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History of the Peloponnesian War

by Thucydides & Richard Crawley

Thucydides' chronicle of the disastrous 27-year conflict between Athens and Sparta resonates with tales of heroism and villainy, deeds of courage and desperation, and the eternal folly of human conflict.

Historical Dictionary of Modern Greece

by Dimitris Keridis

The Historical Dictionary of Modern Greece explores the modern history of this country through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on important...

The Byzantine Empire

by Charles Oman

"The Byzantine Empire" covers the history of the Eastern Roman Empire from late antiquity until the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD. The author gives the complete insight into the fascinating empire which...

The Man with the Black Worrybeads

by George N. Rumanes

In the port of Pireaus, Greece, the early summer rains stopped and the clouds cleared away. The sun, slowly gliding onto the sea, cast its last rays on the German fleet. After the night patrols ran past and...

The British and the Greek Resistance, 1936–1944

by Andre Gerolymatos

Between 1941 and 1944, the Germans and the Italians imposed a brutal occupation of Greece. This, as well as the outbreak of famine, drove many Greeks to join a variety of resistance movements in the mountains....

Hellenic History

by George Botsford

In the history of the Greeks the centre of interest lies, not in their peninsula, but in the coasts and islands of the Aegean sea, which collectively formed the very heart of Hellas. It was not till they had...

Echoes from the Cobblestones

by Nicholas A. Kefalides

Nicholas A. Kefalides recalls a time when the heavy boots of invading armies echoed off the cobblestone streets of Greece, where he was born and spent his childhood and youth. Kefalides memories begin with the...

House Ascendant

by S. W. Bardot

House Ascendant presents the comings-of-age of the epic hero and his best friend by homeland Greece; theyre both famous from The Odyssey by Homer, although the book assumes our readers have not the least knowledge...

Rhodes and the Holocaust

by Isaac Benatar

Rhodes and the Holocaust is the story of La Juderia, the Jewish community that once lived and flourished on Rhodes Island, the largest of the twelve Dodecanese islands in the Mediterranean Sea near the coast...


by Theodore Ayrault Dodge

Dodge here vividly reconstructs every major battle of Alexander's brilliant military career.

Theodore Ayrault Dodge (1842 – 1909) was an American officer and military historian. He fought as a Union officer...

Studies in Greek Scenery, Legend and History

by James George Frazer

It may be reckoned a peculiar piece of good fortune that among the wreckage of classical literature the Description of Greece by Pausanias should have come down to us entire. In this work we possess a plain,...

Black Ships and Sea Raiders

by Jeffrey P. Emanuel

The Late Bronze Age ended with a bang in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean: palaces and empires collapsed, from Greece to Egypt; coastal territories were beset by pirates and marauders; migratory peoples...

The Influence of the Greek Mind on Modern Life

by Richard C. Jebb

This book treats of the Influence of the Greek Mind on Modern Life.

“The vital power of the Greek spirit was indeed not fully disclosed until, after suffering a partial eclipse in the Macedonian age, it emerged...

They Did All the Dirty Work in Ancient Greece: Slaves and Soldiers - Ancient History Illustrated | Children's Ancient History

by Baby Professor

Think of the ancient Greek society like a ladder. The bottom steps are always the slaves and the soldiers while the high steps are the aristocrats. The slaves and the soldiers lived pitiful lives doing all the...

What Was Daily Living Like in a Typical Greek Town? History Books for Kids | Children's History Books

by Baby Professor

You don’t need to step into a time machine to know what life was like in a typical Greek Town. You can simply open this book to be transported to the olden times. If you do, you will begin to see how societies...

Terror By Night

by Alan Ogden

In the Aegean, between 1943 and 1945, the Raiding Forces – a combination of British Special Forces (primarily the SBS) and the Greek Sacred Squadron – established a reign of terror and suspense in the hearts...

The Church of Greece under Axis Occupation

by Panteleymon Anastasakis

This study examines the response of the Greek clergy to the experience of enemy occupation during World War II. In particular, it evaluates how these men reacted to Axis brutality, the nationwide famine, the...

Egyptians, Greeks and Romans: Powerful Ancient Nations

by Baby Professor

Take a stroll back in the ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome with this historical reference book. It discusses the powerful ancient nations and their numerous contributions in the world history, economy, politics,...

Ancient Greece: 2nd Grade History Book | Children's Ancient History Edition

by Baby Professor

Is it possible, at all, to visit ancient Greece without leaving the comforts of home? Of course, it is! You have this educational book to take you where you want to go in Athens. The next pages will tell you...

Early American Civilization (Mayans, Incas and Aztecs): 2nd Grade History Book | Children's Ancient History Edition

by Baby Professor

Life was not always as it is today. A lot has changed over the years. So many people placed their lives on the line to influence the modern-day American culture and tradition; that’s why it’s important your...