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Your Container Gardening Guide - Big Results from Small Spaces

by Wendell Avery

Container gardening is just as the name implies. It's using a container to create lovely landscapes indoors or out. While this is the perfect solution for those who have no yards to speak of, don't limit yourself...

Guide to Your Own Greenhouse Growing

by Deedee Moore

If you enjoy truly fresh fruits and vegetables take the step and learn how you can have these tasty commodities year round! How Would You Like To Be Able To Discover Which Greenhouse Is Right For Your Needs,...

How to Interior Decorating Tips

by Deedee Moore

Decorate like a celebrity? Yes you can! Now enjoy your new surroundings! Interior decorating is definitely a matter of personal preference and style about interior design and this ebook provides a lot of ways...

Bonsai Techniques - How to Grow Your Bonsai Masterpieces

by Deedee Moore

In this ebook, we will introduce you to bonsai techniques and how to grow your own bonsai masterpieces. The beauty of bonsai is that there is no definitive "right way" to do it. We can offer up tips and tricks...

Organic Gardening Guide for Beginners

by Deedee Moore

How to organic gardening? I wrote this book as a simple guide to organic gardening practices and benefits for people that want to use more sustainable methods in their gardening and get the best results with...

How to Grow Roses? - Growing Your Own Great Rose Garden

by Deedee Moore

There are too many types of roses to list them all here, but this manual will be your comprehensive guide to planting and caring for your very own roses. By using this guide you will learn to: • Plant your...

How to Lawn Care By Yourself?

by Deedee Moore

A charming looking lawn doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars or require the use of a professional lawn care service. All you need is information on how to lawn care by yourself. How do you achieve that?...

The Weekend Gardener - The Busy Person's Guide to a Beautiful Backyard Garden

by Victor K. Pryles

What if you could have it all? A beautiful, restful garden that beckons to be enjoyed. And, what if you could do it in just a few hours every weekend? Impossible? Not at all! The Weekend Gardener truly is the...

The Art of Japanese Bonsai Trees - How to Grow and Train Dwarf Trees Like a Bonsai Master

by Kan Yashiroda & Sam Gardener

If you are looking to learn all you need to know about Bonsai, how to plant a Bonsai tree, trees for Bonsai, grow and maintain trees for Bonsai, then "The Art of Japanese Bonsai by Bonsai master Kan Yashiroda...

Handywoman's Home Repairs

by Gloria Rae

Do you have a "honey do" list? I think every woman in the world must have one. It's that list that gets tacked up on the refrigerator. The list that has all of the "stuff" in the house that needs fixing. You...

Home Remodeling Secrets - How to Create a Beautiful Home On a Shoestring Budget!

by Sal Vannutini

Why should you consider Home Remodeling Secrets? •A fresh coat of paint makes your home look clean and fresh. Take the guesswork out of colors, types and amount of paint required. •What about wallpaper?...

Scrapbooking Life's Great Moments - The Complete Guide to 100's of Scrapbooking Ideas

by Jan Sawyer & Ryan Sawyer

"Scrapbooking - Life's Great Moments" reveals insider secrets and tips to spare yourself hours of frustration and costly mistakes. Scrapbooks aren't just about photos anymore. Experimenting with different textures...

Understanding Orchids - The Gardener's Complete Guide to Growing, Drying and Selling Orchids

by Terry Ploughman

If you have any questions whatsoever about orchids, you'll find the answer in "Understanding Orchids." Take a look: What Makes An Orchid An Orchid? Orchid Species - Common Types of Orchids Basic Culture of Orchids...

The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Greenhouse

by Max Clarke

If you enjoy truly fresh fruits and vegetables take the step and learn how you can have these tasty commodities year round! Building your own greenhouse may sound like a daunting task, but it really isn't. Whether...

Engraving Glass: A Beginner's Guide

by Boyd Graham

Step-by-step instructions for diamond burr engraving. Four complete projects plus expert advice on choosing glass, lighting and arranging finished pieces, much more. 117 illustrations. List of Supply Sources....

Understanding Cyclamen Plant - The Gardener's Complete Guide to Growing and Caring for Cyclamen

by Deedee Moore

How to take good care of your cyclamen plants? The Gardener's Complete Guide to grow your beautiful cyclamen. You will read in this ebook: Morphological Features Growth Habit Propagation 1. Seed Propagation...

Beautiful Detail, Photographs of Flowers & Insects In a British Garden

by Andrew Betts

Beautiful pictures of flowers and insects in a modern British garden.

Backyard Building: Treehouses, Sheds, Arbors, Gates, and Other Garden Projects (Countryman Know How)

by Jean Stiles & David Stiles

Here is the very best of backyard building: Popular building authors Jeanie and David Stiles—whose treehouse once garnered a spread in Architectural Digest—have gathered dozens of original plans for treehouses,...

Tiny House Living: Ideas For Building and Living Well In Less than 400 Square Feet

by Ryan Mitchell

Tiny House, Large Lifestyle!

Tiny homes are popping up across America, captivating people with their novel approach not only to housing, but to life. Once considered little more than a charming oddity, the tiny...

How to Buy a House

by Kirstie Allsopp & Phil Spencer

Buying a house should be one of the most rewarding things you can do, but it?s also one of biggest financial commitments you?ll ever make so not surprisingly it can be very stressful.

In How to Buy a House, professional...