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The Devil's General: The Life of Hyazinth Graf Strachwitz - the "Panzer Graf"

by Raymond Bagdonas

This is the story of the most highly decorated German regimental commander of World War II, known as the "Panzer Graf" (Armored Count). An aristocratic Silesian, whose ancestors had faced the Mongols at Leipzig,...

Fighting Fox Company: The Battling Flank of the Band of Brothers

by Bill Brown & Terry Poyser

Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division has become one of the most famous small units in U.S. history, thanks to Stephen Ambrose's superb book Band of Brothers, followed...

Behind Japanese Lines: With the OSS in Burma

by Richard Dunlop

In early 1942, with World War II going badly, President Roosevelt turned to General William “Wild Bill” Donovan, now known historically as the “Father of Central Intelligence,” with orders to form a special...

On Seas Contested: The Seven Great Navies of the Second World War

by Vincent P. O¿Hara

An international team of naval historians and scholars has pooled their expertise for this definitive reference on how the great navies of World War II were organized and how they trained, operated, and fought....

Europa, Europa

by Solomon Perel

The Inspiration Behind The Golden Globe-Winning Film

"An engrossing and memorable tale."-Jewish Book World

"The sheer emotion of telling the tale is palpable. The whole is moving, and strange beyond belief." -...

A World in Flames: A Short History of the Second World War in Europe and Asia 1939-1945

by Martin Kitchen

A concise account of the war - including the war in Asia and the Pacific as well as the European arena. Covers the formation of the victorious Grand Alliance and to the problems that beset it, and to Nazi Germany's...

Nazi International: The Nazis' Postwar Plan to Control Finance, Conflict, Physics and Space

by Joseph P. Farrell

Physicist and Oxford educated historian Joseph P. Farrell continues his best-selling series of exposés on secret Nazi technology, Nazi survival, and post-war Nazi manipulation of various manufacturing technologies,...

We Remember D-Day

by Frank Shaw & Joan Shaw

'On leaving the plane I can only say I felt very lonely, except that the sky was full of bullets coming upwards. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before my feet hit the ground with a thud. Almost as soon as my...

Eavesdropping on Hell: Historical Guide to Western Communications Intelligence and the Holocaust, 1939-1945

by Robert J. Hanyok

This official government publication explains the archival organization of wartime records for the U.S. Army's Signal Intelligence Service and Britain's Government Code and Cypher School. In addition, it summarizes...

Victory in Europe, 1945: The Last Offensive of World War II

by Charles B. MacDonald

Illustrated and accessible, this report by an eminent army historian recounts the crossing of the Rhine, the liberation of the concentration camps, the battle for Berlin, and other landmark events.

Lapham's Raiders: Guerrillas in the Philippines, 1942-1945

by Robert Lapham & Bernard Norling

" On December 8, 1941, the day after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese invaded the Philippine Islands, catching American forces unprepared and forcing their eventual surrender. Among the American...

The Currents of War: A New History of American-Japanese Relations, 1899-1941

by Sidney L. Pash

From 1899 until the American entry into World War II, U.S. presidents sought to preserve China's territorial integrity in order to guarantee American businesses access to Chinese markets -- a policy famously...

The Great Escape from Stalag Luft III: The Full Story of How 76 Allied Officers Carried Out World War II's Most Remarkable Mass Escape

by Tim Carroll

The true story of one of the most heroic feats of World War II...the daring prison camp breakout that inspired the classic film The Great Escape

Stalag Luft III was one of the Germans' "escape-proof" prison...

Historical Dictionary of World War II: The War against Germany and Italy

by Anne Sharp Wells

The Historical Dictionary of World War II: The War against Germany and Italy relates the history of this war through a chronology, an introductory essay, maps and photos, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary...

German POWs, Der Ruf, and the Genesis of Group 47: The Political Journey of Alfred Andersch and Hans Werner Richter

by Aaron D. Horton

This work traces the lives and careers of German authors Alfred Andersch and Hans Werner Richter,

American Nightingale

by Bob Welch

Of the 350,000 American women in uniform during World War II, none instilled more hope in American GIs than Frances Slanger. In Army fatigues and helmet she splashed ashore with the first nurses to hit the Normandy...

Silent Hunters: German U-boat Commanders of World War II

by Theodore P. Savas

When World War II erupted across Europe in 1939, Germany knew it could not hope to compete with the Royal Navy in a head-to-head naval war. Left with no viable alternatives, the U-Bootwaffe wagered everything...

Air Commandos Against Japan: Allied Special Operations in World War II Burma

by William T. Y'Blood

In 1943 the U.S. Army Air Forces created what would become the Air Commandos, a unit that marked a milestone in tactical operations in support of British ground forces invading Burma. William T. Y'Blood tells...

Torpedo Junction: U-Boat War Off America's East Coast, 1942

by Homer Hickam Jr.

Slaughter at sea—just miles from U.S. soil!

In 1942 German U-boats turned the shipping lanes off Cape Hatteras into a sea of death. Cruising up and down the U.S. eastern seaboard, they sank 259 ships, littering...

The Soviet Union at War 1941-1945

by David Stone

Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 precipitated a massive clash of arms that gave rise to destruction and suffering on an unprecedented scale. The outcome of this ruthless struggle on the Eastern...