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Shapes and Color Everywhere

by Speedy Publishing

Splash of knowledge of the different colors and shapes that we see everywhere.

101 More Improv Games for Children and Adults

by Bob Bedore

101 More Improv Games for Children and Adults: A Smart Fun Book for Ages 5 and Up is the follow-up to Bob Bedore’s popular 101 Improv Games for Children and Adults. This sequel takes us even deeper into the...

The Mates, Dates Guide to Life, Love, and Looking Lusc

by Cathy Hopkins

Time for a lifestyle makeover?

The Mates, Dates girls will show you how!

Four super-tight friends dish their secrets for dealing with life's little dilemmas...

Like boys, for start: what they want, where...

Babies in the Library!

by Jane Marino

This librarian-tested sourcebook provides complete programs that spotlight the value and necessity of singing, speaking, and reading to babies in their earliest months. Ten ready-to-use programs are divided...

303 Preschooler-Approved Exercises and Active Games

by Kimberly Wechsler, Michael Sleva & Tamilee Webb

303 Preschooler-Approved Exercises and Active Games is written specifically for children ages 2-5 years old. In the Building Blocks of Fitness section, each fitness and sport skill is taught in different stages....

303 Tween-Approved Exercises and Active Games

by Kimberly Wechsler, Michael Sleva & Leisa Hart

This book is not just for classrooms or families with overweight or unhealthy kids--every family that has children with televisions, computers, and/or video games under one roof should take care to exercise...

303 Kid-Approved Exercises and Active Games

by Kimberly Wechsler, Michael Sleva & Darren S. McLaughlin

With game consoles and the Internet, children are playing as much as they always have—but now, they sit still while doing it. Kids spend as much time watching TV, using computers, and playing video games as...

Writing Magic

by Gail Carson Levine

Bestselling author of Ella Enchanted and fairy-tale master Gail Carson Levine helps you make magic with your writing!

In Writing Magic, Newbery Honor author Gail Carson Levine shares her tricks of the trade....

Explore Native American Cultures!: With 25 Great Projects

by Anita Yasuda & Jennifer Keller

Explore Native American Cultures! with 25 Great Projects introduces readers to seven main Native American cultural regions, from the northeast woodlands to the Northwest tribes. It encourages readers to investigate...

Backyard Biology: Investigate Habitats Outside Your Door with 25 Projects

by Donna Latham & Beth Hetland


Life is everywhere, thriving in the city and in the country, teeming in ecosystems around the planet—in deserts, oceans, and even the Arctic. And life is right outside your door!...

Natural Disasters: Investigate Earth's Most Destructive Forces with 25 Projects

by Kathleen M Reilly & Tom Casteel

When natural disasters happen they grab headlines around the world. People, creatures, and the environment are all impacted when nature gets out of control. Natural disasters can be upsetting to live through,...

Origami Activities For Children

by Chiyo Araki

Make simple origami-for-kids projects with this easy origami book.

Ideal for home or school use, Origami Activities for Children is a classic origami paper craft book that includes fun projects organized by seasons...

What Body Part Is That?

by Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton

In its 68 fully illustrated, 99.9% fact-free chapters, What Body Part Is That? will explain everything you ever needed to know about your body without the boring technical jargon and scientific accuracy that...

If We All Looked The Same

by Mark Tomlinson & Dw Publication

We all have something different about us. It could be our nose, or ears or even our name. But life would be boring if we all looked the same. This is an educational story. A great read for your kid. 

Betsy Did It

by Prevosti Patricia & Malone Amber

We all have special gifts to share!

Most kids are nervous going to a new school, but it's even harder for Betsy; because, she is trying to hide a secret.  She can't read like everyone else.  But over time,...

The Golden Butterfly

by Gina Casey

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a phone call directly to heaven? Maybe youve wished for a best friend who would never let you down in any way and would always give you perfect advice no...

Friend Maker

by Arthur R. Morris

The inspiration of Friend Maker came about from a question answered by my five-year-old grandson, Parker. I asked him what was the most fun thing he liked to do on the playground. I was thinking the slide or...

Jame Time for Bed

by Allice Mosley

Five-year-old Ja'me does not want to go to bed. At least not right away. Like many children her age, Ja'me dreads bedtime after a good long day. She is not fully aware her body is tired because her mind still...

Alphabet Knock Knock

by Jacquelyn Howard

Both my books are educational and fun for preschooler, toddlers, and kindergarten-age children. These great rhythm and fun books with audio CD give small children the opportunity to learn by seeing, reading,...

Little Ladies, Little Gents

by Jill Davis

Little Ladies, Little Gents: A Letter for Little Black Boys is a book of purpose. It speaks to the innermost parts of little black boys and plants seeds of purpose and destiny. It's a book of love, hope, strength,...