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Sirens of the Western Shore: Westernesque Women and Translation in Modern Japanese Literature

by Indra Levy

Indra Levy introduces a new archetype in the study of modern Japanese literature: the "Westernesque femme fatale," an alluring figure who is ethnically Japanese but evokes the West in her physical appearance,...

Breathing Spaces: Qigong, Psychiatry, and Healing in China

by Nancy N. Chen

The charismatic form of healing called qigong, based on meditative breathing exercises, has achieved enormous popularity in China during the last two decades. Qigong served a critical social organizational function,...

Holding Our World Together: Ojibwe Women and the Survival of Community

by Brenda J. Child & Colin Calloway

A groundbreaking exploration of the remarkable women in Native American communities.

Too often ignored or underemphasized in favor of their male warrior counterparts, Native American women have played a more...

Medical Licensing and Discipline in America: A History of the Federation of State Medical Boards

by David A. Johnson & Humayun J. Chaudhry

Medical Licensing and Discipline in America traces the evolution of the U.S. medical licensing system from its historical antecedents in the 18th and 19th century to its modern structure, emphasizing a focus...

Historical Dictionary of Ancient India

by Kumkum Roy

The Historical Dictionary of Ancient India provides information ranging from the earliest Paleolithic cultures in the Indian subcontinent to 1000 CE. The ancient history of this country is related in this book...

A Better Place: Death and Burial in Nineteenth-Century Ontario

by Susan Smart

The notion that funeral rituals, strong religious beliefs, and a firm conviction that death is a beginning and not an end is highlighted in A Better Place. An understanding of these changing burial rites, many...

Silver Rights

by Constance Curry & Marian Wright Edelman

“THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE CAN GIVE OUR CHILDREN IS AN EDUCATION.” —Mae Bertha Carter   In 1965, the Carters, an African American sharecropping family with thirteen children, took public officials at...

The A to Z of Afghan Wars, Revolutions and Insurgencies

by Ludwig W. Adamec

All the information currently available on the endless chain of wars stretching over two and a half centuries is traced in The A to Z of Afghan Wars, Revolutions and Insurgencies. It consists of the American...

Six Silent Men

by Reynel Martinez

"No way in hell you could survive 'out there' with six men. You couldn't live thirty minutes 'out there' with only six men."                [pg. 13]

In 1965 nearly four hundred men were interviewed...

Civil War Battlefields: A Touring Guide

by David J. Eicher

Updated edition of a touring guide that provides twelve separate tour routes embracing 22 Civil War campaigns and 40 separate battles. Forty-one maps show 1,353 specific features of the battlefields, which comprise...

Historical Dictionary of Polynesia

by Robert D. Craig

This third edition of the Historical Dictionary of Polynesia greatly expands on the previous editions through a chronology, an introductory essay, an expansive bibliography, and over 400 cross-referenced dictionary...

France's Lost Empires: Fragmentation, Nostalgia, and la fracture coloniale

by Nicola Frith, Kate Marsh & Emile Chabal

This collection of essays investigates the fundamental role that the loss of colonial territories at the end of the Ancient Regime and post-World War II has played in shaping French memories and colonial discourses....

Coffee and Transformation in Sao Paulo, Brazil

by Mauricio A. Font

This volume examines the dynamism of the São Paulo region and its coffee industry and evolution since the latter part of the nineteenth century. Targeting key players such as large entrepreneurial coffee landlords...

Robert E. Lee: A Life Portrait

by David J. Eicher

This book offers both a succinct biography and the definitive collection of nearly 350 photographs, important paintings, original ingravings, artifacts, and significant documents pertaining to the Confederate...

Lesbian Dames: Sapphism in the Long Eighteenth Century

by C. Beynon & Gonda

Lesbian Dames is the first multi-authored volume to examine the representation of lesbians and lesbianism in the literature and culture of the long eighteenth century. This groundbreaking collection presents...

Progress or Perish: Northern Perspectives on Social Change

by Linjakumpu & Wallenius-Korkalo

Multidisciplinary in nature, Progress or Perish brings together the work of leading scholars to explore the changes that individual and social agency can effect. It engages with the wider theoretical and methodological...

Queer Renaissance Historiography: Backward Gaze

by Nardizzi & Guy-Bray

Queer Renaissance Historiography examines the distinctive arrangement of sexuality during the Renaissance period and the role that queer theory has played in our understanding. This book sets the tone for future...

The New Bosnian Mosaic: Identities, Memories and Moral Claims in a Post-War Society

by Bougarel & Helms

Bosnia has become a metaphor for new ethnic nationalisms, for the transformation of warfare in the post-Cold War era, and for new forms of peacekeeping and state-building. Considering both specificities and...

Dual Citizenship in Europe: From Nationhood to Societal Integration

by Faist

In an age of terrorism and securitized immigration, dual citizenship is of central concern. The contributors to this timely volume examine policies regarding dual citizenship across Europe, covering a wide spectrum...

Indian Feminisms: Law, Patriarchies and Violence in India

by Gangoli

Contributing to debates on feminism, this book considers the impact made by feminists in India from the 1970s. Geetanjali Gangoli analyses campaigns on issues of violence and women's rights, and debates on ways...