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The Economic Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade

by Barbara L. Solow & Dale Tomich

The Economic Consequences of the Atlantic Slave Trade shows how the West Indian slave/sugar/plantation complex, organized on capitalist principles of private property and profit-seeking, joined the western hemisphere...

Mussolini's National Project in Argentina

by David Aliano

During the 1920s and 1930s, Mussolini’s fascist regime attempted to promote fascist Italy’s national project in Argentina, bombarding the republic with its propaganda. Although politically a failure, this...

Popol Vuh

by Anonymous

"Of all the American people , the Quiché region of Guatemala have left us the richest mythological legacy. The story of creation, which appears in the Popol Vuh, which may be called the national book of the...

Beyond Civilization and Barbarism

by Brendan Lanctot

Beyond Civilization and Barbarism examines how various cultural forms promoted competing political projects in Argentina during the decades following independence from Spain. This turbulent period has long been...

A Theology of the Drug War

by William A. Walker Iii

This book is a political and theological reflection on the violence and injustice that has taken place in Mexico and Central America since 2006 as a result of the drug war. In order to understand and respond...

History of the Mexican Empire and Mexico after the Empire

by History and Civilization Collection

History of the Mexican Empire and Mexico after the Empire (with illustrations).

“South of the United States, stretching away towards Central America, lies the country of Mexico...

It is difficult to choose whether...

The South American Republics : History of Argentina

by Thomas C. Dawson

This book presents the History of Argentina, from its discovery and Spanish colonization to the development of the country. "The description of the white man's spread over this immense country, the largest (except...

Venezuela : General History and Natural Features

by Thomas C. Dawson & Frederik A. Fernald

This book presents the general history of Venezuela, from its conquest, settlement and colonial period to the modern days; and the natural features of the country. Venezuela is a republic of South America, facing...

A Social History of Cuba's Protestants

by James A. Baer

A Social History of Cuba’s Protestants: God and the Nation presents a religious and social history of Cuba, focusing on the Presbyterian and other Protestant churches, to show the continuity of ties between...

The Legacy of the Filibuster War

by Marco Cabrera Geserick

The Legacy of the Filibuster War: National Identity and Collective Memory in Central America analyzes the development of the Filibuster War as a symbol of Costa Rican national identity and presents several challenges...

Excavations in Residential Areas of Tikal--Group 7F-1

by William A. Haviland

Tikal Report 22 presents the results of excavations carried out in residential group 7F-1 at Tikal in Guatemala during the 1957, 1963, and 1965 seasons. As with similar Tikal Reports (TR 19, TR 20A/20B, and...

Miscellaneous Investigations in Central Tikal--Great Temples III, IV, V, and VI

by H. Stanley Loten

The Maya center of Tikal, in Guatemala, is famous for its well-preserved architecture. This book presents detailed descriptions of four of the six Great Temples that dominate Tikal's city center. Whereas Great...


by Joe Gatlin, Nancy Gatlin & Joel H. Scott

On a Thursday morning in 1981, four thousand campesinos (fieldworkers), fleeing a US-funded Salvadoran death squad, stumbled down the rocky, overgrown side of a hill to the Lempa River. Some were mown down by...

The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Volume 6 / History of Central America, 1501-1530

by Hubert Howe Bancroft


During the year 1875 I published under title of The Native Races of the Pacific States what purports to be an exhaustive research into the character and customs of the aboriginal inhabitants of the...

Strength Through Peace

by Judith Eve Lipton & David P. Barash

Costa Rica is the only full-fledged and totally independent country to be entirely demilitarized. Its military was abolished in 1948, with the keys to the armory handed to the Department of Education. Socially,...

Tropical Idolatry

by R. L. Green

In Tropical Idolatry, R.L. Green examines how thinkers within the Society of Jesus attempted to convert indigenous peoples of New Spain, the Philippine Islands, and the Mariana Islands to Catholicism during...

The Oxford Handbook of the Incas

by Sonia Alconini & R. Alan Covey

When Spaniards invaded their realm in 1532, the Incas ruled the largest empire of the pre-Columbian Americas. Just over a century earlier, military campaigns began to extend power across a broad swath of the...

The Migrant Passage

by Noelle Kateri Brigden

At the crossroads between international relations and anthropology, The Migrant Passage analyzes how people from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala navigate the dangerous and uncertain clandestine journey...

The Commander's Dilemma

by Amelia Hoover Green

Why do some military and rebel groups commit many types of violence, creating an impression of senseless chaos, whereas others carefully control violence against civilians? A classic catch-22 faces the leaders...

The Future of Road-making in America

by Archer Butler Hulbert

The Future of Road-making in America written by a writer, and professor of American history Archer Butler Hulbert. This book is one of many works by him which published in 1905. And now republish in ebook format....