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Scarlet Lancers: The story of the 16th/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers 1689-1992

by James Lunt

The 16th/5th Queen's Royal Lancers have long had the reputation of being one of the most efficient, and at the same time one of the least flamboyant, of the British cavalry regiments. The regiment, as it exists...

Salerno 1943: The Allied Invasion of Italy

by Angus Konstam

In September 1943, in the first weeks of the Allied campaign to liberate Italy, an Anglo-American invasion force of over 80,000 men was nearly beaten back into the sea by the German defenders in a ferocious...

Riflemen Form: A Study of the Rifle Volunteer Movement 1859-1908

by Ian F. W. Beckett

Lt.-Gen. Sir Garnet Wolseley commented that history would record the formation of the Volunteers Movement as one of the most remarkable events in the century. In this study of the Rifle Volunteer Movement, the...

Recollections of Rifleman Bow

by Alex Bowlby

In 1944, having distinguished itself in the North Africa campaign, Rifleman Bowlby's battalion of Greenjackets was sent to Italy. But instead of being used in the specialised role for which it had been trained,...

One Boy's War

by Richard Hough

The author found the reality of the Second World War at first very different from the world of heroic Captain Ball V.C. It was all dirty blankets and Nissen hut obscenities. Then the golden doors miraculously...

No Picnic: A fully revised and updated new edition of the bestselling account of 3 Commando Brigade in the Falklands War, 1982

by Julian Thomson

Major General Julian Thompson first wrote No Picnic when the momentous events of April - June 1982 were fresh in his mind. As Commander of 3 Commando Brigade, he was at the heart of the planning and conduct...

Nelson's Battles: The Triumph of British Seapower

by Nicholas Tracy

Horatio Nelson was a hero from the time when his dramatic initiative won the battle of St Vincent in 1797, while his last battle, at Trafalgar, reduced the enemy naval forces so thoroughly that they were no...

Marine From Mandalay

by James Leasor

This is the true story of a Royal Marine wounded by shrapnel in Mandalay in WW2 who undergoes a long solitary march to the Japanese through the whole of Burma and then finds his way back through India and back...

Letters from an Early Bird: The life and letters of Denys Corbett Wilson 1882 - 1915

by Donal Maccarron

This is the story of an early pioneer aviator who took to the air just a few years after the Wright Brothers proved that man was capable of controlled powered flight. Corbett Wilson (CW) was the only son of...

Leadership In Conflict

by Matthew Hughes & Matthew Seligmann

The First World War was a conflict in which personality and character mattered. Its course and outcome were decided by determined individuals who had to make momentous decisions in very trying circumstances....

The Last of the Bengal Lancers

by Francis Ingall

One of the last of the famed Bengal Lancers, Brigadier Ingall has spent most of his life in India and Pakistan. When he first went to India in 1929, all the officers were English and all the enlisted men were...

Friend or Foe: Friendly Fire at Sea 1939-1945

by Paul Kemp

During the Second World War, there were over 100 instances of naval engagements between ships, submarines and aircraft of the same side. In the past there has often been a reluctance by the authorities to admit...

Four Men Went to War

by Bruce Lewis

This book tells of the adventures of four men of different nationalities who found themselves caught up in the maelstrom of the Second World War.

A History of British Infantry: For Love of Regiment, Volume 2, 1915-1994

by Charles Messenger

The author explains how the tradition of loyalty to the regiment has served the British Army so well over the past 350 years and, in his vivid description of some of the major campaigns in which it has fought,...

The Escape From Elba: The Fall & Flight of Napoleon 1814-1815

by Norman Mackenze

The year is 1814. The Allies have driven Napoleon's once-mighty armies back to Paris. Trapped, forced to abdicate after two decades of triumphant rule, the Emperor takes leave of his comrades-in-arms and sets...

Decisive Battles of the English Civil War

by Malcolm Wanklyn

In this stimulating and original investigation of the decisive battles of the English Civil War, Malcolm Wanklyn reassesses what actually happened on the battlefield and as a result sheds new light on the causes...

Challengers and Chargers: A History of the Life Guards 1945-92

by William Lloyd

This history of the Life Guards traces the regiment's story right to the end of its existence and its amalgamation with the Blues and Royals.

Byng of Vimy: General and Governor General

by Jeffrey Williams

Field Marshal the Viscount Byng of Vimy did not fit into the conventional mould in the Army, as Governor-General of Canada or as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. Few officers commanded more widespread...

Buller: A Scapegoat?: A Life of General Sir Redvers Buller VC

by Geoffrey Powell

A succession of British disasters marked the early months of the Boer War of 1899-1902. It was the start of modern warfare: the empty battlefield. A scapegoat was found for thedefects revealed; Redvers Buller,...

Artillery of Words: The Writings of Sir Winston Churchill

by Frederick Woods

During his long lifetime, Sir Winston Churchill wrote 50 books and more than 800 feature articles. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. This book, by the author of "Young Winston's Wars" and "Bibliography...