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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

by Elaine Landau

St. Patrick's Day is a holiday which celebrates St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. In CELEBRATING ST. PATRICK'S DAY, author Elaine Landau tells the story of St. Patrick, and the celebrations held each...

Celebrating Earth Day

by Elaine Landau

Read about the history of Earth Day from the first celebration back in 1970, to today's annual observance on April 22.

Celebrating Columbus Day

by Elaine Landau

Learn about this famous explorer who crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach the Americas.

Celebrating Veterans Day

by Elaine Landau

Veterans Day is a holiday which celebrates those who served in the military and helped to protect our country with their service. Read about its history and how it is celebrated today.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

by Fay Robinson

Learn about the Chinese New Year, its customs, traditions and celebrations.

Subtracting with Sebastian Pig and Friends On a Camping Trip

by Jill Anderson

Join Sebastian Pig and his friends, Percy and Milo, on their first camping trip. Subtract along with Sebastian as the food and supplies disappear. Can you figure out who's taking everything before Sebastian...

Money Math with Sebastian Pig and Friends At the Farmer's Market

by Jill Anderson & Amy Huntington

Sebastian Pig and his friend Louie are having a picnic, but first they need to buy some more food at the farmer's market. Keep track of Sebastian's money along with him, so he can buy everything they need for...

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

by Carol Gnojewski

Read about the history, customs and practices of this Mexican holiday.

Finding Shapes with Sebastian Pig and Friends At the Museum

by Jill Anderson & Amy Huntington

Sebastian Pig and his friends go to the museum to get ideas for decorating Sebastian's new room! Follow along and see if you can find all of the shapes hidden in the art. From circles and triangles to boxes...

Counting with Sebastian Pig and Friends On the Farm

by Jill Anderson & Amy Huntington

Uh-oh! Someone on Farmer Felix's farm is causing trouble. Count all the animals with Sebastian Pig as he tries to figure out who's been painting on the barn! This math book with the delightful character, Sebastian...

Adding with Sebastian Pig and Friends At the Circus

by Jill Anderson & Amy Huntington

Sebastian Pig gets to write about the circus for the newspaper! Help him add up all the performers in the show, so he can be sure to include them in his story. This math book with the delightful character, Sebastian...

Measuring with Sebastian Pig and Friends On a Road Trip

by Jill Anderson & Amy Huntington

Sebastian Pig and his friends are taking a road trip to lots of exciting places! Read along with them as they learn how to measure using inches, feet, yards, and pounds, as well as centimeters and meters. This...

There's a Rat in My Soup: Could You Survive Medieval Food?

by Chana Stiefel & Gerald Kelley

Eat like a king! Sit down to a meal of eagle, peacock, green-dyed eggs, stuffed pig's stomach, and blood gravy. Medieval royalty would eat giant feasts filled with strange and exotic dishes. So join in on the...

Sweaty Suits of Armor: Could You Survive Being a Knight?

by Chana Stiefel & Gerald Kelley

Swords . . .seiges . . heavy armor suits. Life was risky business for a knight. Charge back in time to find out what real life was like for knights of the Middle Ages in this reluctant reader book.

Don't Let the Barber Pull Your Teeth: Could You Survive Medieval Medicine?

by Carmen Bredeson & Gerald Kelley

If you needed surgery, would you go to the barber shop? If you lived during the Middle Ages you would! Find out all about yucky medieval diseases-and their yucky treatments-in this fun reluctant reader book....

Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle?

by Chana Stiefel & Gerald Kelley

Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle? Did you imagine farm animals crowding the square, a moat filled with poop, and an army of invaders holding you under siege? Life in the Middle Ages was no fairy tale!...

Taylor Lautner: Film Superstar

by Ally Azzarelli

TAYLOR LAUTNER: FILM SUPERSTAR goes from his early life in Michigan to his superstar status with millions of fans supporting "Team Jacob." Discover Taylor's early film roles, and how he landed the part of Jacob...

Robert Pattinson: Shining Star

by Michael A. Schuman

Author Michael A. Schuman takes readers on a behind the scenes look at TWILIGHT star Robert Pattinson's life. "Team Edward" fans will jump at the chance to learn about Pattinson's early years, his modeling days,...

Selena Gomez: Latina TV and Music Star

by Ally Azzarelli

Did you know that Selena's first acting job was BARNEY AND FRIENDS? That's also where she met close friend Demi Lavato. She's the star of the hit TV show WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE, been in movies, and is part...

Taylor Swift: Music Superstar

by Jeff Burlingame

Singer, songwriter, Grammy winner. Although it may seem like Taylor Swift became a superstar overnight, she really started singing and writing songs when she was eleven. She kept doing what she thought was right...