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Counting Ladybugs 1-2-3

by Brian Enslow

Pretty ladybugs illustrate this counting book. Using large type, sight words, and short sentences, young children learn to count. On the left side of each spread, a yummy ice cream cone attracts first one, then...

Girl Next Door

by Alyssa Brugman

A novel about losing your home and finding your family, from the award-winning Australian author of Walking Naked and Finding GraceSee, what happened was, our lives were going really well. My mum got a promotion,...

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Queen: Ruth Wakefield and Her Yummy Invention

by Carmen Bredeson

Sometimes inventing can be sweet. Author Carmen Bredeson explores the creation of everyone's favorite cookie in THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE QUEEN. Find out about Ruth Wakefield, the Toll House Inn, and the invention...

Ace Your Weather Science Project: Great Science Fair Ideas

by Robert Gardner & Salvatore Tocci

Learn about barometers, humidity, snowflakes, and more with the great weather science experiments in this book. Authors Robert Gardner and Salvatore Tocci guide readers through their best weather science experiments...

Shark or Dolphin?: How Do You Know?

by Melissa Stewart

They both live in the ocean. They are both large, gray, and eat fish. But one is a shark and the other is a dolphin. How do you know which animal is which? Award-winning children's author Melissa Stewart explains...

Caves for the Uninitiated

by Brian D. Kharpran Daly


Caves for the Uninitiated is the story of a group of young people, who after exploring a cave for the first time, become fascinated with the world of caves and caving. Inspired and awed by the beauty...

Little Sister

by Julian Novitz

A noir novel, creepy and compellingAt 11.06 pm, on 6 September 2001, eighteen year old Shane stands near the house of his girlfriend's father, staring at the hilt of a sword stabbed into the ground. The next...

I Am Not Esther

by Fleur Beale

A classic bestseller that's been in print for over 20 years, this gripping YA thriller follows a teenage girl caught in a religious cult. Imagine that your mother tells you she's going away. She is going to...


by Mandy Hager

Friendship, loyalties and values are thrown into confusion by a rape in this gritty YA novel. Smashed tells the story of three teenage friends, and how their friendship, loyalties and values are thrown into...

About Griffen's Heart

by Tina Shaw

Told in smart, nifty prose by a veteran writer, this YA story is gentle with tough moments, and has real heart-appeal for 12 to 15-year-olds.James Griffen is sixteen, with a bad heart. He’s on the hospital...

True Stars

by Fiona Kidman

Who is trying to scare Rose? This gripping novel is a vivid portrayal of New Zealand in the 1980s.Rose Kendall is alone. She is isolated from her children, her friends, and her political ideals, and there is...

The Lonely Margins of the Sea

by Shonagh Koea

Witty and ironic, this novel follows an intriguing return to the family home on the lonely margins of the sea.Stephanie was always the outsider - never allowed to play with the china dolls on the staircase landing,...

Gingerbread Husbands

by Barbara Else

A touching, tender and witty novel about men and women and family life.Sophie Redlove has a crumbling Gothic mansion to restore, three children to manage, a distraught friend - as well as possums in the laundry...

Coming Up Roses

by Sarah Laing

Prize-winning writer Sarah Laing has written a superb collection of stories that are beautifully written, vividly rendered and which stimulate and surprise.'Imagine that you're a statistic,' says one of the...

Stiffy Meets the Other Bears

by Stephen James

In book two, Stiffy Bear meets platypus and the rest of the teddies in his newly found family here in Australia... They all go on a picnic together plus lots more! This book begins a series of many exciting...

Night Swimming

by Emma Neale

A stunning coming of age novel about running away. 'I think I saw Jenny today. A hemisphere away and fifteen years later . . .'But could it be the same person that Marie now sees, the friend with whom she shared...

Losing It

by Sandy McKay

NZ Post Children's Book Award-winning young adult novel about a young girl’s journey back from anorexia to health and independenceJohanna is in hospital, writing letters to her best friend, Issy: letters because...

Before We Say "Goodnight": How to Tell Bedtime Stories About Your Life and Family

by Hank Frazee

Before We Say "Goodnight" teaches parents how to tell bedtime stories about their life experiences and family history to their children. Parents want to build closer relationships with their kids, but with the...

The Teen's Ultimate Guide to Making Money When You Can't Get a Job: 199 Ideas for Earning Cash on Your Own Terms

by Julie Fryer

The Teen's Ultimate Guide to Making Money will put you on the right track to start earning your spending money. You will learn how to start exploring other options, such as pet sitting, babysitting, and tutoring....

Off to College: Now What? A Practical Guide to Surviving and Succeeding Your First Year of College

by Jessica Linnell

The key to being successful in your first year of college is to be prepared for anything that might arise, maintaining a strict, well-organized schedule, balancing your free time and new found social freedom,...