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The Voyageur Canadian History 2-Book Bundle: The Refugee / The Letters and Journals of Simon Fraser, 1806-1808

by Benjamin Drew, W. Kaye Lamb & George E. Clarke

This special bundle contains two classic works that provide great insight into crucial, nation-defining events in Canadian history: the exploration of the west in the early nineteenth century, and the arrival...

The Queen's Bush Settlement: Black Pioneers 1839-1865

by Linda Brown-Kubisch

The Black pioneers who established the Queen's Bush settlement where present-day Waterloo and Wellington counties meet are the focus of this extensively researched book.

James FitzGibbon: Defender of Upper Canada

by Ruth McKenzie

James FitzGibbon, Defender of Upper Canada, is the often poignant story of a poor man's rise to authority in the Upper Canada of the 1800s.

Montcalm And Wolfe

by Roch Carrier

The national bestseller that tells the story of Wolfe and Montcalm and the Plains of Abraham

In September 1759, a small band of British troops led by James Wolfe scaled the tall cliff overlooking a farmer’s...

Poisoned by Lies and Hypocrisy: America's First Attempt to Bring Liberty to Canada,1775-1776

by Gavin K. Watt

In 1775, Americans made their first attempt to invade Canada. When the rebels attacked Quebec City, Carleton's motley army of militia, American loyalists, British regulars, and First Nations successfully managed...

A Very Fine Class of Immigrants: Prince Edward Island's Scottish Pioneers, 1770-1850

by Lucille H. Campey

Scots who opted for pioneer life in Prince Edward Island are the subject of this book.

Handbook of Upper Canadian Chronology: Revised Edition

by Frederick H. Armstrong

A revised and greatly expanded edition of this important and long out of print reference book on Upper Canada to 1841. The new edition includes the basic population statistics, a completely revised list of the...

Money and Exchange in Canada to 1900

by A.B. McCullough

A clear, concise and intriguing explanation of the various coins and currencies used in Canada between 1600 and 1900.

Canada's Parliament Buildings

by Mark Bourrie

Behind the scenes of Parliament Hill: examining the architecture, heraldry, and history of the buildings.

The Canadian Settler's Guide

by Catharine Parr Traill

First published in the 1850's, this an exhaustive description of a settler's life in early Canada. It includes gardening tips, recipes, and directions for cooking using traditional implements.

The War of 1812

by Henry Adams & John R. Elting

Thid unsurpassed work illuminates the unpopular, blunder-filled War of 1812.

The Conquest of Canada (Vol.2)

by George Warburton

p-The Conquest of Canada (Vol.2)-“One of the most momentous political questions that has ever yet moved the human race was decided in the Canadian war. When a few English and French emigrants first landed...

The Conquest of Canada (Vol.1)

by George Warburton

pThe Conquest and History of Canada. “England and France started in a fair race for the magnificent prize of supremacy in America. The advantages and difficulties of each were much alike, but the systems by...


by Barbara Mitchell

As the first inland surveyor for the Hudson's Bay Company, Philip Turnor stands tall among the explorers and mapmakers of Canada. Accompanied by Cree guides and his Cree wife, Turnor travelled 15,000 miles by...

The White and the Gold: The French Regime in Canada

by Thomas B. Costain

A thorough overview of early Canadian history, told in the matchless style which marks the best of Costain, here is the vast panorama of a mighty land, of its vivid and violent people and of the turbulent centuries...

Sweet Land of Liberty

by Charles Carleton Coffin

"The settlement of our country was the beginning of a new era in human affairs. The people of England, ever since the days of King John, when the barons compelled him to sign the Magna Charta in the meadow of...

Masters and Servants

by Scott P. Stephen

With Masters and Servants, Scott P. Stephen has revealed startling truths about the men of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Rather than dedicating themselves body and soul to the Company’s interests, these workers...

The Call to Arms: The 1812 Invasions of Upper Canada

by Richard Feltoe

While the War of 1812 saw battles and combat take place in vastly separated locations of the United States and British North America, nowhere was the fighting more intense than in Upper Canada, specifically...

Claiming the Land

by Daniel Marshall

This trailblazing history of early British Columbia focuses on a single year, 1858, the year of the Fraser River gold rush ? the third great massmigration of gold seekers after the Californian and Australian...

Reconsidering Confederation

by Daniel Heidt, Barry Ferguson, Colin Coates & Martin Pâquet et al.

July 1st 1867 is celebrated as Canada's Confederation - the date that Canada became a country. But 1867 was only the beginning. As the country grew from a small dominion to a vast federation encompassing ten...