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It Shouldn't Happen (to a Dog)

by Don Freeman & Todd DePastino

Army life didn't agree with GI Albert C. Bedlington, Jr. He felt like he was always crawling on all fours, and one day when the very thing he'd feared for months finally happened — he had become a dog! The...

Who's to Say What's Obscene?: Politics, Culture, and Comedy in America Today

by Paul Krassner & Arianna Huffington

Satirical essays by a countercultural icon about the moral obscenity of contemporary politics, culture, and comedy.

100 Ways America Is Screwing Up the World

by John Tirman

What do George W. Bush, Wal-Mart, Halliburton, gangsta rap, and SUVs have in common? They're all among the hundred ways in which America is screwing up the world. The country that was responsible for many, if...

Will Rogers' World: America's Foremost Political Humorist Comments on the 20's and 30's and 80's and 90's

by Bryan B. Sterling & Frances N. Sterling

Will Rogers still touches us more than a hlf century after his death in this comprehensive collection of his pithy commentaries about goverment, presidents, business, and philosophy.

The Petraeus Files

by Ted Travelstead

WARNING: The satire you are about to read will change the way you look at our nation's leaders. FOREVER.

In November 2012, General David Petraeus stepped down from his post as director of the CIA when it was...

The Lizard King

by Jamie Weinstein & Will Rahn

What if every farfetched conspiracy theory about Barack Obama turned out to be true? Two reporters for the The Daily Caller received an unsolicited manuscript in the mail, the diary of a former Obama administration...

Unvarnishing Reality: Subversive Russian and American Cold War Satire

by Derek C. Maus

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding superpower satire

How to Fix Everything in America Forever

by Frank J. Fleming

The United States of America is the greatest country on earth. That's not good enough. Frank J. Fleming, author of the satire Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything and a leading authority...

Meet the Deplorables

by Harmon Leon & Ted Rall

Legendary infiltration journalist HARMON LEON is at it again, this time teaming up with ferocious political cartoonist TED RALL to answer the question most of America has been asking: "What the hell happened...

The Little Book of Rob Ford

by Unknown Torontonian

Watch out, Sarah Palin -- here comes Rob Ford! Love him or hate him, Rob Ford and his public (mis)statements are endlessly entertaining, often antagonizing, and always outrageous. For the first time ever, here...


by Charlie Weaver Rolfe

Messages, an exciting collection of short and shorter stories, covers what the author considers to be the essential themes: love (madness), work (madness), politics (madness), madness (madness), and death (backround...

Debatable Humor: Laughing Matters on the 2008 Presidential Primary Campaign

by Patrick A. Stewart

Debatable Humor focuses on understanding the behavior of individual candidates within the context of political debates, and uses an evolutionary psychology perspective to understand the roots of this behavior....

What the L?

by Kate Clinton

I mean “What the L ?” in a buoyant, smart-ass, get-a-load-of-this, relentlessly optimistic, might-as-well-live “What the L?” tone. A leap of faith, if you will. And I will. I am a faith-based comic. In...

Not My 45 President

by Robert James Brydges

The work within this book is a creative expression of a basic disagreement of political philosophy. It was written as a means to question the government in power and hold them to account for their policies,...

Medium-Sized Town, Fairly Big Story – Hilarious Stories from Ireland

by Ronan Casey

Only in Ireland – the funniest, wildest and most absurd stories from Ireland’s local newspapers

For anyone with a sense of humour and a taste for the absurd, here are the best of the unique, hilarious stories...

Paddy Machiavelli – How to Get Ahead in Irish Politics

by John Drennan

The good, the bad and the cynical – how to get ahead in Irish politics

It might appear strange that a 16th-century Italian political philosopher should provide us with a roadmap to political power in Ireland,...

Irish Rogues and Rascals – From Francis Shackleton to Charlie Haughey

by Joseph McArdle

Irish history is littered with rogues, larger-than-life characters who range from cheeky scamps to vicious chancers. In Irish Rogues and Rascals, Joseph MacArdle looks at some of the most notorious Irishmen...

The Walmart Book of the Dead

by Lucy Biederman

As for who reads this book

And who follows its spells

I know your name

You will not die after your death

In Walmart

You will not perish forever

For I know your name

So begins this darkly comic incantation on the gods...

Snowden White and the Seven Short Mexicans

by David Hornidge

A modern retelling of the Brother Grimm classic.

For grown up children.

"Siri, Siri, tell me once more. Who has the most Twitter followers of them all?"

The Evil Queen Trumpalot is on a quest for maximum popularity....

a toddler's travelogue

by Skyye Seawirth & William Garner

A toddler's travelogue is a funny work of silly fiction for parents of toddlers and kids, grown-ups who love a great laugh, and adults who appreciate good clean humor. 

Written by a precocious four-year-old...