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The Storm of the Century

by Al Roker

In this gripping narrative history, Al Roker from NBC’s Today and the Weather Channel vividly examines the deadliest natural disaster in American history—a haunting and inspiring tale of tragedy, heroism,...

State Facts for Fun! Texas

by Wyatt Michaels

Far from boring, State Facts for Fun! Texas is an educational and entertaining experience for the whole family. Kids will love the humor and pictures that are contained within; while parents will love that their...

Cities of Gold: A Journey Across the American Southwest

by Douglas Preston & Walter W. Nelson

This new ebook edition of Cities of Gold includes for very first time over 100 never-before-published photographs taken during the author’s epic, thousand mile horseback journey across Arizona and New Mexico....

Buffalo Bill's Life Story: An Autobiography

by William Fredrick Cody

Thrilling yarns of buffalo hunts, Indian life, and riding with the Pony Express abound in this exciting memoir of life in the Old West. Illustrations by N. C. Wyeth.

Memoirs, Episodes in New Mexico History, 1892-1969: Facsimile of 1969 Edition

by William A. Keleher

William A. Keleher always had an active curiosity and this made him an outstanding newspaperman and an indefatigable researcher of historical events. It led him into many intellectual adventures that resulted...

Komatke Gold

by Benjamin Vance

An adventure novel dealing with brutal murders, smuggling, archeological discovery, and a life's validation.

An unsuspecting retired military officer attempts to retrace steps of early manhood by revisiting...

Texas Boys In Gray

by Evault Boswell

Based on a 1912 publication about Texans who fought for the South in the Civil War, Texas Boys in Gray presents a collection of fascinating remembrances of those who were there. Sometimes humorous and sometimes...

Jose Maria de Jesus Carvajal: The Life and Times of a Mexican Revolutionary

by Joseph E. Chance

Both a biography of the titular Mexican reformer and a study of the events that shaped the Mexican-U.S. border, this book examines the challenges faced by Carvajal during the turbulent decades of the early to...


by John D. Pihach

Born the son of a Wyandot Chief in Kansas in 1849, Irvin Mudeater was a celebrated buffalo hunter—killing 126 in just one day—who ran wagon trains to Santa Fe, was caught up in the Civil War, and lived as...

Texas Bad Girls: Hussie, Harlots, and Horse Thieves

by J. Lee Butts

Sometimes humorous, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes deeply sad and moving - such are the biographies of fifteen Texas bad girls. Husband killers, run-of-the-mill murderers, whorehouse madams, prostitutes,...

King Ranch Story: Truth and Myth

by Mona D. Sizer

The King Ranch Story is the love story of an ambitious young man and his dream of creating a great empire on Texas land. It's about the love between a man and woman, Captain Richard King and his wife Henrietta...

Nine Years Among the Indians, 1870-1879

by Herman Lehmann

Here is a genuine Little Big Man story, with all the color, sweep, and tragedy of a classic American western. It is the tale of Herman Lehmann, a captive of the Apaches on the Southern Plains of Texas and New...

From Huhugam to Hohokam

by J. Brett Hill, William H. Doelle, Bernard Siquieros & David Martínez

In From Huhugam to Hohokam: Heritage and Archaeology in the American Southwest, J. Brett Hill examines the history of O’odham heritage as it was recorded at the beginning of European conquest. A parallel history...

The Black Legend

by Doug Hocking

In 1861, war between the United States and the Chiricahua seemed inevitable. The Apache band lived on a heavily traveled Emigrant and Overland Mail Trail and routinely raided it, organized by their leader, the...

A Priest, A Prostitute, and Some Other Early Texans

by Don Blevins

This unique collection of short biographies of the Lone Star State’s most colorful characters includes headliners Father Miguel Muldoon, the Irish-Spanish Catholic priest and diplomat who helped convert Protestants...

Ten-Gallon War

by John Eisenberg

“It’s every bit as fascinating to read about the battles between the Cowboys and the Texans as it is to follow today’s never-ending NFL dramas.” —Mike Florio, ProFootballTalk

In the 1960s, on the heels...

Texas Haunted Forts

by Elaine Coleman

The forts of Texas, once teeming with soldiers, settlers and Native Americans, today stand like silent sentinels, abandoned to the ravages of sun, wind, and time. Their legends and stories are ghostly reminders...

Old West Showdown

by Bill Markley & Kellen Cutsforth

Drawing on fact and folklore, dueling authors Bill Markley and Kellen Cutsforth present opposing viewpoints pertaining to controversies surrounding some of the most well-known characters and events in the history...

300 Years of San Antonio & Bexar County

by Claudia Guerra & Char Miller

  • 300 year history of San Antonio released in celebration of the city's tricentennial; celebrated throughout 2018
  • First history of its kind
  • Almost 100 essays varying in length celebrating the diverse history of...

  • Bob and Helen Kleberg of King Ranch

    by Helen Kleberg Groves, Anne and Tobin Armstrong & Bill Benson

    King Ranch. The name is embroidered in the tapestry of Texas, rising from the sunbaked coastal plains in the infancy of the state itself. King Ranch is the inspiration of legends and speculation, tradition and...