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The Storm of the Century

by Al Roker

In this gripping narrative history, Al Roker from NBC’s Today and the Weather Channel vividly examines the deadliest natural disaster in American history—a haunting and inspiring tale of tragedy, heroism,...

State Facts for Fun! Texas

by Wyatt Michaels

Far from boring, State Facts for Fun! Texas is an educational and entertaining experience for the whole family. Kids will love the humor and pictures that are contained within; while parents will love that their...

Empire of the Summer Moon

by S. C. Gwynne

In the tradition of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, a stunningly vivid historical account of the forty-year battle between Comanche Indians and white settlers for control of the American West, centering on Quanah,...

Buffalo Bill's Life Story: An Autobiography

by William Fredrick Cody

Thrilling yarns of buffalo hunts, Indian life, and riding with the Pony Express abound in this exciting memoir of life in the Old West. Illustrations by N. C. Wyeth.

Memoirs, Episodes in New Mexico History, 1892-1969: Facsimile of 1969 Edition

by William A. Keleher

William A. Keleher always had an active curiosity and this made him an outstanding newspaperman and an indefatigable researcher of historical events. It led him into many intellectual adventures that resulted...

Texas Boys In Gray

by Evault Boswell

Based on a 1912 publication about Texans who fought for the South in the Civil War, Texas Boys in Gray presents a collection of fascinating remembrances of those who were there. Sometimes humorous and sometimes...

The Complete History of New Mexico

by Kevin McIlvoy

"Compelling and complex . . . Strange and wonderful."

The New York Times Book Review, in praise of McIlvoy's previous fiction

I am going to write about the state of New Mexico and put in some maps and stuff...

Jose Maria de Jesus Carvajal: The Life and Times of a Mexican Revolutionary

by Joseph E. Chance

Both a biography of the titular Mexican reformer and a study of the events that shaped the Mexican-U.S. border, this book examines the challenges faced by Carvajal during the turbulent decades of the early to...

Texas Bad Girls: Hussie, Harlots, and Horse Thieves

by J. Lee Butts

Sometimes humorous, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes deeply sad and moving - such are the biographies of fifteen Texas bad girls. Husband killers, run-of-the-mill murderers, whorehouse madams, prostitutes,...

King Ranch Story: Truth and Myth

by Mona D. Sizer

The King Ranch Story is the love story of an ambitious young man and his dream of creating a great empire on Texas land. It's about the love between a man and woman, Captain Richard King and his wife Henrietta...

The Good, the Bad, the Butlers:

by Charles L. Olmsted

Despite his challenges as a deaf-mute, Burnell Butler was one of those who dreamed of a better life in Texas. Lured by all the twenty-eighth state offered, Butler, his wife, twelve children, and seven slaves...

The Wall That Failed

by Evelyn Rossler Stroder

A wall that was five feet high and built of concrete, rock, and mortar split Crane, Texas, in half more than a half century agowith blacks on one side and whites on the other. Evelyn Rossler Stroder, a longtime...

The Texas Miracle

by John Marshall

In The Texas Miracle, author John Marshall offers a detailed examination of the largest political fraud in Texas since the Sharpstown scandal in the early 1970s. An extension of his earlier book, Playing Possum,...

Underground Prescott

by Patricia Ireland-Williams

Underground Prescott is a historical look at the old west in Arizona's first territorial capitol, Prescott, Arizona. There are many stories about life underground whether it be passageways, tunnels, catacombs,...

The Cradle of Texas Road

by Robin Navarro Montgomery & Joy Montgomery

The region north of Houston, Texas, is a cultural enclave of communities and sites distinctive in Texas history. Here, significant contributions to the history of the great state of Texas emerged, along with...

A Hill Country Paradise?

by Elaine Perkins

In the mid-1800s, land speculators said that Western Travis County in Texas would be a paradise, a perfect place to grow crops, raise livestock, and build a life. Settlers were seduced by such stories, and many...

The Longest Flight

by Shirley Woodhouse Murdock

It started as an innocent challenge and through sheer determination and pure tenacity, it developed into one of the greatest and most successful promotions ever conducted in the state of Arizona.

Deep in the Brush Country

by Lucille Thomas Kruse

Take a journey deep into South Texas, where Lucille Thomas Kruse grows up as a young girl in Falfurrias during the 1920s and 1930s.

The Thomas familys fate is determined when Grandfather Thomas moves all his...

Historic Houston: How to See It

by Lucinda Freeman

In HISTORIC HOUSTON: HOW TO SEE IT, Lucinda Freeman brings Houstons history to life by coupling entertaining stories that highlight influential personalities and key historical events with day-trip itineraries,...

Rangers and Sovereignty

by Daniel W. Roberts

This eBook edition of "Rangers and Sovereignty" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Rangers and Sovereignty is an autobiography written by Captain...