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Compost for Your Garden - Better Crops, Lower Costs

by Maggie Norris

Yeah, yeah there's nothing "sexy" about compost is there? Or is there? If you have been gardening for some time with less than optimum results, maybe you need to rethink your current strategy. For instance,...

Simple Guide to Growing Herbs - Fresh Herbs for Your Family!

by Bryan Wallace

I will show you how to plant and grow them, and give you some basic information about using them. Gardening of any kind always has risks. Many times, the results you get are more dependent on the conditions...

Cleaning the Easy Way! - Less Time, No Stress!

by Amanda Pearson

If you follow the suggestions in my ebook, your cleaning can take less time and effort and be fitted in with your family situation and other commitments. This book will show you a system which is very flexible....

Easy Fruit Growing Guide - Cheap Healthy and Fresh!

by Patty Clifton

Nothing is better tasting than anything freshly grown. Add in the sweetness factor and most of us are in heaven! I want to show readers how easy it is to add flavor and color to their gardens with tasty fruit....

Lessons from Our Rocket Mass Heater

by Ray Dudley & Randi Dudley

A companion guide to the manuals about how to build a rocket mass heater. This book gives tips, lessons and resources acquired from an actual heater build. More of a "How we..." rather than a "How to..." type...

Caring for Roses: Learn How to Grow Roses from Seeds, from Cuttings, in the Ground, in Containers...

by Michelle A. Rohn

Roses can truly add color, elegance, warmth, and richness to any kind of setting or occasion. They are also widely available. Almost all florists and gift shops give you instant access to these lovely flowers....

The Simple Home

by Charles Keeler

ALL the arts are modes of expressing the One Ideal; but the ideal must be rooted in the soil of the real, the practical, the utilitarian. Thus it happens that architecture, the most utilitarian of the arts,...

Interior and Exterior Doors: Different Types and Brands for Your Home

by Michael Cimicata

Doors serve a huge purpose in your home. Not only do they define the look, but they also contain sound and heat in the various rooms of the house. The quality of the interior or exterior door that you buy will...

Having Fun During Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, and Halloween (4 eBook Bundle)

by Michael Cimicata

The holidays are an amazing time to get together with family and friends, and enjoy yourself. However, many people simply don't know what to do during these holidays. These ebooks are geared towards filling...

Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets: Choosing One That Works and Looks Great

by Michael Cimicata

When it comes to decorating your home, your choice of kitchen and bathroom faucets will make a HUGE difference in the way that it looks. You can have a completely remodeled bathroom with marble tiles al throughout...

Easter: Crafts, Decorations, Recipe Ideas, and More

by Michael Cimicata

Easter is a very special holiday for both children and adults alike. It allows children to experience a belief in the legendary Easter Bunny, and adults to get together with their family members to share some...

The Foolproof Way to Grow Marijuana Indoors : The Organic Medical Cannabis Growing Guide

by Dain Kohler

There are a lot of books out there on how to grow cannabis, but this book may very well be the best book for someone who wants to grow cannabis indoors for the first time. The vast majority of cannabis growing...

Owning a Pool 101: Essential Information for Swimming Pool Owners

by Michael Cimicata

Owning a pool is a huge responsibility, and new swimming pool owners can truly be overwhelmed with information. Rather than providing you with every piece of information in the book, I chose to fill this ebook...

Saltwater Aquarium Fish: The Best Ones to Buy for Your Tank

by Michael Cimicata

Buying fish for a saltwater aquarium can actually be a huge decision. Their prices range from $4 to well over $400. However, with the right information, someone can easily buy the best saltwater aquarium fish...

The First-Time Home Buyer's Handbook

by Michael Cimicata

Being a first-time home buyer is definitely a fun experience; however, it can be confusing and hectic at the same time. Getting your purchase offer accepted is only half of the battle. There are many things...

How to Paint Your Own House: Save Thousands By Doing It Yourself

by Michael Cimicata

Anybody can save thousands of dollars by painting their own house. It is a simple step-by-step process that can be followed by absolutely anybody. This ebook provides you with the exact process that you need...

DIY Hacks and Tips for Homeowners

by Michael Cimicata

Many homeowners like to do work around their house themselves for more than a few reasons. Not only does it allow them to save money, but it also allows them to ensure that the job is done properly, and that...

A Christmas Lover's Guide to Having the Best Holiday Ever

by Michael Cimicata

Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year. Many people want to have an amazing time during the Christmas season, but simply don't have the ideas or knowledge of how to do so. This ebook outlines...

Home Sweet Home - The 10 Ebook Home Collection

by M Osterhoudt

Home Sweet Home! Make your home even sweeter with this 10 ebook collection of everything you need to keep your home clean, clutter free and a place you can't wait to come home to. These ebooks will guide you...

Home and Garden

by M Osterhoudt

Become a super human as you speed clean your home, get rid of mosquitos, build a gold fish pond and stone fire pit, clean out the clutter and keep it real! This 11 ebook collection will guide you through cleaning...