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August 1941: The Anglo-Russian Occupation of Iran and Change of Shahs

by Mohammad Gholi Majd

Having described the rise of Reza Shah in a previous work, Majd completes the story by describing his downfall. Majd has searched the widely scattered U.S. diplomatic and military records extensively and supplemented...

African Americans and the Gettysburg Campaign

by James M. Paradis

The Sesquicentennial edition of African Americans and the Gettysburg Campaign updates the original 2006 edition, as James M. Paradis introduces readers to the African-American role in this famous Civil War battle....

Gurkha: The True Story of a Campaign for Justice

by Peter Carroll

The course of a life can be altered by the smallest decisions; the most innocuous events can turn out to have the greatest of consequences. On a Sunday afternoon in 2004, local politician Peter Carroll invited...

Valiant Units of the Cold War

by Andrew Brookes & Chris Davey

The RAF's first Cold War strategic bomber, the Vickers Valiant, was procured as an insurance measure in case either the Vulcan or Victor was found to have a serious flaw. The Valiant was the equivalent of the...

War Paint: The 1st Infantry Division's LRP/Ranger Company in Fierce Combat in Vietnam

by Bill Goshen

The men who served with in the 1st Infantry Division with F company, 52nd Infantry, (LRP) later redesignated as Company I, 75th Infantry (Ranger) --engaged in some of the fiercest, bloodiest fighting during...

Juan Dom Nguez de Mendoza: Soldier and Frontiersman of the Spanish Southwest, 1627-1693

by Marc Simmons & José|Scholes, France Esquibel

This book, the final volume in the Coronado Historical Series, recognizes the career of Juan Domínguez de Mendoza, a soldier-colonist who was as instrumental as any governor or friar in shaping Hispano-Indian...

Preventive War and American Democracy

by Scott Silverstone

This volume explores the preventive war option in American foreign policy, from the early Cold War strategic problems created by the growth of Soviet and Chinese power, to the post-Cold War fears of a nuclear-armed...

Sexual Diversity in Asia, C. 600 - 1950

by Raquel A.G. A. G. Reyes & William G. G. Clarence-Smith

Non-reproductive sex practices in Asia have historically been a source of fascination, prurient or otherwise, for Westerners, who being either Catholic or Protestant, were often struck by what they perceived...

The Eu, the Un and Collective Security: Making Multilateralism Effective

by Joachim Krause & Natalino Ronzitti

This book examines the effectiveness of multilateralism in ensuring collective security and, in particular, the EU's role in this process.

In 1992, shortly after the end of the Cold War, a Security Council Summit...

Colonial India in Children S Literature

by Supriya Goswami

Colonial India in Children's Literature is the first book-length study to explore the intersections of children's literature and defining historical moments in colonial India. Engaging with important theoretical...

Twentieth Century Colonialism and China: Localities, the everyday, and the world

by Bryna Goodman & David SG SG Goodman

Colonialism in China was a piecemeal agglomeration that achieved its greatest extent in the first half of the twentieth century, the last edifices falling at the close of the century. The diversity of these...

China-Taiwan Relations in a Global Context: Taiwan's Foreign Policy and Relations

by George Wei

This book traces the development of Taiwan's relations with its diplomatic partners and its policy towards the political opponents of its political opponent - mainland China. Paying particular attention to the...

The Routledge Companion to the Tudor Age

by Rosemary O'Day

This new Companion is an invaluable guide to one of the most colourful periods in history. Covering everything from the Reformation, controversies over the succession and the prayer book to literature, the family...

China, Europe and International Security: Interests, Roles, and Prospects

by Frans-Paul van der van der Putten & Chu Shulong

This book examines the roles played by China and Europe in the domain of international security in the 21st century.

Bringing together Chinese and European expertise on the Sino-European Security relationship...

Origins of Pan-Africanism: Henry Sylvester Williams, Africa, and the African Diaspora

by Marika Sherwood

Origins of Pan-Africanism: Henry Sylvester Williams, Africa, and the African Diaspora recounts the life story of the pioneering Henry Sylvester Williams, an unknown Trinidadian son of an immigrant carpenter...

The Bear Went Over the Mountain: Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan

by Lester W. W. Grau

This book is a collection of vignettes written by Soviet junior officers describing their experiences fighting the Mujahideen guerrillas.

Military Logistics and Strategic Performance

by Thomas M. M. Kane

This work argues that logistics in warfare is crucial to achieving strategic success. The author identifies logistical capabilities as an arbiter of opportunity, which plays a critical role in determining which...

The Muslim Conquest of Iberia: Medieval Arabic Narratives

by Nicola Clarke

Medieval Islamic society set great store by the transmission of history: to edify, argue legal points, explain present conditions, offer political and religious legitimacy, and entertain. Modern scholars, too,...

Kirby's Way: How Kirby and Caroline Risk Built their Company on Kitchen-Table Values

by Angie Klink

The late J. Kirby Risk II called himself "a small-town businessman from the banks of the Wabash." He was much more. The fastidious, dapper man from Lafayette, Indiana, exuded philanthropy and free enterprise....

Imperial Immigrants: The Scottish Settlers in the Upper Ottawa Valley, 1815-1840

by Michael E. E. Vance

Between 1815 and 1832, Great Britain settled more than 3,500 individuals, mostly from the Scottish Lowlands, in the Ottawa Valley. These government-assisted emigrations, which began immediately after the Napoleonic...