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Like Them That Dream

by Brownwyn Elsmore

The arrival of European missionaries in New Zealand had an immeasurable impact on Maori society. Like Them That Dream tells the intriguing story of early interaction between Maori and missionary, leading to...

Waka Taua

by Jeff Evans

A Maori war canoe being paddled at full speed makes an awesome sight. Thanks to a renaissance in canoe building, more and more New Zealanders now have the chance to witness the traditional waka taua. Waka Taua...

Polynesian Navigation and the Discovery of New Zealand

by Jeff Evans

The Polynesian navigator Kupe is credited with the discovery of the land his expedition named Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud. How did he and the many canoes that followed find their way without modern...

Hustlers, Rogues and Bubble Boys

by Graeme Hunt

'White-collar-crime' is a term that only recently came into use in New Zealand. But as Graeme Hunt illustrates in this highly readable book, sharp practice and outright cons have been part of New Zealand's society...

Pukaki - a comet returns

by Paul Tapsell

Exploring the legacy of Pukaki, the ancestral father of Ngati Whakaue, a hapu (sub-tribe) of Te Arawa of Rotorua, this text also relates the history of the carving of Pukaki that featured in the Te Maori exhibition,...

Fantastic Dreaming: The Archaeology of an Aboriginal Mission

by Jane Lydon

Focusing on the archaeological investigation of a Moravian mission in southeastern Australia, the traditional country of the Wergaia-language speakers,Fantastic Dreaming examines how spatial organization, the...

The Dead Do Not Die: "Exterminate All the Brutes" and Terra Nullius

by Sven Lindqvist, Sarah Death, Joan Tate & Adam Hochschild

Sven Lindqvist is one of our most original writers on race, colonialism, and genocide, and his signature approach—uniting travelogues with powerful acts of historical excavation—renders his books devastating...

Hughenden & Beyond

by Beryl Hunter

Spending her life in Queensland's North West, Beryl has experienced rural floods, fires, droughts and other difficulties that face Australia's inland. When she married Stuart Hunter and moved to life "on the...

Savage Harvest

by Carl Hoffman

The mysterious disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in New Guinea in 1961 has kept the world and his powerful, influential family guessing for years. Now, Carl Hoffman uncovers startling new evidence that finally...

Historical Dictionary of Australian and New Zealand Cinema

by Errol Vieth & Albert Moran

This book is an introduction and guide to the film of Australia and New Zealand. It contains entries on many exceptional producers, directors, writers and actors, as well as films. But it also presents the early...

Town Life in Australia

by Richard Ernest Nowell Twopeny

Richard Ernest Nowell Twopeny impressed contemporaries as a man of charm, humour and executive talents. A fluent speaker and writer both of English and French, he had a perennial freshness of approach that matched...

The Discovery of Australia

by Warren B. Kimberly & George A. Wood

This book deals with the History of the Discovery of Australia.

"The world was old before Australia was wrested by navigators from her primal gloom and obscurity. Throughout the long roll of centuries of ancient...

The Catalpa Expedition

by Z. Walter Pease

One hundred years after the Declaration of Independence, an American whaling captain, George S. Anthony, commemorated the event by enforcing another declaration of independence which set free the Irish political...

Paradise Mislaid

by Anne Whitehead

In the 1890s after a period of social unrest, a brave band of Australians sailed from Sydney to found a communal Utopia in South America. Under the charismatic journalist William Lane, over 500 settlers, including...

Islanders, Far South

by John Bryson

Islanders, Far South - Three feature pieces and one column piece in one volume, events in the lives of southern fishing communities in Tasmania.

1.Pride of the Crayfish Fleet.

Life in the Bass Strait Islands,...

Let My People Go

by Sam Lipski & Suzanne D Rutland

For 50 years, until the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the Soviet Union ran a campaign of repression, imprisonment, political trials and terror against its 3 million Jews. In Australia, political leaders and the...

Fighting the Kaiserreich

by Bruce Gaunson

This book portrays a modern epic - of an army that sailed across the world to fight a war. Its struggle with the Kaiserreich (German empire) became the most formidable campaign Australian troops have ever fought....

The Great Australian Loneliness

by Ernestine Hill

'This is the story of a journalist's journey round and across Australia... It was in July 1930 that I first set out, a wandering "copy-boy" with swag and typewriter, to find what lay beyond the railway lines...'...

To Beersheba 1917

by Tom Thompson & Ion Idriess

To help celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba on October 31 1917, this book offers nearly 100 unpublished photographs taken in the field by brothers Guy and...

Fort Dundas

by Derek Pugh

Fort Dundas was the first outpost of Europeans in Australia's north. It was a British fortification manned by soldiers, marines and convicts, and built by them on remote Melville Island in 1824. It lasted until...