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Nixon and Mao: The Week That Changed the World

by Margaret Macmillan

With the publication of her landmark bestseller Paris 1919, Margaret MacMillan was praised as “a superb writer who can bring history to life” (The Philadelphia Inquirer). Now she brings her extraordinary...

Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies

by Ben Macintyre


   On June 6, 1944, 150,000 Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy and suffered an astonishingly low rate of casualties. A stunning military...

George Washington's Military Genius

by Dave Richard Richard Palmer

George Washington’s military strategy has been called bumbling at worst and brilliant at best. So which is it? Was George Washington a strategic genius or just lucky? So asks Dave R. Palmer in his new book,...

The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution

by Brion McClanahan

What Does the Constitution Really Mean?

Are liberals right when they cite the “elastic” clauses of the Constitution to justify big government? Or are conservatives right when they cite the Constitution’s...

China Illustrated: Western Views of the Middle Kingdom

by Arthur Hacker & Frederic Wakeman

This beautifully illustrated social history of China highlights various aspects of traditional China as seen through the eyes of foreign visitors and residents from the time of the first trading contacts with...

The Japanese Tea Ceremony: Cha-No-Yu

by A. L. L. Sadler, Iwasaki Satoko & Shaun McCabe

The tea cermony—known as cha-no-yu, or literally "hot water for tea"—has touched nearly every aspect of Japanese life.

First published in 1933 as Cha-No-Yu, or The Japanese Tea Ceremony, this classic remains...

Lines of the Nation: Indian Railway Workers, Bureaucracy, and the Intimate Historical Self

by Laura Bear

Lines of the Nation radically recasts the history of the Indian railways, which have long been regarded as vectors of modernity and economic prosperity. From the design of carriages to the architecture of stations,...

China Calls: Paving the Way for Nixon's Historic Journey to China

by Anne Collins Walker

Much is known about Nixon's actual visit to China, but the story of how it all came together has never been told until China Calls. The advance team conquered a monumental task, allowing this historic event...

Piety and Public Funding: Evangelicals and the State in Modern America

by Axel Schafer

Despite the separation of church and state, public aid to religious agencies has traditionally been part of liberal social policy. This book shows that the post-World War II expansion of public funding for evangelical...

Gone Native: An NCO's Story

by Alan Cornett

On his first combat assignment, Cornett accompanied the Vietnamese Rangers on a search-and-destroy mission near Khe Sang. There he gained entree into a culture that he would ultimately respect greatly and admire...

The Flight of Rudolf Hess

by Roy Conyers Conyers Nesbit & Georges van van Acker

On 10 May 1941, Rudolf Hess - Deputy Fuhrer of the Third Reich - embarked on his astonishing flight from Augsburg to Scotland. At dusk the same day, he parachuted on to a Scottish moor and was taken into custody....

In the Lion's Shadow

by Fariborz Mokhtari

After the invasion of France in 1940 a junior Iranian diplomat, the aristocratic Abdol-Hosein Sardari, more or less accidentally found himself in charge of Iran's legation in Paris. He set about cultivating...

The Deep Dark: Disaster and Redemption in America's Richest Silver Mine

by Gregg Olsen

For nearly a century, Kellogg, Idaho, was home to America’s richest silver mine, Sunshine Mine. Mining there, as everywhere, was not an easy life, but regardless of the risk, there was something about being...

Crisis? What Crisis?: Britain in the 1970s

by Alwyn W W Turner

The 1970s. They were the best of times and the worst of times. Wealth inequality was at a record low, yet industrial strife was at a record high. These were the glory years of Doctor Who and glam rock, but the...

To the Last Round: The Epic British Stand on the Imjin River, Korea 1951

by Andrew Salmon


‘Salmon’s vivid use of recollections and dramatic quotes brings alive an unjustly forgotten conflict’ Time Out

With even World War II now just on the edges of living memory, and with...

The Chief: Douglas Haig and the British Army

by Gary Sheffield

‘Well written and persuasive …objective and well-rounded….this scholarly rehabilitation should be the standard biography’ **** Andrew Roberts, Mail on Sunday

‘A true judgment of him must lie somewhere...

The Magical Chorus

by Solomon Volkov & Antonina Bouis

From the reign of Tsar Nicholas II to the brutal cult of Stalin to the ebullient, uncertain days of perestroika, nowhere has the inextricable relationship between politics and culture been more starkly illustrated...

Six Silent Men, Book Two

by Kenn Miller

In the summer of 1967, the good old days were ending for the hard-core 1st Brigade LRRPs of the 101st Airborne Division, perhaps the finest maneuver element of its size in the history of the United States Army....

Technology in Postwar America: A History

by Carroll Pursell

Carroll Pursell tells the story of the evolution of American technology since World War II. His fascinating and surprising history links pop culture icons with landmarks in technological innovation and shows...

Dissenting Bodies: Corporealities in Early New England

by Martha L. L. Finch

For the Puritan separatists of seventeenth-century New England, "godliness," as manifested by the body, was the sign of election, and the body, with its material demands and metaphorical significance, became...