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Steven Gerrard: My Story

by Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard is a hero to millions as the inspirational captain of Liverpool FC and a key member of the England team. His bestselling autobiography, Gerrard, published in September 2006, is an honest and fascinating...


by John Farman


C.R.A.P. dishes the dirt on the way your elders and 'betters' fumble with the big issues affecting YOU. Think about it - it's YOUR LIFE and adults...

Survival Squad: Whitewater

by Jonathan Rock

There's a reason they're known as the Survival Squad...

A white water rafting expedition for the Tiger Patrol takes a turn for the worse when the water level rises. It's a matter of life or death, and they have...

Hug a Slug or Snog a Frog?

by Chris P Bacon

What would YOU rather do - hug a slug OR snog a frog? Have hair made of soggy spaghetti OR a nose made of plasticine? Be best friends with the Incredible Hulk OR with Batman? This brilliantly funny and totally...

When I Dream

by Robin Landry & Christine Bennett

Synopsis: Open these pages to endless worlds of wonder and amazement. --- From ancient legends and mysteries from the far reaches of history, to modern twists on classic tales, and challenging information about...


by Bali Rai

GRACE and her mates hate late lunches and being last in the canteen queue. They always get stuck with the rank leftovers. But then they think of a wicked plan . . .

DEAN is always up for making some extra cash....

Why Spacemen Can't Burp...

by Mitchell Symons

The latest collection of terrific trivia from the bestselling author of WHY EATING BOGEYS IS GOOD FOR YOU and double Blue Peter Best Book with Facts Award winner.

The answers to these incredible questions will...

Thurgood Marshall

by Montrew Dunham

The childhood of civil rights hero and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall comes to life in this engaging biography. Whenever Thurgood Marshall got into trouble at school, the principal would make him sit...

Your Sheep: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing

by Paula Simmons & Salsbury Darrell L.

Whether you're getting your first sheep or would like to learn more about caring for and showing the sheep you have, Your Sheep has the information you need to be successful. Paula Simmons and Darrell Salsbury...

Your Pony, Your Horse

by Cherry Hill

This book provides easy-to-follow instructions for caring for your horse in the best possible way. You'll learn how to choose the right horse for you, how to feed and protect him, how to keep him healthy and...

Your Calf: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing Beef and Dairy Calves

by Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle-raising expert Heather Smith Thomas offers all the information you need to care for your beef or dairy calf in the best possible way. In Your Calf, you'll find easy-to-follow instructions on choosing...

The Go-Betweens

by David Nichols

When Robert Forster and Grant McLennan formed the Go-Betweens in Brisbane in 1977, they were determined to be different. They were angular, spare, and poetic when crashing direct­ness was the prevailing style....

Uncle John's The Enchanted Toilet Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

This legendary addition to the wildly successful For Kids Only! series is chock full of the fun facts and eye-popping illustrations that kids have come to love, but this time we’ve added something new: fractured...

Uncle John's Top Secret Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

Adults, stop reading now. We mean it. This book is TOP SECRET and it’s FOR KIDS ONLY! (Are the grownups gone? Good.) Now that it’s just the kids, we’ll let the cat out of the bag: This book is full of...

Uncle John's Electrifying Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

The shocking truth is that Uncle John’s For Kids Only! books are nearly as popular as the big editions--and Electrifying is so awesome it’ll make kids’ hair stand on end. Illustrated and easy to read,...

Uncle John's Facts to Annoy Your Teacher Bathroom Reader for Kids Only!

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

We admit it: Uncle John wasn’t a great student. He’d rather draw plungers or make fart noises than read boring school books. So we made this book with little Uncle John in mind. It’s full of fun facts...

Uncle John's Creature Feature Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

Once upon a time, Uncle John set his ghouls on a task to create three new For Kids Only! books: Strange & Scary, Wild & Woolly, and Under the Slimy Sea. But then a giant green creature oozed out of the muck...


by Schroeder Andreas

Ten exciting true stories of master thieves and their crimes -- these are high stake stories, some successful and never caught, some remarkably inept after their crime, but all good reading.


by Schroeder Andreas

Ten true stories of some of the biggest scams in history--both hilarious and bewildering.


by Laura Scandiffio

Ten nail-biting stories of real-life escapes.