Armies of Bismarck's Wars: The Army of Prussia-History, Uniforms and Equipment, 1860-1867

by Bruce Basset Powell

On July 3rd, 1866 a Prussian army overwhelmed and defeated an Austrian army near the fortress city of Königgrätz in a bloody battle that lasted all day. At a stroke, the foremost power in Germany and central...

This Republic: Illuminating Republican Government

by Will Butts

A short and concise primer on the fundamental principles of the American Government, This Republic draws upon the writings of the American founders, and extensively the writings of John Adams, to thoroughly...

The Complete Blue Max: A Chronological Record of the Holders of the Pour le Mérite, Prussia's Highest Military Order, from 1740 to 1918

by Kevin Brazier

Hermann Göring, Erwin Rommel, Manfred von Richthofen, Paul von Hindenburg, Helmuth von Moltke, Ernst Junger, Max Immelmann - they were among the most famous individuals to be awarded the Kingdom of Prussia's...

The Last Hot Battle of the Cold War: South Africa vs. Cuba in the Angolan Civil War

by Peter Polack

As the Soviet Union teetered on the edge of collapse during the late 1980s, and America prepared to claim its victory, a bloody war still raged in Southern Africa, where proxy forces from both sides vied for...

Freedom in the Air: A Czech Flyer and his Aircrew Dog

by Hamish Ross

This biography tells of the life of a Czech airman who escapes from the Nazi invasion, fights with the French and finally arrives in Britain to fly as an air-gunner with the RAF during World War II. He returns...

Tumult in the Clouds: Stories from the South African Air Force 1920-2010

by Dean Wingrin

The South African Air Force (SAAF), formed on 1 February 1920, is the second oldest air force in the Commonwealth. The air arm played a major role in securing victory for the Allies during the Second World War,...

Crack Hardy: From Gallipoli to Flanders to the Somme, The True Story of Three Australian Brothers at War

by Stephen Dando-Collins

Dando-Collins adroitly interweaves a compelling family history with the broader canvas of the Anzacs. Crack Hardy is a fine and important book. This is the true story of three Australian soldiers, the Searle...