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The Family Preparedness Buyer's Guide: The Best Survival Gear, Tools, and Weapons for Your Skills and Budget

by Living Ready Magazine Editors

The essential guide to survival plan essentials! The key to being prepared is to have the things you need ahead of time--before an emergency happens. During these uncertain times, there is no such thing as being...

Home Security Made Easy!

by Jeannine Hill

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

* Information About Home Security

* Benefits of Choosing Alarm Systems

* Alarm Systems Decrease Your Chance Of Burglary

* What Types Of Alarm Systems Are There?...

Your Security in South Africa

by Craig B. Roseveare

This book is primarily about securing your home against potential unwanted intruders and keeping your family safe. The rise in violent crime affecting my country stems directly from an increase in criminal behavior...

The Secure Urbanite: Personal Security in the Asphalt and Concrete Jungle

by Jim Wygand

Roughly 80% of the world's population now lives in urban areas. Cities offer anonymity to violent criminals as well as to those who value privacy. New digital technologies allow purveyors of hatred and assorted...

How to Defend Your Family and Home

by Dave Young

The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your Family from a Home Invasion

Dave Young has survived his fair share of violent attacks, including witnessing a home invasion first-hand as a teenager when two...

Defend Your House From The Risk Of Flooding - Do It Yourself: Your Own Bulkhead Against Flooding

by Pasquale Pizzichetti

Some say that the danger posed by water is worse than that of fire. In effect I fear both. However, either if you live in a city or in a provincial town, there is always a risk, higher or lower, to be flooded...

Urban Emergency Survival Plan: Readiness Strategies for the City and Suburbs

by Jim Cobb

Stay Safe in the City

Here's the book that won't advise you to flee the city and set up a homestead to avoid potential disasters. With many other survival-planning resources emphasizing that approach, urban...

The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World

by Robert Richardson

Situational Survival Means Being Ready for Whatever Life Throws At You

The most important "tool" in your emergency preparedness kit is a solid mindset cultivated around survival. In order for your instincts...

Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs: The Thrivalist's Guide to Life Without Oil

The Heart of Simple Living: 7 Paths to a Better Life

by Wanda Urbanska

The Heart of Simple Living is your road map to a more balanced life - a life centered on self-discovery. Fewer possessions. More time. More friends. More meaning. This book will help you identify objectives...

The Survival Savvy Family: How to Be Your Best During the Absolute Worst

by Julie Sczerbinski

Author Julie Sczerbinski is just like you. She loves her family. And she worries about their well-being. Disasters, from natural to financial, concern her. But unlike most of us, she has a plan. And now, so...