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Little Book of Bad Business Advice

by Steve Altes

Who says there's only one way to the top?

You've tried all the traditional approaches in the business world, read countless self-help books guaranteeing career success, and where has it gotten you? With the unique...

How to Relax Without Getting the Axe: A Survival Guide to the New Workplace

by Stanley Bing

“Nobody pricks corporate balloons better than Stanley Bing.” – New York Post

The ultimate satirist of corporate America, bestselling author Stanley Bing (Sun Tzu Was a Sissy, Crazy Bosses) now offers...

What Would Machiavelli Do?

by Stanley Bing

A sly send-up of the successful What Would Jesus Do? books, here is a satisfyingly mean light-hearted approach to business success—the Machiavellian way.

Machiavellians may not get to heaven, but on earth...

Crazy Bosses

by Stanley Bing

Jam-packed with new anecdotes, updated references, and modernized jokes, Stanley Bing’s seminal investigation of what makes bosses crazy is now revised for a new generation.

Fans of television’s The Office...

Get Rich Cheating

by Jeff Kreisler

In these difficult times, there's only one proven path to ridiculous amounts of money: Cheating. Everyone's doing it—from sleazy CEOs to 'roided-up home run kings, silicone-enhanced starlets, and backroom-dealing...

Larry's 2013 Tax Guide for U.S. Expats & Green Card Holders in User-Friendly English

by Laurence E. 'Larry'

A guide for the overseas American tax filer, written especially for people who hate taxes.

$9 Therapy

by Megan Reid & Nick Greene

A tongue-in-cheek collection of the tips, tricks, and recipes that will fix your life without busting your budget.

$9 Therapy proves that it’s possible to take self-care seriously without taking yourself too...

The Laughing Guide to a Better Life

by Isaac Prilleltensky & Ora Prilleltensky

The motto of this book is smarter through laughter. If you can laugh about it, you can probably change it. The authors use a heavy dose of humor (the laughing side), and a healthy measure of science (the learning...

Startup Strategy Humor

by Rajesh K. Pillania

The purpose of this book is to make it simple and easy to understand startups—with an element of fun thrown in.

Globally, “startups” are in vogue these days. In India too, the trend is catching up and...


by Barrie Lawrence

Licensed to drill! Shots, Killing, Out Cold, Asphyxiated, Agents, Accomplices, Cocaine, the Opposition, The Man with the Golden Tooth, Heroes, Villains and a trip to Russia in the days of the old Soviet Union...


by Michael Hackett


Corrupt, cash-hungry, cut-throat con-men and crazies who’d spent time in the clink. 

The world of dentistry was not turning out quite the way...

Think Like a White Man

by Dr Boulé Whytelaw Iii & Nels Abbey

The White Man Commandments 1. Politics trumps performance 2. Compassion impedes progress 3. Winning justifies everything (and anything) By the end of this book, you will be able to think like a white man; not...


by Martha Humler & Simon Goodway

Why? is filled with relatable rants about a subject Martha Humler knows well: customer service. My wish is one day stories like these will be few and far betweenbut in the meantime, I hope Marthas book gives...

A Flight Attendant's Diary

by K.A. Russell

A Flight Attendant's Diary is an exciting book of the adventures K.A. Russell experienced during her flying career. The stories are filled with humor, fun, laughter, adventure, and curiosity about what is going...

You Could Go to Jail

by Bernie Siler

Laws are created to protect countries, cities, and counties from criminal and deviant acts. But for any of these statutes to exist, there must have been behavior to precipitate the need for them. In his collection...

A Book of Barberisms

by Barberist Bob Barber

The author often writes and speaks using metaphors and satirical statements. He calls these barberisms. He usually discusses real-life situations in business, education, and life in general and often draws similarities...

Blue Collar Chronicles

by John Procaccino

The construction site, a life form all it's own. A living and thriving entity. From it's infant stage, all the way to adulthood. From start to finish and all that goes on in between makes the construction site...

Welcome to My Sandbox

by Jeanne Albert

Jeanne Albert has worked in a variety of workplace environments and knows better than anyone that we all need to laugh moreat ourselves and at the world around us. With a goal of connecting the world one story...

Driving to L and Back

by P.W. Wolfendale

Are you mad? Have you got nerves of steel? Are you hoping to die soon? If the answers to all the above questions are yes, then you have what it takes to be a driving instructor. Twenty years as a driving instructor...

The Day I Was Sent to the Principal’S Office

by Steve Russo

From the time he was a child, Steve Russo knew that he wanted to be an educator. It was his dream to be a teacher, to influence and shape young lives and minds, and he has lived that dream for twenty-eight years....