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Children during the Holocaust

by Patricia Heberer

This compelling book tells the story of the Holocaust through the eyes, and fates, of its youngest victims. Following the arc of the persecutory policies of the Nazis and their sympathizers and the impact these...

Politics in Color and Concrete: Socialist Materialities and the Middle Class in Hungary

by Krisztina Fehérváry

Material culture in Eastern Europe under state socialism is remembered as uniformly gray, shabby, and monotonous-the worst of postwar modernist architecture and design. Politics in Color and Concrete revisits...

Historical Dictionary of Austria

by Paula Sutter Fichtner

This second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Austria has been thoroughly updated and greatly expanded. Greater attention has been given to foreign affairs, economic institutions and policies, Austrian...

Comical Modernity

by Heidi Hakkarainen

Though long associated with a small group of coffeehouse elites around the turn of the twentieth century, Viennese “modernist” culture had roots that extended much earlier, and beyond the rarefied sphere...

The Fall of the Dynasties

by Edmon Taylor

The Fall of the Dynasties: The Collapse of the Old Order, 1905-1922 is remarkable account of the early twentieth century that uncovers the origins of the First World War as well as explaining how European power...

Double Emperor

by Chip Wagar

For forty-three years, Francis I of Austria ruled a vast heterogenous Empire that came to dominate the continent of Europe. Ascending Charlemagne’s thousand-year throne of the Holy Roman Empire at the age...

Hitler's Austria

by Evan Burr Bukey

Although Austrians comprised only 8 percent of the population of Hitler's Reich, they made up 14 percent of SS members and 40 percent of those involved in the Nazis' killing operations. This was no coincidence....

Embers of Empire

by Paul Miller & Claire Morelon

The end of World War I and the collapse of the Habsburg Monarchy marked a period of radical change for East-Central European political structures and national identities. Yet after the dust had cleared, this...

The Art of Resistance

by Allyson Fiddler

Well before the far-right resurgence that has most recently transformed European politics, Austria’s 1999 parliamentary elections surprised the world with the unexpected success of the Freedom Party of Austria...

Historia, memoria e integración europea desde el punto de vista de las relaciones transatlánticas de la UE / History, Memory and European Integration from the Point of View of EU Transatlantic Relations

by Jesús Baigorri, Jürgen Elvert & Enrique Moradiellos

Este libro analiza las relaciones históricas y políticas entre Europa y América, y el proceso de integración europea desde el punto de vista de las relaciones transatlánticas de la UE con un enfoque multidisciplinario....

The Art of War

by Deborah Ascher Barnstone & Barbara McCloskey

War and trauma are fundamental human experiences and central to German history, especially in the twentieth century. Since the First World War, which some Germans celebrated as the chance to annihilate the old...

Rise of the Early Roman Republic

by Thomas L. Dynneson

An audaciously daring narrative, this text presents an overview of the early history of Rome, focusing the reader’s attention to those distinctive and often hidden cultural features that contributed to create...

Erika and Klaus Mann

by Beverley Driver Eddy

Erika and Klaus Mann: Living with America provides new insights into the lives of Thomas Mann’s two eldest children, by focusing on their years in America. It begins with Erika and Klaus Mann’s self-promotional...

A Fleet in Being

by Russell Phillips

The Kaiserliche und Königliche Kriegsmarine – The Austro-Hungarian Navy – was in at the beginning of World War I when Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie lay in state aboard its flagship, and at...

A History of Montenegro

by Francis Seymour Stevenson

The historical interest that attaches to Montenegro is utterly out of proportion to the space that country occupies on the surface of the earth. With the exception of the politically insignificant republics...

A History of Germany

by Bayard Taylor

The Germans form one of the most important branches of the Indo-Germanic or Aryan race—a division of the human family which also includes the Hindoos, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Celts, and the Slavonic tribes....

Elizabeth - Empress of Austria

by George Upton

On the ninth of September, 1888, an unusual event occurred in the princely house of Wittelsbach. Maximilian Joseph, the head of the ducal line of Vorpfalz-Zweibrucken-Birkenfeld, and his wife Ludovica (Louise),...

The Making of the Balkan States

by William Murray

THE interference of nations in the internal affairs of other countries, although once a more common thing than it is to-day, has continued to play an important role in the creation of new states. This has happened...

The Era of Metternich

by Carlton Hayes

CERTAIN basic principles in society and in politics were proclaimed by the French Revolution. The Napoleonic Era served to communicate them to Europe. The ensuing period was marked by a bitter struggle within...

The Age of Bismarck

by Thomas Henry Dyer

THE period which elapsed between the close of the Crimean war and the establishment of the German Empire at the beginning of 1871, may be said to contain events of more importance as regards the European system...