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Spies of Mississippi: The True Story of the Spy Network that Tried to Destroy the Civil Rights Movement

by Rick Bowers

The Spies of Mississippi is a compelling story of how state spies tried to block voting rights for African Americans during the Civil Rights era. This book sheds new light on one of the most momentous periods...

Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore

by Albert Mudrian

The true story of the most violent music around.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory--More Than 150 Magical Recipes for Muggles and Wizards

by Dinah Bucholz

Bangers and mash with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the Hogwarts dining hall.

A proper cuppa tea and rock cakes in Hagrid's hut.

Cauldron cakes and pumpkin juice on the Hogwarts Express.

With this cookbook, dining...

The Everything Kids' Basketball Book

by Bob Schaller & Coach Dave Harnish

Kids can dribble, shoot, and swish with hours of gaming fun in this new guide! Featuring thirty puzzles, this fun and educational book is a must-have for basketball players and fans. Children will learn the...

The Everything Kids' More Amazing Mazes Book

by Beth L. Blair & Jennifer A. Ericsson

Ready, set, find! In The Everything Kids' More Amazing Mazes Book you'll discover more than 100 mazes waiting to be solved by you. Sharpen your pencil and get ready to enter a world of twisted paths and surprise...

Abraham Lincoln

by David Colbert

You're about to be an eyewitness to the ten crucial days in Abraham Lincoln's life, including:

  • A tragic loss that sets a boy on a course for greatness
  • A career sacrificed to protest an unjust war
  • A state resorting...

  • Get Organized Without Losing It

    by Janet S. Fox

    Kids today have a lot to keep track of—and keep organized. Schoolwork, friends, activities, chores…rooms, backpacks, lockers, desks…and what about fun? Here’s friendly, practical, humorous help for kids...

    The Getting Lost Adventure of Hunter and Ashton: Children's Books and Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-8 for Early Reading

    by Jupiter Kids

    While on a family camping trip, Hunter, who is eleven years old, is told to keep a close eye on his five year old brother, Ashton. Ashton sees a small animal and follows it. Just before he loses sight of him,...

    Nadia's New Home: Children's Books and Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-8 for Good Morals

    by Jupiter Kids

    Nadia is a dust mite. She and her family have lived for as long as she can remember under the sofa in a cabin in the woods. Not too many people come to the cabin and Nadia has never been anywhere else but in...

    Digger is Different

    by Jupiter Kids

    On Mr. McGuire's farm, all the animals have others who are similar to them. But when Digger comes to the farm, he isn't like anyone else on the farm. The others are curious about him and have him feeling like...

    Kevin and the Ketchup Mystery: Children's Books and Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-8 for Good Morals

    by Jupiter Kids

    Kevin is an avid fan of mysteries and when dining with his family in the local diner, he finds that there isn't any ketchup in the bottle on his table to put on his French fries. He calls to the waiter who comes...

    An Indoor Cat Outdoors: Children's Books and Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-8 for Fun Loving Kids

    by Jupiter Kids

    Kate is a cat that has been indoors for her whole life, but she accidentally gets stuck outside one day. She's scared at first, but she manages to meet a wild squirrel named Sam and a wild bird named Bob. They...

    Too Much Of The Same: Children's Books and Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-8 for Fun Loving Kids

    by Jupiter Kids

    Susan doesn't know why everything has to be the same in her life. Everyone eats the same thing for every meal, each day. All the clothing is the same, the haircuts are the same and with the exception of a few...

    Planets! A Kids' Book About Planets

    by John Philip Hunter

    Introducing the perfect book about space for kids with a curious mind. "Planets! A Kids' Book About Planets" takes us on a quick tour of our solar system, with a few constellations thrown in for good measure....

    The Fourteenth Goldfish

    by Jennifer Holm

    Believe in the possible . . . with this "warm, witty, and wise" New York Times bestselling novel from three-time Newbery Honor winner Jennifer L. Holm


    Galileo. Newton. Salk. Oppenheimer.

    Science can change the...

    Who Was Ulysses S. Grant?

    by Megan Stine, Nancy Harrison & Mark E Geyer

    Ulysses S. Grant certainly does not have the typical war hero “back story.” Although a graduate of West Point, he never wanted to be a soldier and was terrified when he first saw battle. However, during...

    The Minister's Topical Bible

    by Pneuma Life

    Here at last is practical help for the busy minister. "The Minister's Topical Bible" is the ideal tool for all who could use a little assistance in teaching, preaching and counseling. As an aid in sermon preparation,...

    The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive

    by Jonathan Catherman

    The how-to guide that will help boys develop life skills and gain confidence during the transformation from boyhood to manhood.

    Stone Me: The Wit and Wisdom of Keith Richards

    by Mark Blake

    In his own words-from rock's most legendary bad boy.

    Rock 'n' roll legend and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has quite a few things to say: about Mick Jagger, the Stones, sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, and...

    What Was Ellis Island?

    by Patricia Brennan Demuth, Kevin McVeigh & David Groff

    From 1892 to 1954, Ellis Island was the gateway to a new life in the United States for millions of immigrants. In later years, the island was deserted, the buildings decaying. Ellis Island was not restored until...