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The Last Whale

by Chris Pash

At the end of the 1970s, one young reporter bears witness to the final days of Australia’s whaling industry. Thirty years after the last whale was captured and slaughtered in Australia, this incisive account...

Sydney Anglicans

by Stephen Judd & Kenneth Cable

From its origins as a convict chaplaincy to the challenges of expansion today, Sydney Diocese has grown through turbulent years of Church-State controversy and the traumas of economic depression and war. Throughout...

Fantastic Dreaming: The Archaeology of an Aboriginal Mission

by Jane Lydon

Focusing on the archaeological investigation of a Moravian mission in southeastern Australia, the traditional country of the Wergaia-language speakers,Fantastic Dreaming examines how spatial organization, the...

First Footprints: The Epic Story of the First Australians

by Scott Cane

First Footprints tells the extraordinary story of the Aboriginal people of Australia. How they made their way out of Africa 60,000 years ago, and how they survived across this vast continent, from the harsh...

Australians in Papua New Guinea 19601975

by Ceridwen Spark, Seumas Spark & Christina Twomey

Australians in Papua New Guinea provides a history of the late Australian years in Papua New Guinea through the eyes of 13 Australians and four Papua New Guineans by presenting the experiences of Australians...

Australian History in Seven Questions

by John Hirst

'If there are genuine questions about Australian history, there is something to puzzle over. The history ceases to be predictable- and dull.'

From the author of The Shortest History of Europe, acclaimed historian...

Freedom on the Fatal Shore: Australia's First Colony

by John Hirst

Freedom on the Fatal Shore brings together John Hirst's two books on the early history of New South Wales. Both are classic accounts which have had a profound effect on the understanding of our history. This...

Looking for Australia

by John Hirst

What are the qualities at the heart of Australian culture? How did they arise? What distinguishes us from other nations beyond a fondness for calling each other 'mate'? And what do such national quirks reveal...

Out of Luck: Poor Australians and Social Welfare 1788-1988

by Stephen Garton

Out of Luck uncovers the history of the many who have always had to struggle hard to survive in this 'lucky' country and who have seldom shared in the rewards of a well endowed society. Stephen Garton draws...

The Luck of the Irish: How a shipload of convicts survived the wreck of the Hive to make a new life in Australia

by Babette Smith

The author of the bestselling Cargo of Women and Australia's Birthstain tracks the lives of Irish convicts who arrived in Australia the mid-1800s, uncovering a long-lasting influence of the Irish convicts on...

The Dead Do Not Die: "Exterminate All the Brutes" and Terra Nullius

by Sven Lindqvist, Joan Tate & Sarah Death

Sven Lindqvist is one of our most original writers on race, colonialism, and genocide, and his signature approach—uniting travelogues with powerful acts of historical excavation—renders his books devastating...

The Great Race: The Race Between the English and the French to Complete the Map of Australia

by David Hill

On the afternoon of 8 April 1802, in the remote southern ocean, two explorers had a remarkable chance encounter. Englishman Matthew Flinders and Frenchman Nicolas Baudin had been sent by their governments on...

Pukaki: a comet returns

by Paul Tapsell

Exploring the legacy of Pukaki, the ancestral father of Ngati Whakaue, a hapu (sub-tribe) of Te Arawa of Rotorua, this text also relates the history of the carving of Pukaki that featured in the Te Maori exhibition,...

The Treaty of Waitangi

by Ross Calman

The Treaty of Waitangi is the founding document of New Zealand, a subject of endless discussion and controversy, and is at the centre of many of New Zealand's major events, including Waitangi Day celebrations...

Mana from Heaven: A Century of Maori Prophets in New Zeaand

by Bronwyn Elsmore

Mana from Heaven is the definitive work about the early interaction between Maori and missionary, and the more than 60 Maori prophets that arose in response to the translation of the Old Testament into Maori...

Nga Waka o Nehera: The first voyaging canoes

by Jeff Evans

This is the essential refrence work to the traditions of Maori canoes that voyaged to New Zealand, including lists of waka, names of crew members and vessels, karakia (prayer) and waiata (songs), and maps. A...

Polynesian Navigation and the Discovery of New Zealand

by Jeff Evans

The Polynesian navigator Kupe is credited with the discovery of New Zealand and his expedition named Aortearoa, land of the long white cloud. How did he and the many canoes that followed find their way without...

Hustlers, Rogues & Bubble Boys: White-collar mischief in New Zealand

by Graeme Hunt

A detailed and engaging history of white-collar crime: con artists, desperate businesspeople and hustlers based in New Zealand but with tentacles reaching worldwide.

Like Them That Dream: The Maori and the Old Testament

by Bronwyn Elsmore

The arrival of European missionaries in New Zealand had an immeasurable impact on Maori society. Like Them That Dream tellsl the intriguing story of early interaction between Maori and missionary, leading to...

It's Still in My Heart, This Is My Country': The Single Noongar Claim History

by South West Aboriginal Land and Council

Originally titled 'Applicants Historical Report' and prepared as expert evidence in the native title case known as Single Noongar Claim, this book analyses the historiography and associated anthropology of the...