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Cruise Through History: Itinerary 1 - London to Rome

by Sherry Hutt

Cruise through History is a collection of short stories grouped by the sequence of many popular cruise itineraries, rather than by country, or period of history. An enjoyable cruise itinerary, particularly for...

Founding Myths: Stories That Hide Our Patriotic Past

by Ray Raphael

First published ten years ago, award-winning historian Ray Raphael’s Founding Myths has since established itself as a landmark of historical myth-busting. With Raphael’s trademark wit and flair, Founding...

The Oral History Manual

by Barbara W. Sommer & Mary Kay Quinlan

The Oral History Manual grounds oral historians in the practice of oral history, taking the reader through the entire process, from the idea for a project through the completed, archived interviews.

The Mind and Art of Abraham Lincoln, Philosopher Statesman: Texts and Interpretations of Twenty Great Speeches

by David Lowenthal

The Mind and Art of Abraham Lincoln, Philosopher Statesman provides the original texts for 20 of Lincoln's speeches alongside a critical analysis of each speech. Arranged in chronological order, these speeches...

History of Oral History: Foundations and Methodology

by Leslie Roy Ballard, Lois E. Myers, Thomas L. Charlton & Rebecca Sharpless et al.

Part I and II of Handbook of Oral History, now available in paper for classroom use.

Thinking about Oral History: Theories and Applications

by Rebecca Sharpless, Lois E. Myers, Thomas L. Charlton & Richard Candida Smith et al.

Part III and IV of Handbook of Oral History, now available in paper for classroom use.

The U.S. Constitution And Fascinating Facts About It

by Terry L. Jordan

In The U.S. Constitution & Fascinating Facts About It you'll see the entire text of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence–and much more! You'll find interesting insights...

Fighting France, from Dunkerque to Belfort

by Edith Wharton

Fighting France: From Dunkerque to Belfort is composed, in part, from magazine articles by the American writer Edith Wharton on her time in France during the First World War, including her visits to the French...

Ancient and Modern Initiation

by Max Heindel

First published in 1909, "Ancient and Modern Initiation" is an enlightened study of Rosicrucian philosophy from one of the esoteric leaders of the 20th century, Max Heindel. 

Heindel, famous mystic and occultist...

History of English Literature

by Andrew Lang

First published in 1912, "History of English Literature" by Andrew Lang is a massive book that covers English literature from Anglo-Saxon literature all the way through to authors like Anthony Trollope and William...

Toward the Visualization of History: The Past as Image

by Mark Moss

This book discusses the impact of visuals on the study of history by examining visual culture and the future of print, providing an analysis of photography, film, television, and computer culture. The author...

The Meditations

by Marcus Aurelius

A series of meditations, divided into 12 books, written as an inner testament to remember the most important people in his life but with a dominant thought about the meaning of existence and the superficiality...

The Engaged Historian

by Stefan Berger

On the surface, historical scholarship might seem thoroughly incompatible with political engagement: the ideal historian, many imagine, is a disinterested observer focused exclusively on the past. In truth,...

Reconsidering Confederation

by Daniel Heidt, Barry Ferguson, Colin Coates & Martin Pâquet et al.

July 1st 1867 is celebrated as Canada's Confederation - the date that Canada became a country. But 1867 was only the beginning. As the country grew from a small dominion to a vast federation encompassing ten...

One Room

by Gail L. Jenner

A fond recollection of the West’s one-room school houses, this book celebrates an American institution with stories of heroism and perseverance. Illustrated with archival images of classrooms and students,...

The Oral History Manual

by Barbara W. Sommer & Mary Kay Quinlan

The Oral History Manual is designed to help anyone interested in doing oral history research to think like an oral historian. Recognizing that oral history is a research methodology, the authors define oral...

The Themes That Bind Us

by Gretchen Oltman, Johnna L. Graff & Cynthia Wood Maddux

Teaching U.S. Supreme Court cases can be a daunting task for any social studies teacher, but this book can ease that process. Carefully aligned with the NCSS’ Ten Themes, this teacher’s guide provides thirty-two...

Contemplating Historical Consciousness

by Anna Clark & Carla L. Peck

The last several decades have witnessed an explosion of new empirical research into representations of the past and the conditions of their production, prompting claims that we have entered a new era in which...

Historia, memoria e integración europea desde el punto de vista de las relaciones transatlánticas de la UE / History, Memory and European Integration from the Point of View of EU Transatlantic Relations

by Jesús Baigorri, Jürgen Elvert & Enrique Moradiellos

Este libro analiza las relaciones históricas y políticas entre Europa y América, y el proceso de integración europea desde el punto de vista de las relaciones transatlánticas de la UE con un enfoque multidisciplinario....

The Art of War

by Deborah Ascher Barnstone & Barbara McCloskey

War and trauma are fundamental human experiences and central to German history, especially in the twentieth century. Since the First World War, which some Germans celebrated as the chance to annihilate the old...