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Practically Green

by Micaela Preston

Simple steps for sustainable living

Creating a green and healthy home might seem like an overwhelming task at times. Practically Green takes the practical approach to mindful living: Start small and go from...

Building Today's Green Home

by Art Smith

Make Your Green Home a Reality!

The modern dream home is practical, but doesn't sacrifice quality, and uses sustainable and easily maintained building materials. Building the right-sized green home involves...

The Truth About Grape Growing and Wine Making: Discover the Secret Art of Becoming a Grape and Wine Expert

by Robert Taylor

Hi, my name is Robert Taylor and I am an expert in grape growing and wine making I know how hard it is to growing your own vineyard There are a lot of misinformed people on the internet who claimed they have...

The Complete Guide of Starting Your Own Vineyard from Scratch: Build the Perfect Vineyard to Make the Perfect Wine

by Daniel Steven

Hi, my name is Daniel Steven and I am a proud owner of my own vineyard for years I've been wanting to grow my own vineyard for a long time At first, it wasn't easy, my grapes got bacteria and fungi The soil...

All You Must Know About Beekeeping: Step By Step Beginners Guide to Beekeeping

by Betty Helen

Hi my name is Betty Hellen and I've been a beekeeper for years I love them and they love me but not everything is easy In the beginning I've got a lot of trouble from my own bees, different seasons to my neighboor...

Orchid Growing Care: The True Art of Growing Beautiful Orchid Flowers

by Karen Betty

Hi my name is Karen Betty and I am an orchid lover Orchid is a very beautiful flower They freely pollinate with other ochids and I love to make my own hybrid Nowadays, it is very easy to find information on...

Driving Basics V.1 - Learning to Parallel Park

by M Osterhoudt

Parallel Parking! The two words that scare even the experienced driver. Parallel parking is simple once you know how. This eBook will show you how to parallel park in four simple steps for the new driver or...

How to Tie a Scarf - Quick and Easy Ways to Wear the Latest in Clothing Accessories

by M Osterhoudt

Do you see those fashionable ones wearing cute scarves, but you have no idea how to tie them? Do you have scarves tucked away in your dresser because you just don't know how to wear them? Well, now you can!...

Decorating Don'ts - Easy Fixes for Common Decorating Mistakes

by M Osterhoudt

We do our best at decorating; to some it comes easy, while others struggle. This is a guide to avoid those common decorating mistakes that everyone makes. To achieve the look you want, avoid these decorating...

Making a Bucket List - A List of Things to Do and See Before You Kick the Bucket

by M Osterhoudt

A Bucket List- A list of the things that you want to accomplish or see before you "kick the bucket". Do you need help in compiling "the list"? Get your creative juices flowing with these bucket list ideas and...

First Aid for the Home Using Common Household Ingredients

by M Osterhoudt

No need to spend a small fortune on medications for bug bites, burns and stings. There are products in your home that can take care of many minor first aid problems.. Don't spend high dollar on brand names when...

More Than for Your Mouth - The Multiple Uses of Toothpaste

by M Osterhoudt

There are many products that can have various uses around the home and unknown to many, toothpaste is one of them. It can shine your jewerly, clean bathroom fixtures, relieve a sting and do so much more. This...

The Trio - Olive Oil, Baking Soda and Vinegar Are All That You Need for Home, Health and Self

by M Osterhoudt

You can save a bundle by making sure you have the "trio" that can multi task in your home. This ebook will show you how to clean your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, living areas, outdoor tasks, apply first...

Why Didn't I Think of That? - Multiple Uses of Common Household Products

by M Osterhoudt

What the manufacturers don't want you to know! There is no need to spend high dollar on various cleaning supplies, first aid and beauty treatments. You can use regular household products to do a multitude of...

More Than a Wrap - The Many Uses of Common Plastic Wrap

by M Osterhoudt

Plastic wrap is more than a simple household product. This inexpensive item can tackle many projects for the home, garden, first aid, moving, gifts, painting and more. Stretch you dollar by learning all you...

Party Theme Ideas for Children and Adults

by M Osterhoudt

Tired of the same old party? This is an ebook full of creative party ideas for girls, boys and adults. The catagories are from sports and animals to time periods and celebrations.

Santa's Broke - Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Surviving Christmas

by M Osterhoudt

This ebook will guide you through the perils of an overpriced Christmas season. Don't spend alot this year by using these great christmas ideas for family and friends. The catagories cover such as Tips, Homemade...

The Survival Guide to Gift Giving- Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

by M Osterhoudt

You can survive the holidays with this ebook guide to giving great gifts without breaking the bank. This book is chunked full of awesome gift ideas for anniversaries, birthdays, christmas, father's day and mother's...

The Personal Touch - Inexpensive Gift Ideas With a Personal Flair

by M Osterhoudt

Looking for the perfect gift for those you hold dear? Create a thoughtful and meaningful gift with a personal touch. Great for any occassion or just because. Make it personal with such catagories as cds, songs,...

Clean the Clutter: A Guide to Getting Organized One Step At a Time

by Melony Osterhoudt

Clean Up and Clean Out! Don't let clutter take over your life. This is a step by step guide to cleaning out the clutter and reclaiming your home. It's more than an action. It's a mindset!