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One Leg: The Life and Letters of Henry Wiliiam Paget, First Marquess of Anglesey, K.G. 1768-1854

by The Marquess of Anglesey

Henry William Paget, first Marquess of Anglesey, was born more then twenty years before the French Revolution. Like hos famous contemporary the Duke of Wellington, he became a legend during his lifetime. As...

Offshore Ferry Services of England and Scotland: A Useful Guide to the Shipping Lines and Routes

by Peter C. Smith

The United Kingdom comprises thousands of islands and for many centuries transport between the main islands and the outlying communities has required reliable shipping routes, both long and short-haul, for commerce,...


by Lewis Childs

Who were the underdogs who took on British Imperial forces - and beat them? How could an old farmer who had beaten them before (Piet Cronje), and a middle-aged farmer, who did not want to fight them anyway (De...

Fricourt-Mametz: Somme

by Michael Stedman

This is the latest book in the Battleground Europe series focusing on the Somme sector. Full of stories of both endeavour and heartbreak, it deals with action around the Triple Tambour Mine Craters, Bois Francais,...

Famous Scottish Battles

by Philip Warner

The author gives a vivid account of Scottish military history from the coming of the Romans to Scotland to the Battle of Culloden in 1746. There are detailed descriptions of sixteen of the most important battles...

Desert Fire: The Diary of a Cold War Gunner

by Andrew Gillespie

Forming part of the Royal Artillery's historical series, Desert Fire is the Battery Commander of O Battery (The Rockett Troop), 2nd Field Regiment RA's gripping description of the Gulf War. His first-hand account...

Course for Disaster: From Scapa Flow to the River Kwai

by Richard Pool

This is the story of the life at sea, by Naval Officer Richard Pool. He saw the evacuation of Dunkirk, the Fall of Singapore, was sunk of the coast of Malaya and was stranded on a desert island for four months....

Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles

by Ray Westlake

Heavily illustrated account of British regimental shoulder insignia from the 19th century to the present. A must for the collector or those attempting to identify units from photographs.

Collecting Anodised Cap Badges

by Peter Taylor

Anodised cap badges were first produced in 1 948. This guide provides an illustration and listing for over 400 badges used by the British Forces. '

Cavalry: History of Mounted Warfare

by John Ellis

The author explores in detail the history of mounted warfare which in reality is a history of war itself. For over 3,000 years the mounted warrior was a dominant figure, mobility and speed of the horse were...

West Point '41: The Class That Went to War and Shaped America

by Anne Kazel-Wilcox, PJ Wilcox & (Ret. ) Lt. Gen. Edward L. Rowny

The inspiring true story of the West Point class of ’41, which graduated into combat leadership in World War II and went on to shape policy in Korea, during the Cold War, and in Vietnam

Pacific Payback: The Carrier Aviators Who Avenged Pearl Harbor at the Battleof Midway

by Stephen L Moore

Sunday, December 7, 1941, dawned clear and bright over the Pacific....

But for the Dauntless dive-bomber crews of the USS Enterprise returning to their home base on Oahu, it was a morning from hell. Flying directly...

The War Behind the Wire

by Patrick Wilson

Published to coincide with the major 2 part BBC1 series (Autumn 2000) of the same name, War Behind the Wire focuses on the capture, interrogation, the comradeship of camp life, escape planning and forgery techniques,...

The March of the Twenty-Six

by R.F Delderfield

Between the years 1804 and 1815, Napoleon created twenty-six Marshals of France. These men, who held the highest positions in the Empire after Napoleon himself, came from very diverse backgrounds and ranged...

The Deadly Stroke

by Warren Tute

With the defeat of the French forces by the Germans, Winston Churchill was determined that the French fleet would not fall into German hands, and to that end he ordered that every French ship from Alexandria...

The Blockade Busters

by Ralph Barker

Recounts one of the greatest sea stories of World War II. It is the story of how George Binney, a 39 year-old civilian working in neutral Sweden when Norway was overrun by the Germans in 1940, set about running...

Rigging Period Ships Models: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Intricacies of Square-Rig

by Lennarth Petersson

The rigging of period ship models is the most complex task which any modeller has to take on, for an eighteenth-century man-of-war boasted mile on mile of rigging, more than 1,000 blocks, and acres of canvas....

A Nation in Arms

by Ian F W Beckett

The Great War was the first conflict to draw men and women into uniform on a massive scale. From a small regular force of barely 250,000, the British Army rapidly expanded into a national force of over five...

My Darling Children: War from the Lower Deck

by William Griffiths

This is a World War II memoir from the lower deck of the Royal Navy - a story of the ordinary sailor and the perils that he endured in appalling conditions. The author served the best part of a working life...

Mad Mike: Biography of Brigadier Michael Calvert

by David Rooney

This penetrating biography tells the story of his life including his exploits in Norway and the early Commandos. It also uncovers new evidence revealing that his court martial was unjust.