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The Pity of It All

by Amos Elon

From an acclaimed historian and social critic, a passionate and poignant history of German Jews from the mid-eighteenth century to the eve of the Third Reich

As it's usually told, the story of the German Jews...

Weimar Thought: A Contested Legacy

by Peter E. Gordon & John P. McCormick

During its short lifespan, the Weimar Republic (1918-33) witnessed an unprecedented flowering of achievements in many areas, including psychology, political theory, physics, philosophy, literary and cultural...

The Nazi Germany Sourcebook: An Anthology of Texts

by Roderick Stackelberg & Sally A. Winkle

The Nazi Germany Sourcebook is an exciting new collection of documents on the origins, rise, course and consequences of National Socialism, the Third Reich, the Second World War, and the Holocaust.

Packed full...

The German Question and the Origins of the Cold War

by Nicolas Lewkowicz

The book analyses the role of the German Question in the origins of the Cold War. The work evaluates the transformation which occurred in Germany and the post-war international order due to the inter-Allied...

V-2 Ballistic Missile 1942-52

by Steven Zaloga & Robert Calow

The German A-4 ballistic missile, better known by its propaganda name of V-2, was the world's first successful ballistic missile, breaking through the atmosphere to reach its target quicker. It was a forerunner...

Weimar Culture: The Outsider as Insider

by Peter Gay

A seminal work as melodious and haunting as the era it chronicles, now reissued with a new introduction.First published in 1968, Weimar Culture is one of the masterworks of Peter Gay's distinguished career....

The German Polity

by David P. Conradt & Eric Langenbacher

This thoroughly revised and updated edition of The German Polity provides a comprehensive introduction to contemporary German politics, focusing especially on the recovery of the economy and Germany’s growing...

Historical Dictionary of German Intelligence

by Jefferson Adams

The Historical Dictionary of German Intelligence presents the turbulent history of German intelligence through a chronology, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on the agencies...

Gold and Iron

by Fritz Stern

Winner of the Lionel Trilling Award

Nominated for the National Book Award

“A major contribution to our understanding of some of the great themes of modern European history—the relations between Jews and...

Behemoth: The Structure and Practice of National Socialism, 1933-1944

by Franze Neumann & Peter Hayes

Franz Neumann's classic account of the governmental workings of Nazi Germany, first published in 1942, is reprinted in a new paperback edition with an introduction by the distinguished historian Peter Hayes....

Johann Leisentrit's Geistliche Lieder und Psalmen, 1567: Hymnody of the Counter-Reformation in Germany

by Richard D. Wetzel & Erika Heitmeyer

In their analyses of a pivotal work from the Counter Reformation in Germany, the authors provide a broader knowledge of the religious, political, and humanistic currents of the sixteenth century. Their book...

A History of the Frankfurt Book Fair

by Peter Weidhaas, Carolyn Gossage & Wendy A. Wright

A colourful look at more than 500 years of commerce conducted at the renowned Frankfurt Book Fair, from the Middle Ages to the present.

The Fall of Eben Emael - Belgium 1940

by Chris McNab & Peter Dennis

In early May 1940, the fortress of Eben Emael was a potent sentinel over the Belgian–Dutch borderlands. The fortress covered 75 hectares on the surface, had 5km of tunnels underground and was studded with...

German Airborne Divisions: Blitzkrieg 1940-41

by Bruce Quarrie

The German Army of World War II was the first to fully realise the benefits of using airborne troops alongside armoured formations. German Airborne Divisions became an integral part of the blitzkrieg operations...

Frederick the Great's Allies 1756-63

by Stuart Reid & Gerry Embleton

The Seven Years’ War in Germany was characterised by an increasing use of ‘light’ troops in conjunction with regular infantry and cavalry as part of an ongoing evolution in military tactics. This book...

Afrikakorps Soldier 1941-43

by Pier Battistelli & Raffaele Ruggeri

This book explores the experiences of the German Afrika Korps soldier during the North Africa campaign of World War II (1939-1945), from the Korps' arrival in the North African theater in February 1941 to its...

German Panzers 1914-18

by Steven Zaloga & Brian Delf

Panzer warfare is synonymous with the Wehrmacht of World War II. This book examines the story of the Panzer’s more mysterious ancestors, the little-known panzers of the Great War. Germany was very slow to...

The King#s German Legion

by Otto Pivka & Michael Roffe

The King's German Legion was the largest and most respected of the foreign corps which fought as integrated elements of the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars. The light and heavy cavalry, light and line...

German Foreign Policy, 1918-1945: A Guide to Current Research and Resources

by Christoph Kimmich

Christoph Kimmich’s German Foreign Policy, 1918-1945: A Guide to Current Research and Resources is the most comprehensive guide to archival resources and published materials on the foreign policy of Weimar...

The Faithful Executioner

by Joel F. Harrington

Based on the rare and until now overlooked journal of a Renaissance-era executioner, the noted historian Joel F. Harrington’s The Faithful Executioner takes us deep inside the alien world and thinking of Meister...