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The Nature of Christianity in Northern Tanzania: Environmental and Social Change 1890-1916

by Robert B. Munson

The Nature of Christianity in Northern Tanzania explores the relationship between the environment and social change on Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru during the German colonial period (1890-1916). The work analyzes...

Being Maasai, Becoming Indigenous: Postcolonial Politics in a Neoliberal World

by Dorothy L. Hodgson

What happens to marginalized groups from Africa when they ally with the indigenous peoples' movement? Who claims to be indigenous and why? Dorothy L. Hodgson explores how indigenous identity, both in concept...

The Doctrine of Presence

by Benjamin Vance

The Doctrine of Presence introduces the reader to honest men and women challenged with half-truths and false accusations during their attempts to expose animal abuse among wildlife cinematographers in Kenya....

I Didn't Do It for You

by Michela Wrong

Scarred by decades of conflict and occupation, the craggy African nation of Eritrea has weathered the world's longest-running guerrilla war. The dogged determination that secured victory against Ethiopia, its...

The Quest for Press Freedom: One Hundred Years of History of the Media in Ethiopia

by Meseret Chekol Reta

This book is about press development and freedom in Ethiopia, with a focus on the state media. It examines the political and social situations of the monarchy era, the Marxist military regime, and the current...

The Last Maasai Warriors: An Autobiography

by Jackson Ntirkana, Wilson Meikuaya & Susan McClelland

How two young Maasai tribesmen became warriors, scholars, and leaders in their community and to the world.

They are living testament to a vanishing way of life on the African savannah. Wilson and Jackson are...

African Game Trails

by Theodore Roosevelt

The twenty-sixth president of the United States was also a world-renowned hunter, conservationist, soldier, and scholar. In 1908 he took a long safari holiday in East Africa with his son Kermit. His account...

Islands in a Cosmopolitan Sea

by Iain Walker

Many people today have never heard of the Comoros, but these islands were once part of a prosperous regional trading economy that stretched halfway around the world. A key node in the trading networks of the...

The Crescent Moon

by Vera Omwocha

Vera Omwocha tells a story of ethnic violence in Kenya before the 1992 presidential elections. The life of peaceful peasants is devastated by tribal struggles for power and land. 

A woman and her daughter helplessly...

We Are The Voice of the Grass

by David A. Hoekema

In the international press, East Africa is depicted as a region mired in civil war, child abduction, rebel militias, Muslim-Christian violence, and grinding poverty. Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)...

Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War

by Mark Bowden

Already a classic of war reporting and now reissued as a Grove Press paperback, Black Hawk Down is Mark Bowden’s brilliant account of the longest sustained firefight involving American troops since the Vietnam...

The War Within

by Eric Morier-Genoud, Michel Cahen & Domingos M. do Rosário

The 1976-1992 civil war which opposed the Government of Frelimo and the Renamo guerrillas (among other actors) is a central event in the history of Mozambique. Aiming to open up a new era of studies of the war,...

Ethiopian Warriorhood

by Tsehai Berhane-Selassie

Today best known for their role in defending Ethiopia from Italian invasion 1935-41, when more than 7,000 fought against colonial forces, chewa warriors protected Ethiopia for centuries. Yet, depictedby some...

The Legacy of Tanzanian Musicians Muhidin Gurumo and Hassan Bitchuka

by Frank Gunderson & Hassan Rehani Bitchuka

Muhidin Maalim Gurumo and Hassan Rehani Bitchuka are two of Tanzania’s most well-known singers in the popular music genre known as muziki wa dansi (literally, 'music for dancing'), a variation of the Cuban-based...

Nubian Encounters

by Nicholas S. Hopkins & Sohair R. Mehanna

In the 1960s the construction of the Aswan High Dam occasioned the forced displacement of a large part of the Nubian population. Beginning in 1960, anthropologists at the American University in Cairo's Social...

Race and Slavery in the Middle East

by Terence Walz & Kenneth M. Cuno

In the nineteenth century hundreds of thousands of Africans were forcibly migrated northward to Egypt and other eastern Mediterranean destinations, yet relatively little is known about them. Studies have focused...

Thinking Outside the Box

by Eva Poluha & Elehu Feleke

This book sets out with the question why Ethiopia a country with one of the oldest still existing state-formations in the world and a farming population that has domesticated a number of indigenous food products,...

From Jerusalem to the Lion of Judah and Beyond

by Steven Carol

From Jerusalem to the Lion of Judah and Beyond provides the most thorough analysis of Israels foreign policy towards East Africa. Since its modern reestablishment, Israel has sought political allies in the international...

Medicinal Rule

by Koen Stroeken

As soon as Europeans set foot on African soil, they looked for the equivalents of their kings – and found them. The resulting misunderstandings last until this day. Based on ethnography-driven regional comparison...

A Short History of Mozambique

by Malyn Newitt

This comprehensive overview traces the evolution of modern Mozambique, from its early modern origins in the Indian Ocean trading system and the Portuguese maritime empire to the fifteen-year civil war that followed...