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The Secret World of Spy Agencies

by Susan K. Mitchell

The world's best spies cannot complete secret missions and do their jobs well without support from great spy agencies. So who do these spies work for? Many countries have spy agencies. Some of them have a mysterious...

Spy Tech-Digital Dangers

by Susan K. Mitchell

You see an airplane streaking through the sky. Is it a normal airplane flying vacationers to Florida? Or could it be a spy plane piloted by a robot taking pictures of you? As technology has advanced, so have...

Spy Gizmos and Gadgets

by Susan K. Mitchell

Can you hide a spy camera in a pen or behind a shirt button? Spies need hidden cameras for secret missions. Need to pass along a secret message? A spy might use invisible ink. Spies could not do their jobs without...

Spy Codes and Ciphers

by Susan K. Mitchell

Can flashing lights send out a secret message? Did a famous spy use sketches of butterflies to hide messages? Can a digital photo hide a secret code? For centuries, spies have used many different ways to pass...

Spies, Double Agents, and Traitors

by Susan K. Mitchell

Imagine going on dangerous missions like James Bond? Well, real-life spies risk their lives everyday. They will do almost anything to get the job done. But not all spies are heroes. Double agents will even betray...

Spies and Lies-Famous and Infamous Spies

by Susan K. Mitchell

Did a family of four, including a six-year-old boy, spy on the U.S. military at Pearl Harbor during World War II? Is it possible that pigeons and mice could be used as spies? Some of the most famous and infamous...

Draw Princesses in 4 Easy Steps: Then Write a Story

by Stephanie LaBaff & Tom LaBaff

Have you always wished that you could draw princesses, a fairy godmother, a witch, a magic wand, or a dragon? Illustrator Tom LaBaff shows you how in four easy steps. Use the step-by-step guide of how to write...

Sensing the Unknown

by Carl R. Green, William R. Sanford & Gerald Kelley

In 1912, Mrs. Marshall watched passengers board the famous ship TITANIC in England. As she watched the ship leave port, a vision flashed in her mind: "That ship is going to sink!" Four days later, the ship struck...

Discovering Past Lives

by Carl R. Green, William R. Sanford & Gerald Kelley

Have you ever felt like you have lived before, as a person in another place and time? Have you ever felt like you've been some place before, even though you know you haven't? Many people claim to have memories...

Astonishing Mind Powers

by Carl R. Green, William R. Sanford & Gerald Kelley

Is it possible to move an object using only your mind? If your friend draws a card from a deck, can you guess what card it is? Could you guess it correctly fifty-two times? Coincidence or luck could explain...

Amazing Out-of-Body Experiences

by Carl R. Green, William R. Sanford & Gerald Kelley

Imagine you are floating freely through the sky. Suddenly, you look down and see your body lying far below. You are attached to it by a thin, silver cord. Is it a dream, or are you having an out-of-body experience...

Easy Vegetarian Foods From Around the World

by Sheila Griffin Llanas

With some new ingredients and lots of familiar favorites, author Sheila Griffin Llanas explores twelve vegetarian recipes in this exciting cookbook. Try Russian cabbage pie and Indian sabji, and find out what...

Easy Snacks From Around the World

by Heather Alexander

Author Heather Alexander takes readers on a taste journey around the world! Try your hand at making bruschetta, a snack with tomatoes and basil from Italy, or a strawberry lassi from India. Easy-to-follow recipes...

Easy Main Dishes From Around the World

by Heather Alexander

Have you ever had papaya chicken and coconut milk from Tahiti? Or shepherd's pie from England? EASY MAIN DISHES FROM AROUND THE WORLD explores these and ten other fun, easy-to-make recipes. Includes tips on...

Easy Lunches From Around the World

by Sheila Griffin Llanas

Did you know that in New Zealand people actually eat mousetraps? No, not the kind you're thinking of-these are like grilled cheese sandwiches. In EASY LUNCHES FROM AROUND THE WORLD, discover thirteen lunches...

Easy Desserts From Around the World

by Heather Alexander

A popular dessert in Thailand is coconut sticky rice with mangoes, and a favorite dessert in Scotland is shortbread cookies. Author Heather Alexander explores the world with twelve desserts that are easy and...

Easy Breakfasts From Around the World

by Sheila Griffin Llanas

In EASY BREAKFASTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD, author Sheila Griffin Llanas explores a variety of globe-spanning recipes that feature ingredients such as chorizo, honey, fava beans, coconut, and pineapple. Discover...

True Wilderness Rescue Stories

by Susan Jankowski

Many people go into the wilderness as a way to escape from their daily lives. But sometimes what starts out as a fun trip can turn into a harrowing story of danger. Read about thrilling rescues that took place...

True Underground Rescue Stories

by Jeff C. Young

A baby trapped in a well, a man looking for caves in Kentucky, coal miners and gold miners put in deadly predicaments, and a man rescuing another from an oncoming subway train. What do these stories have in...

True Ocean Rescue Stories

by Susan Jankowski

A naval ship lost in battle, a vessel wrecked by an iceberg, and even a surfer rescued by a family of dolphins are some of the exciting tales of struggle and survival that will keep youngsters on the edge of...