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Haiti: The God of Tough Places, the Lord of Burnt Men

by Richard Frechette

As a priest and a physician, Father Richard Frechette has carried out his double ministry in Haiti over the past twenty-five years in settings of extreme poverty, violence, social upheaval, and natural disasters....

Suleiman the Magnificent

by Andre Clot

Suleiman the Magnificent, most glorious of the Ottoman sultans, kept Europe atremble for nearly half a century. In a few years he led his army as far as the gates of Vienna, made himself master of the Mediterranean...

The Rise and Fall of a Palestinian Dynasty: The Huyaynis 1700 - 1948

by Ilan Pappé

In this political biography, Ilan Pappe traces the rise of the Husayni family of Jerusalem, who dominated Palestinian history from the early 1700s until the second half of the twentieth century. Viewing this...

Union Jack: The Story of the British Flag

by Nick Groom

Known the world over as a symbol of the United Kingdom, the Union Jack is an intricate construction based on the crosses of St George, St Andrew and St Patrick. Nick Groom traces its long and fascinating past,...

The Battle of Hastings

by Jim Bradbury

The Battle of Hastings is probably the best-known and perhaps the most significant battle in English history. Its effects were deeply felt at the time, causing a lasting shift in cultural identity and national...

All the King's Armies: A Military History of the English Civil War 1642-1651

by Stuart Reid

On 23 September 1642 Prince Rupert's cavalry triumphed outside Worcester in the first major clash of the English Civil War. Almost precisely nine years later, on 3 September 1651, that war was won by Oliver...

Fighting Fit: Health, Medicine and War in the Twentieth Century

by Kevin Brown

The twentieth century saw two world wars and many other conflicts characterised by technological change and severity of casualties. Medicine has adapted quickly to deal with such challenges and new medical innovations...

Under the Queen's Colours: Voices from the Forces 1952-2012

by Penny Legg

In 1952 Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne. In the sixty years of her reign so far, there have been thousands of conscripts and regular service personnel who have served under the Queen's Colours. This book...

Women of Intelligence: Winning the Second World War with Air Photos

by Christine Halsall

In World War Two an ornate Victorian mansion, overlooking the River Thames at Medmenham, in Buckinghamshire, was the Headquarters of the Allied Central Interpretation Unit. It was here that the air photography,...

Cloak of Enemies: The Birth of Churchill's SOE and the 'Cockleshell Heroes'

by Tom Keene

The Special Operations Executive was conceived by Churchill in 1940 to "set Europe ablaze". Yet, SOE was to have many enemies at home before it was even officially sanctioned. As Britain fought for survival,...

VCs of the First World War: Passchendaele 1917

by Stephen J. Snelling

Of all the costly campaigns fought across the Western Front during the First World War, none strikes a more chilling chord than Passchendaele. Even now, more than ninety years on, the very mention of the name...

Pillars of Fire: The Battle of Messines Ridge 1917

by Ian Passingham

Gentlemen, we may not make history tomorrow, but we shall certainly change the geography.' So said General Plumer the day before 600 tons of explosives were detonated under the German position on Messines Ridge....

Marching to the Drums: A History of Military Drums and Drummers

by John Norris

Military drummers have played a crucial role in warfare throughout history. Soldiers marched to battle to the sound of the drums and used the beat to regulate the loading and re-loading of their weapons during...

Kensington to St Valery en Caux: The Princess Louise's Regiment, England and France, 1940

by Robert Gardner

This is a story of summer 1940, of a little known territorial battalion and an almost forgotten British military disaster. In April 1940 the Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment left England to join the British...

Berlin Ghetto: Herbert Baum and the Anti-Fascist Resistance

by Eric Brothers

Berlin Ghetto tells the story of a group of Jewish young people who had lives filled with intellectual exploration, intense friendships and romances, and dangerous and illegal political action during one of...

In Search of the Ninja: The Historical Truth of Ninjutsu

by Antony Cummins

Lost in modern myth, false history and general misinterpretation, the Ninja have been misrepresented for many years. More recently, a desire for a more historical view of the ninja has become a popular theme...

Showcasing the Third Reich: The Nuremberg Rallies

by Andrew Rawson

This book is an up-to-date, illustrated investigation into the notorious Nuremberg rallies and the part they played in the Nazi's quest to establish their vaunted 1,000 Year Third Reich. Between 1923 and 1938...

Steel and Tartan: The 4th Cameron Highlanders in the Great War

by Patrick Watt

During the First World War, The Cameron Highlanders was expanded to thirteen battalions, of which nine were in battle. The 1st, 2nd, 4th (TF), 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 11th Battalions all fought on the Western...

The King Arthur Conspiracy: How a Scottish Prince Became a Mythical Hero

by Simon Andrew Stirling

Arthur led the Britons to the brink of victory but was cut down by treachery and betrayal. Arthurian legends have since been corrupted, leading to popular but false assumptions about the king and the belief...

The Spy Beside the Sea: The Extraordinary Wartime Story of Dorothy O'Grady

by Adrian Searle

Dorothy O'Grady is uniquely placed in the annals of espionage. She was the first Briton condemned to death under the Treachery Act of 1940 after she was frequently spotted on the outskirts of Sandown (a prohibited...