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The US Marine Corps in the Vietnam War: III Marine Amphibious Force 1965-75

by Ed Gilbert

This book covers the US Marine Corps in the Vietnam War, centring on the structure and function of the two Fleet Marine Force (FMF) divisions and the corps command level, III Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF)....

The Shame and the Sorrow: Dutch-Amerindian Encounters in New Netherland

by Donna Merwick

During the forty years of the Dutch presence in colonial America, their intrusion led to the betrayal of their own values and the betrayal of the indigenous peoples. They reaped the shame of reproaching themselves...

Albert Sidney Johnston: Soldier of Three Republics

by Charles P. Roland

" With a new foreword by Gary W. Gallagher Selected as one of the best one hundred books ever written on the Civil War by Civil War Times Illustrated and by Civil War: The Magazine of the Civil War Society A...

An Age of Infidels: The Politics of Religious Controversy in the Early United States

by Eric R. Schlereth

Eric R. Schlereth places religious conflicts between deists and their opponents at the center of early American public life. This history recasts the origins of cultural politics in the United States by exploring...

Three Kentucky Tragedies

by Richard Taylor

" Here are three tragedies from early Kentucky history: the defeat of a small army of Kentuckians by Indians at Blue Licks in 1782, the murder of a slave by two of Thomas Jefferson's nephews in western Kentucky...

Seasons of War

by Daniel E. Sutherland

The story of Culpeper County, Virginia, is a unique one in Civil War history. Nestled in one of the South’s most strategically important locations, it was occupied by the Northern army, recaptured by the Confederacy,...

Virginians at War: The Civil War Experiences of Seven Young Confederates

by John G. Selby

Virginians at War is the tale of seven Virginians who strongly supported the Confederacy from beginning to end. Their stories illustrate how devotion to the "cause" of independence, religious faith, family and...

Empires of God: Religious Encounters in the Early Modern Atlantic

by Linda Gregerson & Susan Juster

Focusing on the formative period of European exploration, settlement, and conquest in the Americas, from roughly 1500 to 1760, Empires of God brings together literary scholars and historians of the English,...

Policy and Economic Performance in Divided Korea during the Cold War Era: 1945-91

by Nicholas Eberstadt

In Policy and Economic Performance in Divided Korea during the Cold War Era: 1945-91, Eberstadt presents an impressive compilation of hard-to-find comparative data on economic performance for the Democratic...

The Head in Edward Nugent's Hand: Roanoke's Forgotten Indians

by Michael Leroy Oberg

Examines Ralegh's plan to create an English empire in the New World but also the attempts of native peoples to make sense of the newcomers who threatened to transform their world in frightening ways.

Three Peoples, One King: Loyalists, Indians, and Slaves in the American Revolutionary South, 1775-1782

by Jim Piecuch

A new understanding of the wartime roles and fates of three groups who stood with Britain against colonial rebels.

Revolutionary War Quiz and Fact Book

by Jonathan N. Hall

More than 600 intriguing questions and answers about not only the American Revolutionary War, but also about all aspects of political, social, and military history of the period.

Diary of an Airborne Ranger: A LRRP's Year in the Combat Zone

by Frank Johnson

Perhaps the most accurate story of LRRPs at war

ever to appear in print!

When Frank Johnson arrived in Vietnam in 1969, he was nineteen, a young soldier untested in combat like thousands of others--but with two...

Haskell of Gettysburg: His Life and Civil War Papers

by Frank L. Byrne

All students of the Civil War are indebted to Frank Haskell for his classic description of the battle of Gettysburg. A lieutenant on the staff of John Gibbon, Haskell stood at the focus of the Confederate assault...

Medical Histories of Union Generals

by MD, Jack D Welsh

During the Civil War, the majority of the 583 Union generals studied here were afflicted by disease, injured by accidents, or suffered wounds. Following the war, they often suffered lingering diseases and the...

Major McKinley, William McKinley & The Civil Wa

by William H Armstrong

Major McKinley is the first complete account of the Civil War service of President William McKinley, the last of the Civil War veterans to reach the White House and the only one who served in the ranks. McKinley...

Struggle for the Shenandoah

by Gary W. Gallagher

Few geographical regions played a more critical role in the American Civil War than the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. At no time did the Valley loom larger on the military landscape than in the late summer...

Medical Histories of Confederate Generals

by MD, Jack D Welsh

FROM OFFICIAL RECORDS, personal letters, and postwar memoirs, Jack D. Welsh, M.D., has compiled the medical histories of 425 Confederate generals. The generals' early military experience, at West Point and in...

The Plantation Mistress

by Catherine Clinton

This pioneering study of the much-mythologized Southern belle offers the first serious look at the lives of white women and their harsh and restricted place in the slave society before the Civil War. Drawing...

An Open Door of Liberty

by Nick McNaughton

An Open Door of Liberty is about how religious freedom came to be an important part of the basic law of the United States. There has been much discussion and some controversy over the years as to what a religiously...