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The Economic Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade

by Barbara L. Solow & Dale Tomich

The Economic Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade places the sugar/slave/plantation complex of the British West Indies at the center of the Atlantic trading system, uniting the economies of western Europe,...

Mussolini's National Project in Argentina

by David Aliano

Mussolini’s National Project in Argentina offers a new look at the theoretical questions surrounding the promotion of a national project within another nation-state. Using the Italian project in Argentina...

Popol Vuh

by Anonymous

"Of all the American people , the Quiché region of Guatemala have left us the richest mythological legacy. The story of creation, which appears in the Popol Vuh, which may be called the national book of the...

The Codex Nuttall

by Zelia Nuttall

The only value-priced, full-color edition of the pre-Columbian Mexican (Mixtec) book. Features 88 color plates of kings, gods, heroes, temples, sacrifices, and more. New introduction.

Beyond Slavery: The Multilayered Legacy of Africans in Latin America and the Caribbean

by Darién J. Davis

Beyond Slavery traces the enduring impact and legacy of the African diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean in the modern era. In a rich set of essays, the volume explores the multiple ways that Africans...

Lost in the Long Transition: Struggles for Social Justice in Neoliberal Chile

by William L. Alexander, Emily Wakild, Angela Vergara & Anton Daughters et al.

Presenting case studies by anthropologists, historians, political scientists, and environmental specialists,Lost in the Long Transition critically examines the impact of neoliberal economic and social policies...

Latin America During World War II

by John F. Bratzel, Thomas M. Leonard, Monica A. Rankin & Graeme Mount et al.

The first full-length study of World War II from the Latin American perspective, this unique volume offers an in-depth analysis of the region during wartime. Each country responded to World War II according...

Coffee and Transformation in Sao Paulo, Brazil

by Mauricio A. Font

This volume examines the dynamism of the São Paulo region and its coffee industry and evolution since the latter part of the nineteenth century. Targeting key players such as large entrepreneurial coffee landlords...

Globalization on the Ground: Postbellum Guatemalan Democracy and Development

by Susanne Jonas, Nelson Amaro, Christopher Chase-Dunn & William I. Robinson et al.

This book presents research, analysis, and reflections on the major issues of Guatemalan development and democracy: the role of the military, the involvement of Mayan communities in national development, the...

Historical Dictionary of Colombia

by Harvey F. Kline

The Historical Dictionary of Colombia covers the history of Colombia through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, and a bibliography. The dictionary section has over 1,000 cross-referenced entries...

The Future of Road-making in America

by Archer Butler Hulbert

The Future of Road-making in America written by a writer, and professor of American history Archer Butler Hulbert. This book is one of many works by him which published in 1905. And now republish in ebook format....


by Mary Jo McConahay

A stunning memoir by California Book Award winner Mary Jo McConahay, from her years reporting for national magazines from Central America. When three colleagues die violently during a single wartime election...

Anxieties of Experience

by Jeffrey Lawrence

Anxieties of Experience: The Literatures of the Americas from Whitman to Bola?o offers a new interpretation of US and Latin American literature from the nineteenth century to the present. Revisiting longstanding...

Scarcity and Survival in Central America

by William H. Durham

Looking at both population and land tenure dynamics in their historical context, this study challenges the view that the 1969 conflict between El Salvador and Honduras was primarily a response to population...

The Caribbean Policy of the Ulysses S. Grant Administration

by Stephen McCullough

From 1869 to 1877, the United States found itself deeply involved in the Caribbean as Washington sought to replace European influence and colonialism with an informal American empire. The Ulysses S. Grant administration...

Alone at the Altar

by Brianna Leavitt-Alcántara

By 1700, Guatemala's capital was a mixed-race "city of women." As in many other cities across colonial Spanish America, labor and migration patterns in Guatemala produced an urban female majority and high numbers...

Citizens of Memory

by Silvia R. Tandeciarz

Citizens of Memory explores efforts at recollection in post-dictatorship Argentina and the hoped-for futures they set in motion. The material, visual, narrative, and pedagogical interventions it analyzes address...


by Tim Fanning

The epic story of the forgotten Irish men and women who changed the face of Latin America forever.

In the early nineteenth century, thousands of volunteers left Ireland behind to join the fight for South American...


by Turtle Bunbury

Capture the spirit of an industrial, social and cultural revolution through this invigorating collection of historical portraits from the dawn of the industrialised world!

Though it feels like an era marooned...

Program of Economic Reactivation for the Benefit of the People, 1980

by Nicaragua Ministry of Planning, Nina Serrano & Paul Richards

The Program of Economic Reactivation for the Benefit of the People, 1980 is the work of 200 people commissioned by the revolutionary Sandinista victors to create a plan for their post-victory world. The Program...