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Coming to Terms with Democracy: Federalist Intellectuals and the Shaping of an American Culture, 1800-1828

by Marshall Foletta

William Tudor, Willard Phillips, and Richard Henry Dana were not their fathers' Federalists. When these young New England intellectuals and their contemporaries attempted to carve out a place for themselves...

Bathed in Blood: Hunting and Mastery in the Old South

by Nicolas W. Proctor

The hunt, like the church, courthouse, and family, played an integral role in southern society and culture during the antebellum era. Regardless of color or class, southern men hunted. Although hunters always...

Distant Revolutions: 1848 and the Challenge to American Exceptionalism

by Timothy Mason Roberts

Distant Revolutions: 1848 and the Challenge to American Exceptionalism is a study of American politics, culture, and foreign relations in the mid-nineteenth century, illuminated through the reactions of Americans...

Between North and South: Delaware, Desegregation, and the Myth of American Sectionalism

by Brett Gadsden

Between North and South chronicles the three-decades-long struggle over segregated schooling in Delaware, a key border state and important site of civil rights activism and white reaction, that despite concerted...

Ibn ABI Tahir Tayfur and Arabic Writerly Culture: A Ninth Century Bookman in Baghdad

by Shawkat M. Toorawa

Toorawa re-evaluates the literary history and landscape of  third to ninth century Baghdad by demonstrating and emphasizing the significance of the important transition from a predominantly oral-aural culture...

Southeast Asia: A Testament

by George McT. Kahin

Southeast Asia: A Testament covers the tragic history of post war Indonesia from its successful struggle against the Dutch to Suharto's bloody overthrow of Sukarno in 1965. It also gives a personal account of...

Korea's Divided Families: Fifty Years of Separation

by James Foley

The divided families problem is a serious social issue in North and South Korea, involving hundreds of thousands of first generation divided family members, most of whom have not seen their relatives since the...

Islamic Nationhood and Colonial Indonesia: The Umma Below the Winds

by Michael Francis Laffan

Drawing on previously unavailable archival material, this book argues that Indonesian nationalism rested on Islamic ecumenism heightened by colonial rule and the pilgrimage. The award winning author Laffan...

Ireland and the Land Question 1800-1922

by Michael J. Winstanley

This pamphlet makes use of the most recent revisionist literature to reassess the view, much propagated by nationalist sources, that Ireland was a land of impoverished peasants oppressed by English laws and...

Moving the Goalposts: A History of Sport and Society in Britain Since 1945

by Martin Polley

Martin Polley provides a survey of sport in Britain since 1945 and examines sport's place in British culture. He discusses issues of class, gender, race, commerce and politics, as well as analysing contemporary...

Cultures of Disaster: Society and Natural Hazard in the Philippines

by Greg Bankoff

In this fascinating and comprehensive study, Greg Bankoff traces the history of natural hazards in the Philippines from the records kept by the Spanish colonisers to the 'Calamitous Nineties', and assesses the...

Interpreting China's Military Power: Doctrine Makes Readiness

by Ka Po Ng

Although inter-state tensions have generally been easing after the Cold War, military power remains a dominant factor in Asian regional politics. As China, operating the world's largest army, grows stronger,...

Reuven Shiloah - the Man Behind the Mossad: Secret Diplomacy in the Creation of Israel

by Haggai Eshed

This is the story of Reuven Shiloah - the man who established the Mossad, and laid the foundations for the intelligence community of the State of Israel. The book is based on private archives, and interviews...

Refugees in an Age of Genocide: Global, National and Local Perspectives during the Twentieth Century

by Katharine Knox & Tony Kushner

This is a study of the history of global refugee movements over the 20th century, ranging from east European Jews fleeing Tsarist oppression at the turn of the century to asylum seekers from the former Zaire...

The Falashas: A Short History of the Ethiopian Jews

by David F. Kessler

This third, revised edition comprises the whole of the original volume and is enhanced by the addition of a new preface and afterward which seek to reply to criticisms of the authors argument about the origins...

Peacebuilding and Police Refor

by Tor Tanke Holm

Reforms of local police forces in conflict or post-conflict areas need to be dealt with in order to create a certain level of security for the local people. This volume presents the discussions of professionals...

Roman Britain

by David Shotter

This revised edition of the classic text of the period provides both the student and the specialist with an informative account of post-Roman English society.

Religion and Rebellion in Iran: The Iranian Tobacco Protest of 1891-1982

by Nikki R. Keddie

An account of the events of the Iranian Tobacco protest of 1891 to 1892. This book examines the developments which led to this sudden outburst of opposition, traces the course of events in each city and notes...

From Flintlock to Rifle: Infantry Tactics, 1740-1866

by Steven T. Ross

This is a comprehensive study of the major changes in infantry tacticts from the time of Frederick the Great to the beginning of what many see as the era of modern war, in the 1860s. Ross lays social and political...

Origins of National Interests

by Glenn Chafetz, Benjamin Frankel & Michael Spirtaz

The concept of "identity" in international relations offers too many vague and imprecise definitions of the concepts that stand at its very core. This text offers clear definitions of the concept of identity...