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True Ocean Rescue Stories

by Susan Jankowski

A naval ship lost in battle, a vessel wrecked by an iceberg, and even a surfer rescued by a family of dolphins are some of the exciting tales of struggle and survival that will keep youngsters on the edge of...

True Mountain Rescue Stories

by Glenn Scherer

The chilly climate and thin air of the mountain biome adds an extra layer of danger to mishaps that occur at high altitudes. Shocking and triumphant true accounts of railroad wrecks, plane and helicopter crashes,...

The Mysterious Secrets of Dreams

by Carl R. Green, William R. Sanford & Gerald Kelley

Did you ever have a dream about winning the lottery? Have you ever had a nightmare with a giant monster chasing you? Believe it or not, you actually dream every night. Dreams are an essential part of our sleep...

The Mystery of Fortune-Telling

by Carl R. Green, William R. Sanford & Gerald Kelley

Do you want to know about your future? Do you think someone can predict what will happen before it actually does? Since ancient times, people have gone to fortune-tellers, shamans, and seers to find out about...

Middle School: How to Deal

by Nuts and Bolts Girls

Making the transition from grade school to middle school can be a very scary experiencebut girls don't have to navigate it alone! Here's a book by five savvy and extremely smart girls written when they were...

Rules for School

by Alec Greven & Kei Acedera

Scared of school? Don't worry. You can be cool and rule!

School is hard! There's a lot to know, like where to sit on the bus, how to find your way around the halls, and what to do to make sure you stay on your...

Simon the Policeman on The Number Planet

by Chris Harber & Hulya Harber

The Commissioner sends Simon the Policeman into outer space, with the help of Mota, the police car. He lands on the Number Planet, and with the help of his new friends, Simon learns all about adding up and taking...

Imperfect Harmony: Finding Happiness Singing with Others

by Stacy Horn

For Stacy Horn, regardless of what is going on in the world or her life, singing in an amateur choir-the Choral Society of Grace Church in New York-never fails to take her to a place where hope reigns and everything...

Velociraptor Up Close: Swift Dinosaur

by Peter, PhD Dodson, Bob Walters & Laura Fields

Velociraptor was a swift dinosaur that ate whatever it could catch. Learn about Velociraptor's tail and claws, and how it hunted its food and cared for its young. Written by a world-famous paleontologist, this...

Tyrannosaurus Rex Up Close: Meat-Eating Dinosaur

by Peter, PhD Dodson, Bob Walters & Jeff Breeden

TYRANNOSAURUS REX is one of the most famous dinosaurs. Everyone has heard of this meat-eating "tyrant lizard"-but how did it live? Who were its relatives? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this...

Triceratops Up Close: Horned Dinosaur

by Peter, PhD Dodson, Bob Walters & Laura Fields

What kind of dinosaur was TRICERATOPS? What did it eat? How did it live? Find the answers to these questions and more! This easy-to-read science book fills a need for nonfiction science readers while entertaining...

Stegosaurus Up Close: Plated Dinosaur

by Peter, PhD Dodson, Bob Walters & Laura Fields

Paleontologist Peter Dodson introduces young readers to STEGOSAURUS, a plated dinosaur. Full-color illustrations bring this dinosaur's word to life, showing its head, legs, legs, and environment up close. A...

Pterosaurs Up Close: Flying Reptiles

by Peter, PhD Dodson & John Bindon

Author Peter Dodson introduces young readers to pterosaurs. Although they are not dinosaurs, these flying reptiles lived fascinating lives millions of years ago. Learn about Pterandodon, Pterodactylus, and many...

Diplodocus Up Close: Long-Necked Dinosaur

by Peter, PhD Dodson & John Bindon

Diplodocus was a gentle giant among dinosaurs. Learn all about this huge dinosaur with full-color illustrations of its skin, teeth, neck, and more! Another great book in the ZOOM IN ON DINOSAURS! series.

Southwest Aquatic Habitats: On the Trail of Fish in a Desert

by Daniel Shaw

In this book a nationally honored science teacher tells true stories about real young people who study and care for water, fish, and other creatures in and around desert streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers.

Alex North's a Streetcar Named Desire: A Film Score Guide

by Annette Davison

This film score handbook provides a detailed analysis of Alex North's astounding score for Elia Kazan's 1951 adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire. Beginning with a review of North's musical training and film...

From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children's Book

by Kathleen T. Horning

The revised edition of From Cover to Cover offers a fresh, up-to-date look at some of the best examples of children's literature today and also includes practical advice on how to write clearly articulated,...

Live Forever

by Mylon Rae Le Fevre

This book is the true story of a simple uneducated kid from Georgia whose dreams all came true. From his lonely, angry childhood, he wrote and sang music as a way to express his deepest feelings, while in the...

The Little Gold Grammar Book: Mastering the Rules That Unlock the Power of Writing (3rd Edition)

by Brandon Royal

For Grammar Aficionados from All Walks of Life!

There’s no need to fear the grammar goblin. Whether you’re a high school or college student, test-prep candidate, or working professional, this guidebook offers...

Heroes of the Environment: True Stories of People Who Are Helping to Protect Our Planet

by Harriet Rohmer & Julie McLaughlin

This inspiring book presents the true stories of 12 people from across North America who have done great things for the environment. Heroes include a teenage girl who figured out how to remove an industrial...