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Cruise Through History: Itinerary 1 - London to Rome

by Sherry Hutt

Cruise through History is a collection of short stories grouped by the sequence of many popular cruise itineraries, rather than by country, or period of history. An enjoyable cruise itinerary, particularly for...

The Oral History Manual

by Barbara W. Sommer & Mary Kay Quinlan

The Oral History Manual grounds oral historians in the practice of oral history, taking the reader through the entire process, from the idea for a project through the completed, archived interviews.

The Mind and Art of Abraham Lincoln, Philosopher Statesman: Texts and Interpretations of Twenty Great Speeches

by David Lowenthal

The Mind and Art of Abraham Lincoln, Philosopher Statesman provides the original texts for 20 of Lincoln's speeches alongside a critical analysis of each speech. Arranged in chronological order, these speeches...

History of Oral History: Foundations and Methodology

by Leslie Roy Ballard, Lois E. Myers, Thomas L. Charlton & Rebecca Sharpless et al.

Part I and II of Handbook of Oral History, now available in paper for classroom use.

Thinking about Oral History: Theories and Applications

by Rebecca Sharpless, Lois E. Myers, Thomas L. Charlton & Richard Candida Smith et al.

Part III and IV of Handbook of Oral History, now available in paper for classroom use.

Toward the Visualization of History: The Past as Image

by Mark Moss

This book discusses the impact of visuals on the study of history by examining visual culture and the future of print, providing an analysis of photography, film, television, and computer culture. The author...

Historia, memoria e integración europea desde el punto de vista de las relaciones transatlánticas de la UE / History, Memory and European Integration from the Point of View of EU Transatlantic Relations

by Enrique Moradiellos, Jürgen Elvert & Jesús Baigorri

Este libro analiza las relaciones históricas y políticas entre Europa y América, y el proceso de integración europea desde el punto de vista de las relaciones transatlánticas de la UE con un enfoque multidisciplinario....

The Art of War

by Barbara McCloskey & Deborah Ascher Barnstone

War and trauma are fundamental human experiences and central to German history, especially in the twentieth century. Since the First World War, which some Germans celebrated as the chance to annihilate the old...

Rise of the Early Roman Republic

by Thomas L. Dynneson

An audaciously daring narrative, this text presents an overview of the early history of Rome, focusing the reader’s attention to those distinctive and often hidden cultural features that contributed to create...

Erika and Klaus Mann

by Beverley Driver Eddy

Erika and Klaus Mann: Living with America provides new insights into the lives of Thomas Mann’s two eldest children, by focusing on their years in America. It begins with Erika and Klaus Mann’s self-promotional...

Led by Ted

by William J. O’Connor

Led by Ted: New Stories for Old Notre Dame Relay where real success is success for others (William J. OConnor). Great job (Lou Holtz). A small book with great thought (Ara Parseghian).

A New Citizenry in an Old South

by LeRoy Butler Jr.

A New Citizenry In An Old South tells the story of the establishment and expansion of the first black congregation of the Church of Christ in the state of Georgia. Set in the middle of the Great Depression in...

Mother Knows Best - the New Story of Notre Dame

by Atty. William O'Connor

Its your leg on the relay now.*so Lets go, because while players come and go, teammates last forever, at home, at work, whatever the field of play. There

your friends, your spouse, and your children are waiting...

First Writers—The Sumerians

by Gary Arthur Thomson

Sumerians were the ?rst people to write. Using a sharp three-cornered stylus, they wrote on claysmall wedge-shapes called cuneiform. With writing, Sumerians turned the corner from prehistory to history! After...

The Piano Teacher’S Great Recital

by Marsha V. Poulin

Miss Blackberry, the gifted pianist and piano teacher, takes her three piano students, Lena, Thomas, and Andrew, on an exciting musical adventure where they travel back in time to meet the world famous musician,...

Transcending Time with Thomas Jefferson

by Stephen D. Hanson

Many people have wondered what the Founding Fathers were thinking when they wrote the Constitution. Now you can find out directly from Thomas Jefferson. In a series of fictionalized interviews, Transcending...

AP® U.S. History Crash Course, 4th Ed.,  Book + Online

by Larry Krieger

Publisher’s Note: For updates to the first printing of the 4th edition of REA’s Crash Course® for AP® United States History, please visit www.rea.com/apush2018update

AP® U.S. History Crash Course® –...

The 'Stolpersteine' and the Commemoration of Life, Death and Government

by Lars Östman

Since the beginning of the 1990s, the German artist Gunter Demnig has been installing his Stolpersteine [Stumbling Stones] all over Europe – including Russia – to commemorate the victims of National Socialism....

The Egregious English

by Thomas William Hodgson Crosland

The Egregious English written by Thomas William Hodgson Crosland a British author, poet and journalist. This book is one of many works by him which first published in 1903. And now republish in ebook format....

How to Read a History Book

by Marshall T. Poe

A deconstruction of the modern history book as artifact, How to Read a History Book explains who writes history books, how the writers are trained, and why they write them. It also discusses genre, bias (political...