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Nest: The Art of Birds

by Janine Burke

Part natural history, part folklore, part exploration of art and aesthetics, part memoir, Nest is a beautiful book that will appeal to bird lovers, readers of literature and art lovers alike. It's the perfect...

The Legal Lampoon: A Biased, Unfair, and Completely Accurate Law Review from Non Sequitur

by Wiley Miller

When he launched Non Sequitur a decade ago, Wiley Miller knew he didn't want a running joke. So he took the name of his strip from the Latin phrase for "it does not follow" and created a comic that features...

It's a Girl Thing: The Hilarious Truth About Women

by Jan King

Womankind. In only the human species do you find so many quirks and rituals of the female that so confuse the opposite sex! This is why popular author Jan King takes on the Herculean task of explaining the many...

Minister, a Priest, and a Rabbi: 91 Sermons Delivered by Albert Tapper and Peter Press

by Al Tapper & Peter Press

This clever joke book contains the best jokes on a classic topic: religion. Time-tested and often repeated, this category never goes out of date and is added to frequently. It's no wonder religion is the enduring...

The Art of Teaching: Words of Thanks and Encouragement for Teachers

by Vicky Howard & Patrick Regan

It was a third-grade teacher who recognized Vicky Howard's talent and encouraged her on the path to becoming a successful artist. That makes The Art of Teaching, Howard's tribute to teachers everywhere, just...

News of the Weird: Ironies

by Chuck Shepherd

A school principal in Ohio resigning after admitting she lied about her income on federal forms so that her children could qualify for reduced-price school lunches, the writer of Elizabeth Taylor’s New York...

News of the Weird: Least Competent Criminals

by Chuck Shepherd


You’ve probably never heard of the man who stole his neighbor’s window curtains only to hang them on his own windows, perfectly visible from the house he burgled. Maybe you never read about the woman who...

News of the Weird: Our Litigious Society

by Chuck Shepherd

Who’s fault is it when a man crashes into a table, tearing several ligaments and suffering a severed tendon while attempting in vain to improve his base-stealing technique in his den? Apparently, it’s Mickey...

Selfish Pigs: Adorably Awful Little Swine

by Andy Riley

From the creator of The Book of Bunny Suicides comes the book you’ve been waiting for: Selfish Pigs. Filled with more than 90 pieces of line art depicting pigs being selfish, this is the must-have for pig-lovers...

Willow Run

by Patricia Reilly Giff


Meggie Dillon’s life has been turned upside down by World War II. Her older brother Eddie enlisted and was shipped off to fight in Europe. And people say that anywhere else Grandpa would be turned in because...

Malibu Carmie

by Leah Komaiko

Carmie Hoffman is ready for everything to change. She wants to lose 20 pounds and be a beautiful girl. She wants someone to think she’s special. She wants to move out of the Valley and stop worrying about...

Lucy Rose: Here's the Thing About Me

by Katy Kelly & Adam Rex

I’m Lucy Rose and here’s the thing about me: I am eight and according to my grandfather I have the kind of life that is called eventful, which means NOT boring. According to my mom and my grandmother I’m...

House of the Red Fish

by Graham Salisbury

1943, one year after the end of Under the Blood-Red Sun, Tomi’s Papa and Grandpa are still under arrest, and the paradise of Hawaii now lives in fear—waiting for another attack, while trying to recover from...

Insulting English

by Peter Novobatzky & Ammon Shea

At last, a compendium of ingeniously insulting words for every occasion.

For anyone who's been stymied by the level of sloth, bad looks and low intelligence of his fellow man (and woman), help is on the way....

Halfway to the Sky

by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Twelve-year-old Dani is running away from home, or what’s left of home anyway. Her older brother, who had muscular dystrophy, died a few months ago. Then her father left and her parents got divorced. Now home...

Girls Rule!

by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

SUMMER IS AROUND the corner, and the rivalry between the Malloys and the Hatfords is heating up! The kids have two weeks to earn money for a fundraising contest sponsored by the local hospital. Those who collect...

Eyes of the Emperor

by Graham Salisbury

Eddy Okubo lies about his age and joins the army in his hometown of Honolulu only weeks before the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Suddenly Americans see him as the enemy—even the U.S. Army doubts the loyalty...


by Patricia Reilly Giff

Sam is almost 11 when he discovers a locked box in the attic above his grandfather Mack’s room, and a piece of paper that says he was kidnapped. There are lots of other words, but Sam has always had trouble...


by Helen Fox

It's the end of the 21st century where technocrats rule and robots take care of humans’ every need. Your house watches you, knows your secrets, and talks to you. And your closest friend can be—a machine?...

Counting on Grace

by Elizabeth Winthrop

1910. Pownal, Vermont. At 12, Grace and her best friend Arthur must leave school and go to work as a “doffers” on their mothers’ looms in the mill. Grace’s mother is the best worker, fast and powerful,...